Now I do have the gray green colorway thats, what Ive had since launch – and I want to talk about the experience of this phone after five months and my thoughts on it now so well Begin by talking about its overall price. This phone does retail right around 1800 bucks, so its not a cheap device whatsoever. However, I was able to snag this much cheaper because I traded in last years fold and got a ridiculous thousand dollars off. So I was a no brainer to go ahead and pick it up, but for the full retail. Is it worth it? If you want to try something thats groundbreakingly different from a regular smartphone, it might be worth it. Youre gon na have to cough up that money, but as you go forward, if you want to upgrade in the future, Samsung likely will offer you. You know big discounts if you just take the initial Plunge on a z fold, however theyre still very high, and I cannot recommend this just to the regular consumer. You know in terms of a cheaper phone, its not you can have to go all out for this. One right here now in terms of the build five months later, I have obtained a few scratches on the edges, mostly from putting on this case right here that came from Samsung the Z4 case, which there are cases for the z fold. 4 have been much better than their older cases for the other additions.

Theyve fixed a few things, but theyre still not perfect. Well talk about that a little bit later you can see. You can definitely still see right through that phone. You see the table right here. You see the fingers, you could definitely still see right through it, so its not fully flat, still kind of just a refinement over the last additions and thats. What I keep thinking about you know Ever every time I use this its just much more ready for prime time everyday usage versus the other ones and the whole durability of this phone it just it was ready, its just ready to be used daily. So this phone, not the most durable phone out there, but its definitely good enough for everyday usage. I still wouldnt want to get it wet or anything like that, but Ive seen people in the airports Ive seen people rocking these things all over the place, not as much as iPhones, obviously not as much as regular Galaxy phones but Im starting to see them pop Up in public, so theyre definitely catching on a little bit more now I can see theres still a pretty substantial crease there right there in the middle. However, it does kind of blend in a little bit more. When you do use the phone you dont really notice. It too much, but I still see it when Im outdoors and stuff. However, it has been improved over the z fold 3, which was pretty blatantly obvious every time youve seen you know, look at it, but again, some people are just not really feeling the crease, and this is an area I think Samsung is going to improve this year.

On the next z fold they might even change the actual. You know feel of it as well. It might get a little bit different in the way it folds well see how that goes in the future, but you know theres not much. I think they can do with this so far. Youre just gon na have to deal with this crease right here, so yeah thats, something I still notice, and it does bother me sometimes, but the end of the day. I can live with it due to the fact that look at all this display right here, its just amazing. Now the front display of the Galaxy Z4 five months later has felt very nice, its portable, its usable, and it just kind of gives you the best of both worlds, a more one handable phone in the front, and then, when you need the space you open it Up one handing meaning that its narrow enough for one hand not thickness this phone is ridiculously bulky by comparison to a regular phone. I mean look at it its a brick. This thing is heavy is wide especially right here on the thickness, its really wide right there and you feel it and some people say it feels like a remote or something like that. I can see where theyre coming from with that, but I got ta say that I still really enjoy using it on the front just because it feels so easy, narrow, narrow, wise the screen to reach both sides.

However, I still dont like how small the screen is for typing. So while I do like that narrow feel, for you know one handed use, I have to recommend that Samsung does make a bigger display, hey whats, up on the front, because its never gon na feel truly like an actual smartphone until they make an actual smartphone screen. On the front, because how many smartphones are this narrow, with this narrow of a keyboard? Hardly any you can see the punch hole camera there on the front is pretty good. You actually have to use the front facing camera on here to go ahead and get the best quality on this front. Selfie right here, you can also use the rear camera, the selfie as well for the ultimate quality like this, where you use all the rear cameras, which is excellent. But when you go ahead and you open this phone up, I found over my time using it Im. Just never using this in the inner display camera it doesnt really, in my opinion. Besides, a video call really even need to be there because it doesnt work that good at all, it looks very fuzzy and weird, so they need to either put this somewhere on the body or maybe scrap it. I dont think theyre going to scrap it, because people use this for video calls, but at the end of the day this is never going to be the camera I use for Pure quality, although thats – probably not the point thats.

Why theres only like very small amount of modes on this camera right here, so definitely youre going to want to use the rear cameras on this phone? I, like this phone, has dual SIM. It does have esim and regular Sim support. It does have 5G. I like that it has it in display fingerprint sensor. I like that its not using an in display fingerprint sensor but goes with the traditional sensor right there. That is so much more accurate, like you just click this and it always works all the time. So really love the fingerprint sensor on the z fold, its in the right location, almost everybodys going to be able to reach it and its been fantastic. Another thing thats been fantastic is when you are using this phone and you want to multitask. They put this little bar down here, so you can go ahead and switch between applications. You can bring new applications in its just a fantastic way of using the screen, so Samsung really thinks about and knows how to take advantage of a panel knows how to take advantage of a screen you can bring in three now I dont know why, but like I just feel like why cant we have four like theres space right there Samsung for four applications. I know that might be pushing it a little bit, but if youre trying to be the ultimate phone here, why not I mean theres definitely space to go ahead and drop one right there too, so itd be nice if they could bring four applications on the next Version of one UI here for the next z fold, or something like that – maybe even bring it to this older z fold when it becomes an older phone, its not older yet, but you can see that UDC right there.

The under display camera not very visible. Unless you really get close, so this really does feel nice and this overall display, while it still kind of runs in a phone format, you know it still is really enjoyable to consume media, its very vibrant and, while its not the sharpest panel out there on the Inner display its one of the best experiences ever on a phone it. Just if you want to watch videos you want to consume media. I always grab this to go ahead and consume media on its the best for a phone its near like a small tablet level. So pretty cool also like I was showing you earlier with the multitasking when you do bring those applications in its just a Powerhouse for productivity, you dont have to switch between applications when youre doing a bank transaction youre checking your numbers when youre, you know, maybe taking Notes side by side with something youre researching you just dont got to do that like I was looking at the walkmans the other day lets say I want to take some notes on the walkmans. You know I could just take some notes Here: the Sony walkmans and then I could check out. Well, you know how much are those so those are going to be 69.99, not 6.99, 69.99 plus lets, say or lets say. I got a hundred dollars in the bank right there. You know lets say like. Oh, I just want to calculate how much its going to cost me.

You see. Im gon na have 30 left. So like stuff like this, you can just kind of like you know. Add – and you know just remove things and have it there – you can bring it down. In addition, if you want to like come over here, they still have the edge panels where they at. I think I moved them down here, so they still got the edge panel. So you can also go through there and find stuff. I mean Powerhouse of multitasking, throw in the fact that they have the S Pen here for the Galaxy Z, fold 4.. And what else do you need? They had it on the three as well, but what else do you need here? You have the S Pen experience I mean you can take notes you can draw, you can calculate you can write, I mean if you just need everything in one phone, this phone. Does it all it really does, but one thing it you have to sacrifice with using this phone. Is you have to sacrifice the kind of the awkward feel, but its super useful and honestly? I think it would even be useful, like in a college setting, you know, youre taking notes in class and stuff. I dont know how many teachers would accept it. Hey there. This phone has been awesome has been awesome. I dont know how many people would teachers would accept it, but man its incredible so yeah. I just want to say that right there having S Pen on board is awesome.

Now the battery life is also pretty darn. Good Im, not gon na, say its the best. Its not ridiculously good, but it gets through a full day. You can use it out pretty good and you get this with 512 gigabytes, which is what I got here. Tons of internal storage battery life lasts. You know 12 gigabytes of RAM on board its got enough memory to do what you want. You can get the split Side by view menu here, which kind of feels like a tablet for sure and of course the customizations are strong, got the one UI five on board here: different color palettes new wallpapers. They brought new backgrounds, all kinds of stuff, new icons, its just its fun, its a fun phone to use with you know, serious productivity on board. So five months later, with the performance, its also been solid. I can run everything on here, its actually more than solid. Its incredibly fast, this feels as fast as, like you know, your latest iPhone 14 pro Max stuff, like that this wont just very fast, and then I can move on to talking a little bit about cameras in my five months later I could say this is an Area Samsung really needs to improve with the z fold. You are sacrificing some yes theyve been getting better year over year, but these pictures are just solid, theyre, just good enough. Theyre, not um, Im gon na say the quality of you know your main smartphones.

They definitely have some more noise, not quite as sharp I like that they can zoom very far and its nice that the rear cameras are pretty good on here, but Im never picking this phone up for video or photo over any of my other smartphones, so Samsung, Please go to town on the cameras on the next Z fold, make them as good as the regular standard Galaxy phones, its ready its time its Prime Time. These are really good, theyre, theyre, solid, but theyre, just not amazing. So I definitely want to see more in the camera department for this phone. What is amazing, though, is the audio speakers. The speakers down here and over here are plenty loud. So if youre watching the video battery life were gon na use the iPhone 14 Pro, which is very loud, it fills the room, its just a very great speaker, experience and then, when youre watching videos because of z fold does have a lot of space. You can view comments over here watching a video over here. A lot of these tips, its just an excellent overall media consumption experience with really good speakers on board. Oh yeah, Bluetooth, 5.2 USBC, you know premium, look and feel refined, dual SIM 5G. You know I mean great Wi Fi speed premium performance. You know S Pen support five months later, I dont really crave too much. The only thing I want Samsung to do here is make the front display more the size of a regular smartphone.

I dont know if they will and make the cameras much better. The cameras just I dont like that Im paying this much and Im not getting cameras that are as good as the regular Galaxy. I know they got a differential data phone in some way, but the Markets already proven that people arent just gon na buy this phone because the cameras are good or whatever theyre only buying this one if they want a foldable so its time to put really good Cameras on here also, I will say Samsung – needs to improve the best they can with cases every year. I love this case right here, but it is a little bit weird how the S Pen, just kind of makes this thing like a little angular, so itll be nice to have the S Pen in the body if they could figure that out. That would also be cool, but the cases are better. This year I got ta say the z fold. 4 has been an awesome phone to use daily for sure. Definitely much more prime time right now and five months later definitely could recommend it. If you find it on a deal, but if you are looking for the best that Samsung has to offer, they might be having that coming up here February, 1st, with the Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra, so stay tuned for that content, but also stay tuned for the upcoming Z fold: Five later this year, Ill catch you on the next one.

Let me know your thoughts on z44, if youre picking one up, if you got one, if you had a z43, let us know your experiences Ill catch.