That turns into a tablet. Now i did a first look video a couple of weeks ago and now ive had two weeks to test this and also test it with the s pen, which we did finally get a hold of pretty quickly. Actually after we got the phone for that. First, look were gon na look at it now, so folding phones are the thing of the future right. I know some of you might be doubters and just prefer traditional candy bar phones, but you got ta, admit theres. Something really cool about this and for a third try. Obviously, things are getting a little more mainstream. The price, however, has only gotten slightly more mainstream, not mainstream at all. Sorry folks, while the galaxy z flip 3, that we reviewed is getting mainstreamish pricing at 9.99. This one is still 1800. It is 200 less than the previous versions were, but its still early adopter territory. What a nice laptop you could get for that price right. Well, there. It is anyway, the phone in its third generation adds a couple of things, its not as big a design physical change leap as it was from the original fold to the fold too, which gained a significantly larger outer display that used up pretty much all the space On the outside, instead of having a big chin, got a more pleasant interior screen protection system going on well this time, what we get is a design that looks mostly like the fold too, if you just saw them on the table other than color differences from generation To generation you probably wouldnt be able to tell, but what we get here is ipx8 water resistance, which is a wonderful thing.

So you go out in the rain, and you dont have to be terrified that your 1800 phone is gon na croak on you right. Also again, germ awareness is on everybodys mind these days. So now you can really give the phone and go to cleaning, which was something that a year ago i was a little worried about with the folds and the flips, because you know you couldnt, really clean them and putting them in uv sanitizers. Well, this ones a little too big, obviously when its open, isnt necessarily a good idea, because plastics can yellow in uv sanitizers all right, and we have, of course, the s pen, which is as ever, good old, wacom emr, which is top notch for digitizers. For those of you who are artists out there, you know thats what a wacom cintiq pro uses, for example, and the only difference here is: they change the frequency from your standard s, pen, slash, wacom, emr pen, usually theyre all interchangeable, because this one has a spring Loaded tip to make sure you dont really jab too hard against the screen and they change the frequency just to make sure you wouldnt be tempted to use one of the existing non springy tip models. That said, the springy tip on this is really pretty stiff. You got ta push on it hard to get it to. I start retracting, so i i thought it was gon na be a lot more. You know soft than giving you you dont, even feel it when youre writing with it.

Lets put it that way. You dont have to worry about that, and also i, the tip is pretty much just as fine and precision as on a normal wacom emr pen. I was worried. They might make it very broad, so youre not really pinpointing pressure on the screen, so hey good. That ill talk a little bit more about the pen. Later samsung is using a new oled display technology for the inner display, so it gets to be 29 brighter, while not using any more power, in fact, using a little bit less so the inner display. Previously, on the fold too, i would never say i had a problem with it, but ill never say no to brightness, especially because it helps mitigate some of the glare from the screen, protector, thats permanently or semi permanently applied to the top. Speaking of that they say, the screen is eighty percent tougher, and that largely applies to the p e t. Your kind of plastic screen protector thats on the top, so no more fingernail marks and gouges that sort of thing you have from normal use. I havent certainly in two weeks, manage it and i actually do have some fingernails to accidentally make marks with, and it feels more like glass and, in fact, the s pen. The only thing i didnt like about is the way it skates around on the screen which it feels just like glass. We all know what thats like, but anyway, a bit more durability there.

Its still ultra thin glass well see how it holds up when it comes to things like some of them, cracked in the crease area, and yes, there is still a visible crease. So if your team ocd – and you are really bothered seeing that its there for me, it disappears as i use it. I dont even really think about it. You can feel a little bit with your finger and, speaking of that s, pen again, i its two separate digitizers for the wacom emr layer put really close together. So in the crease there is actually no digitizer, so they use software to basically interpolate where your line is going to go. If you cross across the middle – and let me tell you it – does an excellent job it i couldnt tell if i didnt know that that was happening, that that was actually happening. So there are no issues with that. So while we have that big 7.6 inch oled inner display, the outside is still 6.2 inches, which takes up most of the front area, its tall and narrow form factor there. But i find it pretty usable to be honest, but that one now is 120 hertz. Refresh rate just like the inner display, so for those who are bothered by the less than silky fast kind of scrolling thing and all of that. What youve got on the outer display now too, which is a typical glass screen and, of course, durable and thats.

The idea with the phone you close it up like a chunky sandwich there and youve got something that protects the inner display and feels somewhat like a normal candy bar phone, albeit a bit thicker. It is a heavy phone, its 271 grams, but if youre using a samsung galaxy s21 ultra, which is also a very heavy phone, i cant say they feel much different in terms of weight. The outside the phone is covered in gorilla, glass, victus, their latest and greatest strong glass, and the frame is armor aluminum, which is supposed to be stronger than even 7000 series aluminum, which is pretty tough stuff and its lighter than well the stainless steel. So it helps the phone not be as heavy as it might be. For the internals here we have 5g all low, mid and millimeter wave bands, its available unlocked and on every major u.s carrier and all markets get the qualcomm snapdragon 888 processor, which i know some of you are thrilled at because in europe and some other areas you Get the samsung exynos cpu, which hasnt been pulling as strong as the snapdragon cpu, so good that has 12 gigs of ram same as the last mod, which is more than most phones and for this price tag. I should hope so and you can get with 256 or 512 gigs of storage. Obviously, the 1799 price is for the 256 gig level storage model and there is no micro sd card slot on board.

So if you need more storage, you got to pay for more storage. The cameras really are unchanged in terms of hardware from the previous generation fold to which is to say basically samsung samsung, s20 level cameras. We have triple cameras, we have 12 megapixel cameras all around, but you get your ultra wide, your main and your telephoto, its a pretty mild telephoto, like 2x. You know, but its better than nothing. By the way. The z flip gets the same cameras, but it lacks the telephoto lens, so same camera quality on that, of course, there are software improvements that samsung has made since the s20 came out and theyve added some s21 ish features like youve got directors, mode and stuff like That i, its good for featured software honestly youve, got their all the bells and whistles that they offer there theyre multi shot. Take their directors cut thing their. You know panoramas slow motion, you name it honestly, theyre, quite good cameras, as i said, with the z flip 3 review. Nobody ever said man, my s20 cameras sucked. Did they right theyre, pretty good cameras, their typical samsung, a little on the vivid side a little on the sharpening side? But overall it takes very competent pictures and unless youre, a real photography maven, who should be buying something like the s21 plus or an iphone 12. Pro max youll probably be happy enough with the cameras. Thank goodness you can use the outer cameras for selfie cameras, because the inside one, as you no doubt have heard by now, is an under display camera, which is a relatively new technology.

So that means no more hole punch on the screen which is kind of nice, because, honestly, when watching full screen, videos and stuff like that and seeing that little dot there, it was distracting. But the under display camera, which is like 4 megapixels, takes pretty mediocre shots that look washed out. I mean yeah, you probably dont want to use it so much unless youre, desperate and also its not as effective as you might think, when speaking about the under displayness of it, that is, you can see it when the screen is showing mostly black. I can still actually see it when its showing white you see this itsy little spot of a kind of like a barn door grid of dots, so its an early technology. I know samsungs trying to throw all the nifty things they can in a very expensive high end phone and thats. Why its there? But better luck next year with that one phone is running: android 11 1ui, 3.1 and samsungs user interface, and software has been quite good for some time. They do still have some redundant applications, so you have to choose between googles or theirs, but whatever it works. Fine. The phone has facial recognition login, but if youre going to use it for something like samsung pay because its not the super fancy face id level secure, stuff youre going to have to use the fingerprint scanner which is embedded in the power button, it actually works really.

Well, some of their earlier folds, honestly that that never really worked well. For me, this is just spot on its good theres, no under display fingerprint scanner, but i think thats. Okay, this thing works great and its been a good place to actually reach it. Oddly samsung still makes you register your fingerprint with the phone closed and not open, so for a lot of people, keep it open a lot that might seem a little bit weird, but i found it still worked when the phone was open anyway, the fingerprint scanner read My fingerprint just fine, you do have samsung pay here. You could use google pay if you want, which is just fine. We have nfc for those mobile payments, no magnetic stripe technology anymore. It also supports decks and display out over usbc and, of course, wireless display casting as well when it comes to the s pen on here. Like i said i like it, its as good as wacom emr ever gets its. If you had a note, youd be happy with this: it works just as well its just that slipperiness. That kind of i dont know maybe its because its a bigger surface area that i notice it more than when, if youre, using and say on a note 20 ultra, something like that, you know thats, you can hold it and be a little more precise here, its Like so, if youre an artist you have to get used to that youll wish, you could put a matte screen protector on top of it just to make it a little bit more grippy.

If youre a notetaker, you probably wont care at all. You can do some pretty good art with this. I wish the procreate was available honestly and maybe even full adobe photoshop someday for it, but there are enough decent art applications out there for android. At this point that, if that is what floats your boat, you can really go to town. So theres been some brouhaha about the battery its 4 400 milliamp, which aint bad folks, but its a little bit smaller than the previous generation, but optimizations for the more power efficient display. The snapdragon 88 running in low power mode. A little bit more efficiently are supposed to make that. Okay and truth is after about the first four or five days when i was using and testing it heavily taking videos all the time using it for google maps and all that sort of thing, and it was doing its optimizations. Now it gets about the same battery life as my z, fold too. Yes, i own a z fold too, so i can say whats like to live with that battery as well, so its actually quite good its a lot like the s21 ultra. This is a battery. You dont really worry about. I mean, i suppose, if you played pokemon go for a marathon session, i dont know something like crazy were using gps and were gaming. At the same time, you could, but i have absolutely no power problem getting through the day on a full charge.

With this i start the day at 7 00 a.m and by 11 at night it still has about 35 and thats with moderate use again, not gpsing. My way, to goodness knows where, for hours but playing some games, taking a lot of photos, shooting some videos, social media, streaming youtube. You know all the stuff that we do with our phones. Battery life is solid on this. It might take you a couple of days for it to get there for you, but give it that couple of days when it comes to charging there is no charger in the box, because well guess what high end phones dont get chargers anymore. Do they? It supports 25 watt wired charging. Should you have a 25 watt wired charger available which you just might, if youre upgrading from a previous gen model or something like that, and you can wirelessly charge it as well and thats 10 watts of wireless charging and it supports reverse wireless power share? So you can charge buds or a watch or something like that using the phone itself, which is pretty cool when youre on the road you dont want to bring a little charger for everything right, thats. The idea with that one, when it comes to the software samsung, has done a pretty good job here. Theyve changed the dpi settings, so more truckeeland programs that really wanted to run as if they were on a regular phone on your inner screen, meaning like hello instagram.

You know blown up huge and stories getting cut off and all this or i think more programs run in a more tablety way, making better use of the screen real estate and samsungs multitasking is done really well, i mean its actually, not painful and unintuitive, so you Can have something running on the screen, saying youve got youtube and you want to drag over a browser. You just throw it over there. You want third program, you can actually do that and drag it down there, and then there are little resize handles. So you can adjust the sizing so so as a a productivity kind of machine, which is the idea here. Youre spending this much money and youve got something that is relatively speaking about the size screen of ipad mini 5 right. You can get a lot done here. So its quite handy, say: youre youre, going out on a sales call somewhere. You need to have google maps open and you need to have your email open at the same time to see what the heck you is youre going to be doing next and then you know your word document or your powerpoint on there for your next presentation. Boning up on that before you go and do your presentation or if youre, more casual kind of person, say youre playing a game and you want to have a youtube, walkthrough video running and then youve got your discord going and then maybe some twitch you get the Idea any number of things you can do on the screen and its big enough that granted, when you start dropping things down to quarter size, some get a little small, but its still overall, really pretty usable phones available in your choice of black are really nice.

Looking silver and green – and these are called phantom green and phantom black – i guess phantom is samsungs word for matte glass, which is a good thing, less slippery yay, the good news for cases for the fold three and the flip three is this year. They fit much tighter, they were kind of a joke, loosey goosey, coming off needed adhesive and all that sort of thing samsung sent us the leather case, not the leather case. That holds the pen, which is kind of big and has a flap that i know annoys some people, so you figure out if youre the kind of person that wants to flap over your screen, but the one we got is just the regular leather case. It protects the back and on the front it wraps around the well around the display in the front stays on really well, there is some adhesive. You can pull back, so you can use this reusable. You know its not permanent, not going to mess up your phone, but it does the job without out adding too much bulk and weight. But therell be a variety of cases available to you and for the s pen, theres, two sizes, the smaller one that we have and one that does double duty and can work with regular s. Pens devices like the galaxy tab s7 and with the phone or with just the phone, the smaller one that we have so there you have it, that is the samsung galaxy z503 for 2021 and, as ever its a crazy lot of money.

But i know thats something: youre going to buy and samsungs pre orders apparently were the strongest so far for this iteration of the device, its pretty mature. I have to say the software is quite good for multitasking and it makes better use of the screen real estate for other applications for settings menus all that sort of thing. The cameras are good enough, theyre, not any better than last year, which is disappointment. Its screens supposed to be tougher, we can only hope it is. I cant promise you that i dont know, but samsung seems to have faith in it since theyre doing things like throwing in samsung care plus free for the first year and of course your warranty covers anything that breaks because of design flaws. The care plus, is only if you do a whoopsie and accidentally step on your phone or something like that. You get the idea. Im lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech, videos and thumbs up.