In this video we will be doing a review of the first ever. Do it all monitor in the world. The samsung m7 32 inch ultra hd 4k, monitor now among the monitors in the market. Right now, this is the first ever monitor that has a smart tv feature plus undamaged and kasamang features it has built in office 365. You can also remotely access your work computer. If you have samsung dex on your phone, you can simply connect it to this monitor. So that you can have a desktop view of the different apps that you have plus it supports wireless display where and you can cast your laptop to the monitor and predicating screen mirroring using airplay 2 for apple or smart view for samsung. Now to start the review. What’S in the box, when you buy the samsung m7 ultra hd monitor. First, you get a power cable. You get a free, hdmi, cable and merundinshan kasama remote control, so telegram first ever monitor in the world to make a salmon remote. Then you also get three batteries for the remote, an aluminum stand for your monitor and the unit itself. Now the samsung m7 has a 32 inch display a 16 by 9 aspect ratio and the model that i have here has a 4k resolution. The display has an adaptive feature and eyesafer mode that will automatically adjust the brightness of the screen and the blue light levels in terms of the design of the monitor, it’s, very modern and slim.

It has a matte black frame plus and damning young ports. It has three usb 2.0 ports; it has two hdmi ports and a 65 watts, usb c port that can actually charge most laptops. Now. What are the top? Five features that i love about the galaxy m7. The first one will be the flexibility of the samsung m7. So aside from using it for work, this monitor has a built in tv operating system. So let’s say you are done working for the day. You can automatically shift from using this as a monitor and turning it into a smart tv where you can watch netflix hbo. Go youtube and other favorite streaming apps it’s, also great that you don’t need wires because it comes with a built in wifi, built in bluetooth and a 2 channel 5 watts. Speaker plus, you can use the microphone and the remote to give commands. So in the mona kailanga, android tv boxes and external speakers, so i think perfect it all for condo dwellers. Like me, in a limited, you can use it as a monitor and a smart tv for streaming. The second feature that i love about this monitor is it’s compatible with samsung dex. So if you have samsung dex in your phone, just activate it and you will be able to view your phone on your desktop. You can even use your phone as a trackpad or since the samsung m7 has a built in bluetooth. You can connect a wireless keyboard or mouse, but you will get that desktop experience.

You can browse the internet, you can watch youtube, you can dance to tech, talk, answer emails or even play games telegram maximize small and samsung dex feature in your phone now matthew. If i am an apple user, does the samsung m7 support airplay? Well, the answer to that is yes. The third feature that i love about the m7 is when i try to connect my old ipad and click screen mirroring. It was able to seamlessly connect to the monitor, and i am so happy because i can view my ipad in a bigger screen and very fast, then i’m connection yeah. Of course. The samsung m7 also supports smart view where you can just tap your phone to the monitor and it will automatically share the content of your phone to the monitor so bending pediments to your friends and family. The next feature that i love about the m7 is you can have a wireless display for your laptop now. Usually i connect my laptop using an hdmi and type c cable. Now i have an option to have a second display that is purely wireless. You can have it duplicate your laptop screen or you can have an extended wireless display, so so branco telegram yeah. Now miranda pan features an m7, but the last one that i would like to highlight in this video is: you can use this monitor without a laptop or a phone. Yes, since the monitor has built in wi fi let’s say you have an office 365 account.

You can remotely access your files and one drive and you can edit your documents, may it be in microsoft, word excel and powerpoint, so so brand relevant during this time, wherein most of us are working from home now guys how much ba on samsung m7 monitor. I was able to buy the m7 for 19 990 pesos from lazada, specifically from the digital experience store. They are the authorized seller by samsung electronics, philippines and on top of that so brown, but it don’t staphyla. If you have questions – and they also provide you regular updates on the status of the delivery of your monitor, plus um tahoe pro only samsung, where i got this mk120 keyboard and mouse plus, i also got a one year subscription to view now for my verdict. I’M. Gon na give the samsung m7 5 stars, if you will compare it to the other monitors in the same price range in the market right now. Television. The features in this monitor from the samsung tv operating system from the different apps that you can install and the different things that you can do with this monitor elegance super good by the lagasha, just a caveat, maybe for gamers as per samsung um. This monitor has a max refresh rate of 60 hertz. So if you’re, a gamer consider that before buying this monitor and that’s it for our video i’ll, be placing the length of the samsung m7 in the description box below para.

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