. I used the Tab S8 Ultra as a phone., playful music, Jono, laughs Jono. What is this? This isnt? Even the tablet, box. Im unboxing the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, and you gave me the box for the case. Jono. The case is so cool that you have to check it: out. Im having trouble controlling my emotions., So the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. I think its kind of Samsungs attempt at making like an iPad Pro type of thing. iPads have been really great recently, in my opinion, but Android tablets have sucked for quite a while. Like whens the last time someone had showed you an Android tablet and youre like Wow, I would want to purchase that. Almost never.. This already opened., Like I dont, even have to open the box. Its just like loose. Its like … box, rustles Jono. We dont have standards. Dude. I wouldnt let this happen on techland. indistinct conversation No.. Oh, my God.. Its the connection., I would let everything else, happen. Wow., That is a big boy. 14.6 inch screen. Thats thats, like a MacBook size. Apples out here, trying to tell you to use an iPad as your computer.. Meanwhile, Samsung is like. We just literally took the screen off of one of our laptops and made it a tablet. Linus grunts Yo. What is the aspect? Ratio on the is tool its like …? Is it 169 Im gon na clean the screen with the banana., Its not just for scale.

? So lets look at the exterior real, quick because thats what Jono always wants me to do.? This is kind of like a matte metallic finish on the back.. We got the sort of an iPad like rounded square edge corner thing going on here.. You got that Andy. Can I show that to you So thats interesting to see Samsung not really emulate their own phone design so much as theyre emulating Apples, current iPhone and iPad design with this like square edge thing going on., Although it seems to me, like maybe theyre improving., Look at This thing its huge., Although this is the Tab – S8 Ultra right, Jono, Yeah., Theres, the Tab S8 Plus, which is 12.4 inches, and then the Tab S8 non plus non ultra, the lowest and which is 11 inches.. So those are kind of more normal tablet sizes.. But I like how big this is. On this side, we got a power button, looks like and a volume rocker, probably a microphone SIM card slot cause. This is a what SD card Okay. Weve confirmed its a micro SD card slot and not a SIM card slot.. No data on this thing. Thats too bad. iPads can have data Samsung. On the bottom or the side or whatever I mean its a tablets. Theyre confusing. Theres two speakers over here, and I guess two speakers on the other side. Theres four full speakers in this one. Just like the iPad Pro., A USB C port, which we have determined, is a USB 3.

2 Gen … beep. Gen 1.. What they probably mean to put is USB 3.2 Gen, 1×1 thats, five gigabits per second., Its not the 10 gigabits one. Im, pretty sure., Hey USB figure out your beep., Like it wasnt its not irritating to me until I have to have to deal with it. Again. And then I forget about it. Im like oh yeah, USB thats kind of dumb., And then I have to like find out how fast the USB port, is. And Im like goddammit. This is stupid. On the bottom. We got what looks like Samsung version of a smart connector for like accessories and stuff., And on the back we got these antenna lines.. Why do you need antenna lines like that? If you dont have network connectivity, Jono, Wifi, 6E.? Oh, the fancy? Wifis are here. Linus, chuckles Jono, So the Tab S8 Ultra is wifi. 6E is only wifi., But the Tab S8 Plus, which we dont have has an option for 5G connectivity.. So the top end model cannot have 5G.. But if you downgrade to the mid tier option, then you can upgrade the mid tier option to a 5G model. Jono. Apparently, Why dont they … Wait. Whats the processor in this Its a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.. Why dont they all have 5G by default. They should support …, I mean obviously like they have to put in the the actual like antenna and stuff, but like come on, you got the antennas right, here.

, Im, upset. Theres, a magnetic attachment for the S pen, which is pretty cool that it like goes right On the tablet., Although I guess thats nice, if youre like carrying it around the office or something and you just need to like quickly do that., But if youre putting that in your bag, thats coming off.. Okay lets turn this sucker on.. But before that a word from our sponsor. Linus, Sighs, Vessi., Vessi footwear is known for being lightweight easy to pack comfortable and, most importantly, water resistant with its Dyma tex technology.. Their everyday move. Lineup is made to keep up with your active lifestyle, with its added support. At the midsole and better breathability., It also has a pull tab to take them off and put them on with ease and its made creature free. So you can take each step in them. Guilt free. Trust me youre gon, na wan na wear these creatures, everywhere. Linus laughs, So keep your feet dry and save 25 with offer code shortcircuit at Vessi.comshortcircuit. Ooh. Look at that. Is that moving. Does it have tap Double tap to wake. For some reason like I just that to be on every device, but some people are like Not every device is a tablet., Its like it should.. So the most important thing with the tablet probably is like the image right Lets. Lets go straight to that then. Lets go straight to YouTube or something. See this is funny.. This is like a little message saying this app is using the full screen.

, The home back and recent buttons are hidden to minimize distractions and to prevent you from leaving the app accidentally.. How do I get to …? I cant. Do the regular multitasking menu Okay.? Oh, I didnt even notice its got the notch too.. This is the tablet where they put in the MacBook. Notch. Like crab rave is nice, but I should like … Like whats, something beautiful. Have we done something beautiful in a bit Jono Crab rave looks pretty beautiful.. Damn dude., So its not mini LED like whats in the latest iPad Pro, but AMOLED still looks damn fine., Especially at the resolution of 2960 1848. Ooh. Look at the colors., The colors and the sharpness is like really there for me. Crab, rave. bright upbeat, music, Thats, grimey, dude., bright upbeat, music, Thats, grimey, dude., bright, upbeat, music, Maybe pause the … bright upbeat, music, Thats crazy.. Why would you want something this big? Why wouldnt you I came over here cause I could hear it. It sounded like you were playing something on the TV. Yeah dude. From the speakers over in the other set.. These are pretty good for, like a tablet, speakers. Yeah. And its so thin.. So, in conclusion, the speakers are freaking sick for a tablet. Holy crap.. I like felt the bass on them., So theres, four of them, and they were tuned by AKG.. So apparently this display 120HZ HDR10. As for performance, I mean like so this is still an Android tablet.

Now the Apple has really made a case recently for turning their iPad from like changing it from a mobile device into like a fun and work device., And the thing Android tablets is that Google Hasnt really had to do a lot to like add that functionality into Android, because it was always sort of there. So its interesting to now be faced with, like a pro class Android tablet, thats like yeah, you can do what all Android tablets can do., But I Guess, like itll, come down to if their performance can keep up with it., Because that is really the thing that Apple still has over Android tablets. Is the fact that they are running M1 processors now.. How do I split screen Boom. And then what else should I open YouTube. Thats sort of annoying to me. That youre in split screen, but it doesnt actually use the whole screen. Its got these rounded corners on the bottom.? Would it do that If I got rid of the navigation thing on the bottom, Maybe. Thats already a plus over the iPad. With the S pen, you can actually use it for navigation. Like, instead of only having the pen, be useful … The Apple pencil be useful For something things on the iPad, Jonathan. Horst Think with the finger you control with the finger., You sound like Jerry, Seinfeld., Ah yes., Swipe gestures.. Oh, you can switch between having the recents on either side. Theres. So much customization in Android.

Ive been using an Android phone for a day and its amazing what I learned. Youre, switching to Android For permanent No. Linus coughs, mockingly laughing. In the background No way. laughing. In the background, I will be switching Android to try it out. To then understand why Apple is superior., Yeah, sure, do. Im the person who thinks the iPad pro 12.9 is too big.. Oh really, Horst Yeah., I made the opposite argument.. I like that there is this option, because if there are people who want to use a tablet as their like main device, then this is a great option.. I mean like I like that. Theres a tablet, this big for some … Theres, something like visceral, …, Gee., Jake., Hes, ruined that … indistinct Jake starts this car up.. He purposely makes his car louder. Yeah.. Why? You know the M5 has a great exhaust note outta the factory. It doesnt need to sound like that at idle. all laughing. I just need to make that clear., Hey whats, the computer, that is the laptop and the screen comes off. Jono, Oh my God.. How many host do we need overlapping conversation? Youre not searching up. My question. Are ya: Oh its showing a … Thats horrible.. Have you tried the iOS version of that No. Scribble Yeah.? Is it good No., Well thats easy., The … indistinct? What were we talking about before the … Jono Get off the set? You had one good point for this argument.

Before you got interrupted by a ruined M5. Android could be pretty close to a desktop operator., Oh yeah, Too, closer than iPad OS.. You can do anything. You want in Android., Well Im gon na find that out when I try it out. Now that this is here, I feel like we should do a video on like. Can you use … Cause? We did iPad Pro.. Can you use an iPad Pro as a PC? We should do a video on. Can you use this as a PC? Well, that is a great LTT. Video. Jono Right get outta here No. One last thing. Jono Get outta here. Get outta here Get outta here, Linus laughing Youre glad that this exists. That Samsung has made a huge tablet. Jono Get outta here; Well, wheres the tiny mini phone. I wish that there were more small Android touchscreen phones. Horst Thank you.. You know. Horst. Thank you Im out On the topic of using a tablet as a desktop operating system. This thing …, Like the S8 S8 and the S8 Ultra all come with eight gigs of Ram and 128 and 256 gig storage options., But the S8 Ultra. You can also up the RAM to 12 gigs and 16 gigs as well. And then theres also a 512 gig storage option.. So like you can spec this thing out like a crazy amount, although it stats just the eight gig and 128 gig configs stats at 1100.. Is that what you said For the most part, I want companies to keep making these so that they can exist as sort of like a demo of what the technology is capable of.

. I havent really tested the performance in any like meaningful way. Although one thing I will say right away: …, Oh no. Okay., I thought that it didnt preserve your split screen instance, but it does cause iPad OS. Does that as well. Theres, an 11200 mAh battery.? Do we know how long Samsung thinks thats supposed to last Go for hours. Go for hours.? I mean its been on for how long and its at 80., I didnt see what it was at at the beginning. Editor. You will know. Start scanning with the center of your finger., Oh its down, here.. This is a good position to have this in., Because I guess, if you are using that tablet like that, that sort to make sense., But most people …, I mean most of the time youre gon na, be using it like this., So its right, where your finger Is. Or your thumb, is. Wait does it know when I pick it up Pick on my tablet and it doesnt wake right away.. I can double tap though, and do that. Now Im looking at this case cause I havent looked at it yet.. This is interesting. So without the case its a magnetic dock., But with the case its got like a little rubber, doo hickey to keep it in place as well.. This case is 50 bucks, Jono Yeah. Still pretty steep for a case., But I mean like its a tablet case and it does seem like pretty good construction.

Jono. Oh wait. No sorry. The Ultra one is 70.. This is 70 Yeah. Okay.. So what I just said, but worse. So thats nice., That feels like a surface pro level, almost. Cameras. Okay. – That is something thats interesting about this.. This is Samsung.. This is their high end tablet., So I got big expectations.. They dont even have it right on the front thing.. Oh its right, here. Okay., I just Im unfamiliar with the Samsung icons. Okay. Wow. Yo. The preview here looks pretty rough.. I mean the … Yeah. Like the color and the sharpness is not quite there.. Double tap power button and we get a camera shortcut., So thats, nice. Geez. Louise, look at how big that screen is. I mean, like, I feel, like Im, shooting a movie or something. David. I cant wait to take that to my next concert. all laughing Okay.. So we got the ultra wide as well: though. camera shutters Wow. Yeah. That doesnt look great. Jono, I mean its only 12 megapixel but, like I feel like thats, worse even than normal smartphone cameras, these days. Im not surprised that they were trying to save a little Bit of money still on tab. Like as like tablets, not many people are buying them.. You dont feel the need to like put like the best camera on there., But still like. This is an 1100 tablet. Jono Yeah., So theres the normal length and we got …. Oh, we got two cameras here that I did not mentioned as well.

Correction correction.. These are both 12 megapixels. Jono Yeah.. On the back, we got a 13 megapixel and a six megapixel ultra wide., So thats. Why? When the I took the ultra wide shot right there, it was particularly bad cause thats only a six megapixel camera. camera shutters Yeah.. This is more like what I would expect from a modern smartphone camera., Its still a little bit fuzzier than I have seen on some other cameras, but its a little … Thats more along the lines of what I would expect.. So conclusion time.. I think Im just happy to see that Android tablets are back in the market with like good quality, units. And Im, not saying you should go out and buy these.. I think it just makes me happy. Because, like iPads have dominated. Anytime people have talked about tablets. Youre talking about iPads unless youre like my father in law, who refuses to buy new technology and will only shop on eBay or Craigslist for like used stuff. And hes like I bought this new tablet for 20. Im like …, But maybe thats, all you need. And So thats fair., But for people who are looking for a little bit more out of their Android tablets, this is nice to see.. Your father in law has three iPads Yeah.. So then theres other types of people who just like buy a ton of iPads cause. They think that thats, the only tablet you can get.

More Android tablets are good in my book., Even if this one is probably overpriced., Although I dont even know its 1100. Thats, what the flagship phones are these days. – And this is like a 15 inch thing.. Its probably not overpriced for what it is honestly. Jono Yeah. It just … For 1100. All I really want is the option to have 5G. Thats true., But then it would be more expensive.. The S8 Plus is 900 and its got the 12.4 inch screen.. The S8 is 700 and its got the 11 inch screen.. So if I was to say which one of these you should probably buy, it would probably be the S8., Although this is not a recommendation.. This is not a review, its an unboxing. And hopefully we take a deeper look at these units. In other Linus media group channels, properties. TechLink will do a review. Go watch the TechLink if its out., It might be out by now. – And I guess, subscribe to shortcircuit. If you, you really want to. Thats the end. Linus laughing Hes pontificating., The iPads for the finger. laughing.