Like me, you might have found yourself shopping for things to turn a little corner of your home into a home office, maybe a standing desk, some ergonomic stools, and so that you can park your laptop and to make that transition feel more official. The new monitor keyboard and mouse well, my mac is already docked and i’ve already got these so today, i’ve partnered with samsung to talk about that last remaining piece of this puzzle in this video we’re going to take a look at the samsung smart monitor. What might be the most interesting and well rounded monitors i have ever seen so make sure you hit that subscribe button and keep watching let’s get the basics out of the way, whether you’re on a pc or a mac. This is in every respect, a solid monitor, available in two sizes, 27 inch and 32 inches with a 16 by 9 wide screen with great viewing angles: hdr 10 support and either a full hd or 4k resolution. Depending on the model, you choose there’s, also adaptive picture and eye saver mode that will automatically adjust screen, brightness and blue light levels depending on the environment, in short, it’s, an excellent display and a very good looking one at that with a matte black frame and aluminum Stand with a reasonable amount of tilt so that you can find the right angle. It looks so good better, probably than what you got at work and it’s, slim and sleek.

So it can go a lot of places like your kitchen counter or a coffee table and there’s a decent amount of ports too. The top of the line m7 model which i’ve been using has three usb 2.0 ports, two full size, hdmi ports and a 65 watt. Usb c port that can power most laptops, but really what sets this monitor apart from what’s out? There are its extras features you won’t usually find in your average monitor. They are built in wi fi, built in speakers, a host of connectivity options and smart tv software that built in wi fi is a game changer. It means the monitor can independently connect to the internet, even if nothing else is connected to it. If you have microsoft 365, for example, you could just dive into the remote access menu and work on your word excel or powerpoint documents on the cloud. All you need is a keyboard and mouse. The smart monitor has bluetooth built in so i use the wireless ones there’s. Also a remote access feature that lets you log in to your windows, computer at work. Now, if you’d like a wider selection of productivity apps, all you need is your smartphone. These days, many smartphones are powerful enough to handle computer stuff, like samsung’s galaxy s, 21 series that all come with wireless decks. All you have to do is swipe down on the quick settings panel and tap on dex and once connected to monitors that support it.

Like the samsung smart monitor, it will switch to desktop mode, so you can run android apps in a more pc like environment. This is perfect for more specialized applications like wunderlist, for your to do’s or slack for coordinating work, stuff, there’s, also tap view and tap sound. Just tap your samsung phone over here on the samsung logo and you can, for example, continue listening to this song on spotify on your smart monitor if you’re an iphone user there’s also support for airplay 2, which lets you mirror what’s on your iphone ipad or mac. To your monitor, perfect, if you maybe want to show off photos from your camera roll on the bigger display, can i use my monitor as a tv is a question. I get asked a lot and the answer is sorta, but it can be quite cumbersome. You’Ll need to connect with a cable or wirelessly to some device that you can stream content from, preferably it’s got built in speakers too, but most likely it doesn’t. So you’ll also need a set of external speakers. Now. All of these problems do not apply to the samsung smart, monitor and i’ve saved my favorite feature for last, because it’s got in built in wi fi. You don’t need another device to connect to the internet because it has built in 2 channel 5 watt speakers. You don’t need an external pair, but really what brings it all together is the fact that it has its own tv operating system the same one that’s on all of samsung’s, smart tvs powered by tizen and with its own app store.

This means you can download all your favorite streaming: apps youtube, netflix, disney, plus even apple tv plus, and you can control the tv with the bundled remote. So when you’re done for the day, you can kick back and watch movies and tv shows on the smart monitor too these days after a long day of work, i put away my computer and build lego on the same desk. I like having my smart, monitor, play youtube videos in the background as i build it might not have ports for cable tv, but based on how we consume content. These days, you could say that this smart monitor is also a complete entertainment hub. I can see how this might be the perfect all in one device for those who maybe live in a small space and need a tv and a work monitor. But maybe also you have a bedroom and want a tv for that bedroom, but also know that you need to spend your money on a work monitor first and by the way, there’s. No stopping you from plugging in your favorite gaming console. I hooked up my ps5 and you can game it up to 4k 60 fps. The samsung smart monitor starts at 229.99 for the 27 inch m5 model and goes all the way up to ‘9.99 for the 32 inch m7 model, currently there’s a promotion on, where you can get up to 50 off your purchase, work with or without a pc Or smartphone play games and watch movies.

The samsung smart monitor lives up to its billing as the do it all monitor and i’ve got to say i’m impressed which of its features, do you think you’ll be using the most sound off in the comments section below and if you haven’t already subscribe to this Youtube channel we’ve got a lot of content coming your way and make sure you hit that bell icon so that you get notified as soon as we post new videos follow me on social media for all the behind the scenes, fun stuff and, as always, make gadgetmatch.