It says Samsung is making an Ultimate foldable. I hope this is true news. So pretty much here you go, it shows you the it shows you the default 4.. This is supposed to be the z45 that theyre working on and Im just gon na read some of this stuff to you and talk about what my thoughts are so uh. This says somebody was saying: Im skipping the Galaxy s23 Ultra in favor of the next gen Galaxy Z4 smartphone over the s22 ultra I dont think s23 also would be a worthy upgrade. However, Im planning to own a foldable eventually. So this is not me talking. This is somebody else that this somebody is else elses on the words that I am reading here they say the recent Galaxy z45 rumors suggest Samsung is making it a monster. Then this says according says. According to the pixel report, Samsung has slightly increased the height of the Galaxy z45 smartphone, which could be one one: five, eight millimeter, 0.5 millimeters. The report specifically mentions that the width of the next fold could be 67.5 millimeters, 14.5 millimeters thickness when folded in one 28.5. Millimeters 6.5 thickness in unfolded State. This just says: follow Samsung fans on Google News, so pretty much. This just says compared to the Samsung compared to the Galaxy Z4 or the Korean Tech agent. The Korean Tech gent has increased the height of the Galaxy z45 smartphone by 0.3 millimeters wheres. The weight is 275 grams in thickness is increased by 0.

4 millimeters in a folded State. At the same time, the display crease wont be there, as is pair. The report is prior to a report so pretty much. This is just talking about how Samsung plans to make the z45 a little its going to be a lot thicker heavier than your currently current z44 and, like I said pretty much, these are just some little pictures that they have here just showing some of the dimensions. I dont know how true this is. I just wanted to bring it to your attention and then it says more more. Over the inner 2x Dynamic omelette display of the Galaxy z45 could expand to 7.6 inches with a resolution of 1760x 2208 PX. It could be protected by the gorilla glass victis, along with the conventional ipx8 rating for water resistance, and then this also says cell signs. Samsung Great lead, decreased the appearance of the display crease with a Galaxy Z4 3 and the Galaxy z44. However, the case could finally be gone. The the, however the crease could finally be gone, starting the starting on the Galaxy z45 smartphone, releasing this August foldable without crease doesnt, sound particular, but nothing is impossible at Samsung. So pretty much. This is just showing you once again. The z44 and your z45 supposedly I dont, know how true this is, but it looks like it is a lot wider and taller than your current z44 that you currently have on the market right now, and then this just pretty much says when it comes to the Camera, the Galaxy z45 will have a big upgrade which could reach the Galaxy s22 Ultra level.

Reportedly, the upcoming foldable users, 1080 10. 10 8 megapixels Premiere. Oh oh, I OS camera with a 26 mm focal length, as well as a dual pixel. Pdfa Focus. Furthermore, the X2 optical zoom camera will have a resolution of 64 64 MP with 52 mm focal length, PDA, pdaf and F 2.4 aperture. At the same time, there will be an additional 12 MP Ultra wide angle, lens with 12 mm focal length and F 2.2 aperture, and then it just goes on to say to bring the SPN compartment. The Galaxy z45 smartphone could feature a flat pen, so the thickness would not expand further. Last year, Samsung also created a prototype of the Galaxy z44 which had a dedicated S, Pen, comp compartment, oh and then it says. Last but not least, the Galaxy z45 Device could be equipped it with Sam with Snapdragon 985 processor, since the next fold is under development, Qualcomm may also remain Remain the processor building for the foldable until the official launch in quarter three of 2023. There will be so many leaks and rumors so get ready to fold so pretty much thats. This is what this was. This was just some rumors like I said, I dont know how true uh I dont know how true these rumors are, but I just thought Id bring it to the table. You know theres something new. This is something you know come August that you will be having the z45 coming out.

You know people are already starting to leak and make rumors about it. So I just thought I would read you this article that I found on Google and uh in the comment section below. Let me know your thoughts and what you think about the z fold, five, maybe being thicker and nicer and better cameras. So just rate comment and subscribe to this YouTube Tech Channel and Ill catch. You, the next video on that.