Back again, i am going to do an unboxing of a samsung smart monitor, uh it’s the m5. It is a 27 inch it’s. 1080P. 60Hz uh. I actually got this monitor for free uh. When i pre ordered my s21 ultra uh. I got a two hundred dollar streams on credit and uh, so i spent it on this so i’m gon na go ahead and make a video um just unboxing it and uh. Let me know what you guys think i got this in yesterday. I uh have not i’ve, not even opened it. So let’s uh see what this bad boy is. Uh i’ve debated on spending a little bit extra to get the 32 inch uh. I think it’s, the m7 uh it’s, the 4k variant uh, but uh i’m a broke broke ass, so i only got the 27 inch for 200 bucks uh, so let’s see batteries or remotes, i believe that’s hdmi and then the power, and then we have. I believe this is the stand yeah the arm to put it in the stand, and then the monitor itself. Look at that bad boy, 27. Inches of goodness. Sorry about that, i was not sure how much was in frame but uh. Let me get it set up as an actual monitor and uh show you guys what it looks like all right guys, the uh the mounting process is rather simple, uh that plate. I was showing you before the shaft part that holds the actual monitor just you pop it into the little socket here and then you screw it in with that screw that’s already pre installed and then to put the put it in the monitor.

You simply just slide. It in hold it up and then there’s two mounting hardware screws that came the right here. It came pre pre attached to the little the little shaft and you just screw it in alright. So i have the monitor all hooked up: um i’m playing a 4k hdr video just to show you how it looks on camera. This looks a lot better than it does in person. This area over here, that’s green for you guys, is nowhere near as like vibrant uh in person, so i’m, just gon na play a little bit of this. Oh just flying, okay, just playing a little bit of this. Just to god that looks so much better on camera, i guess uh, oh at least on my iphone. It looks a lot better than it does in person um, but i don’t know not super duper impressed with the monitor um, but i don’t know i uh i’m. Probably gon na have to tweak it some more maybe adjust some of the colors and whatnot um, but compared to my 27 inch alienware monitor that’s behind it’s a 1080p 240hz ips panel. This is a va panel um. The ips panel just blows it away in comparison. Um, let me let me just compare the two, so this is this: is the 27 inch samsung m5 smart monitor and then this is the uh alienware 27 inch monitor. It looks very on darker scenes on camera. It looks very um, like it’s, got a very bad ips glow.

It does not look like that in person, but yeah. I feel like the colors just i feel like the alienware blows, the new samsung out of the water um and mind you. I don’t know this one’s ips. The samsung is a va panel um, but so far i don’t know. I think that the alien alienware um – oh god, i cannot remember the model – number off the top of my head, but this is the 27 inch 240 hertz 1080p ips display from alienware non curved i’m, not a huge curved display kind of guy. So i i purposely went out of my way to find a non curved monitor uh for this, but this this this alienware is. It blows blows that samsung out of the water absolutely blows it out of the water color reproduction. Everything and i apologize about my mess. If you can see it, oh wrong, uh wrong part of my tripod. There we go, and this is at a kind of an angle. You guys are a little angled at it um, but man. It looks so much better on on the iphone than in person. Interesting interesting but um, this is just a quick little unboxing and my thoughts uh. So far on the new um samsung, m5 27 inch smart, monitor, um i’ll have to test the the actual like smart functionality of it. Uh, you know maybe want to tap my phone against the edge like, for example, tapping my s21 to the edge of it and it pulling up whatever i have pulled up uh also, you might have noticed i’m, just watching twitch on my phone there’s there’s, a there’s There’S a reason to that i’m testing, a theory uh there’s gon na be another video soon on um.

My thoughts and impressions so far on magenta max so stay tuned for that uh. If you guys, like the video, definitely hit the like button subscribe. If you haven’t already um what else comment down below tell me what you think um or do you think the smart monitors are going to be more of a thing you know with it being able to you know you can watch netflix directly it’s, basically, a smart Tv just in a monitor form like i mean it’s honestly. Let me lower this down a little bit better. There we go. I am shooting you off of my iphone 12 pro max, but i have it on a cheap little tripod, but yeah you can the uh the remote itself wow that that’s a bad idea to try to show it like that um, but the the remote itself. I mean it’s got netflix button, amazon, prime, all that um and you can actually kind of go through them, and you know just like a smart tv just watch whatever um but yeah this. This is my quick thoughts on Music. The new samsung monitor. Let me let me know, like i said down below what you guys think um, if you think monitors are going to go this direction of having smart functionality uh, but take it easy, have a wonderful rest of your day or night.