It does things i didnt think it would be able to and doesnt do some things i was expecting. This review is going to be slightly different than some of the other early access reviews. On this i told samsung a sponsorship wouldnt work for me, but i appreciate them letting me try this out early to give you my real thoughts. It also might seem weird that im reviewing a monitor on the channel smart home solver. Well, this things actually packed with smart home features and theres a lot to go over so lets get into it Music. If you look at the design of the m8 and say hey, that looks like something from apple youre, not alone. I thought the same thing when i first saw it at ces, but remember apples, studio display was announced after this was revealed, so i dont know whos copying, who but anyways its only a good thing, because apple has great design, and i really like how this looks On the desk, you can get it in white or for a little extra. There are three different colors you can choose. This is the blue version and i like the color, but its not as dramatic as something from apple, because its just the color of the bottom chin and the stand the back is white, no matter what color you end up, choosing also the stand is included. I, like the look, it can be moved up and down tilted back and forth, but i have mixed feelings because there isnt a vasa option with this monitor its a bummer but its not a deal breaker for me because i, like the included stand.

This is a very thin monitor and the whole thing besides. The bottom of the stand is covered in plastic. There are four different ports: a micro, hdmi, usb c 3.0 for data and 65 watts of power. That way, if you have something like this m1 macbook air, it can power the computer and extend the display with just one cord plus. The stand is high enough to see over the laptop, which is great theres. Also, another usbc port and up top is a unique samsung. Connector included with this monitor is a camera that can use that samsung connector it can be adjusted and it just snaps on with magnets. Remember how i said there was some surprises with this monitor. Well, this is one of them. I was thinking great. I can move the camera to frame myself perfectly, but wait. I can only point the camera up sitting at a desk. I have way too much headroom already. I have to either push the monitor down or tilt it forward. Neither one i want to do. It does have face tracking and will zoom in on my face to get rid of some of that extra headroom, but that only works in certain apps right now, like google duo using zoom on the computer doesnt do any face tracking. If i have too much headroom, it just looks weird. I like the camera, though its 1080p, and the image is really sharp compared to the garbage.

Webcams and laptops were used to theres. Also this magnetic cover that can be stored in the back. So after youre done using the camera, you can just cover it really easy. I love it when it comes to the display, it looks really good, but not top of the line, its 4k and 32 inches. So its a really big monitor it has hdr 10 plus and 400 nits of brightness, so we can get plenty bright and the colors also look great with a srgb of 99. I have it sitting next to a 16 inch m1 pro, and that display is incredible, but still the samsung m8 screen looks good enough that its not jarring to go back and forth between the displays. I personally like the m8 display. It only has a 60hz refresh rate, and it would be nice if it was higher, especially sitting next to that macbook pro with promotion. But for what this monitor is designed for, like watching tv, i think its fine, but if that was a deal breaker for you, of course, there are other monitors out there, especially for gaming. One of the cool things about this display is that you can easily adjust the picture profile with a remote. Now the remote is something i have a love hate relationship with. First, i love that its small charges with usbc and works great when watching tv or adjusting the brightness, but its missing a crucial button for me source or input selection.

If i hit the netflix button, it takes me right to netflix extremely fast, but if i want to get back to my extended computer screen, i have to click the remote 10 times 10 thats way too much alright, im gon na interrupt myself. I was just about to go off on all the different ways. The remote cannot easily switch back to the pc, but i just stumbled across a really easy way to do it switch to pc. So i can just use my voice and it quickly does it, and someone asked me on twitter if i can switch between different sources like two different computers and you can switch to hdmi one there you go so the voice is actually really helpful on this monitor And im going to talk about that in this next section. One thing that surprised me is that samsung gives you the option to use bixby or amazons voice assistant. I would have bet money. They were going to force us to use bixby but im happy. I have the option. This is one feature i did not expect much, but i was pleasantly surprised on how well it worked. I can use the remote or i can just say the wake word. Samsung says it has far field voice built in, but it wasnt as consistent as an amazon echo in recognizing the wake word. I liked how i could just ask it the weather, and it would just show it right there on the screen same with my calendar, or if i wanted to see a camera, it just shows right up pretty sweet.

I could also use it to open up the youtube, app and search for videos with my voice. It didnt work for all apps like netflix, but at least youtube is better than nothing. It could even show me recipes. It would be pretty awesome to use this as a big echo show in the kitchen, but you cannot drop in or call other echo, so its not perfect. Still, this samsung m8 is a way better voice assistant display than i expected it to be. While you cannot call another echo device, there is a different option for video calls. Google duo is a built in app on the m8 monitor and it works pretty well. The only thing is, if someone tried to call me on google duo, the monitor would not alert me, so i can only start calls on the monitor okay. So the thing that initially made me interested in the m8 smart monitor is the built in smartthings hub. If youre not familiar with what a smart home hub is, basically, it helps smart home devices work together, so you can run automations with devices from different companies. Samsung stopped directly selling their smartthings hub over a year ago, and people thought samsung was gon na kill off smartthings completely turns out, the opposite is true: samsung is gon na start, including their smartthings hub and their new tvs and monitors, and this monitor is the first One to have an iot hub built in so thats pretty cool.

Something to note, though this monitor does not have zigbee or z wave built in like the previous hubs. Instead, if you want to connect zigbee devices, you need to buy an extra usb add on this little device connects with usbc and has some adhesive to attach to the back of your monitor or new samsung tv. Once you add it, you can connect it to the smartthings hub and add zigbee devices theres. Actually, a lot of sensors and devices that use zigbee. Like the vibration sensor on the piano, i showed in the last video yeah that one uses zigbee otherwise youll only be able to automate wi fi devices, oh and z, wave its, not an option, no matter what but thats, not that big of a deal im just Happy that a smartthings hub is included its a great bonus and its going to help a lot more people get into the smart home space. Just like the m7. There are also a lot of built in apps. You can use with this monitor. Basically, it works like a samsung tv theres, a samsung tv plus, app netflix, youtube tv and much more. You can use the remote to change the channel and volume. The speakers on this are pretty good for a monitor its not going to replace the speakers on your desk or a sound bar, but if youre casually watching a tv show on them its going to get the job done. Whats also cool is that you can use a keyboard and mouse with this built in browser or microsoft apps.

I have the logitech unifi usb stick plugged into the back of the monitor and the keyboard and mouse work great with my computer this way and then, if i unplug my computer, i can still use them with just the monitor its great to have that option. And you can even remote desktop to your computer. It also has decks and seriously so much functionality crammed into this thing, like airplay 2, to share or extend your apple display. Alright, the important question: should you actually get one well at first, i wasnt sure who this monitor was really for. So i wasnt exactly sure everything this smart monitor can do. Another device can do that specific task, better voice assistant hub display tv. The list goes on, but after using this monitor for about two weeks and thinking about it for a while, i finally caught the vision, even if you dont use all the features now you might want them later. For example, if i were back in college, i would have loved this monitor. I could have it connected to my computer for school work and then at night watch some tv on it in bed and then after graduating. I could use the built in smartthings hub in my apartment or house, or now i can use it as a monitor and a voice assistant built in. I probably wouldnt use it much for tv on my desk though, but if i ever upgrade my monitor down the road, i could repurpose cma in another room like the kitchen and use it as a tv, a shared family, computer or a big smart voice assistant display.

Personally, i dont buy monitors that often so having one like this. That can do so. Many things will help me get more out of it over a long period of time, so theres a lot of unexpected things with this monitor many good surprises and the things that did not work as expected were very minor. Nothing that would stop me from buying it and, overall i really like the m8 whoa. You have so much head room again. You need to fix that. No, this is normal. This is normal for this camera, no point it down. It looks weird wait. A second.