Welcome back to the channel its your boy, Serrano todays video were going to be taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy Z fold three after Ive been using it for about three weeks now and were going to be taking a look at the overall performance. Ive been getting when it comes to the battery life um and stuff, like that, but mainly were going to take a look at the updates and Ive been using this really cool case for it, which I will you know, show you guys in the um description or In the link up right here so make sure you watch that, but if youre brand new to the channel, I truly appreciate you for coming through, but if youre already a part of the crew. So so, after three weeks, Ive been using this thing as my main device of choice, and I think its really really solid Ive been using it on Android 12. But I just want to throw out there that there is a software update to Android 13 one ui5. So I kind of wanted to test it out with the Android 12 First to see how it performs when it comes to the battery life and Im, actually really impressed when it comes to the battery life. You get this really nice optimization feature which lets you optimize. The smartphone and itll tell you if its, how its doing and stuff like that storage is really good on here with the 256 model, but just keep in mind, it does have the you know a 512 variant as well.

So when I go into the battery performance, you can see that so far in the day, Ive been using it for 13 hours. One hour screen on time Im still at 62 percent, so Ive been using it all day without charging it and Im really impressed with this battery life, especially when it comes to power, were in two screens at one time, uh. Well, you know its got a pretty decent battery of 4 400 milliamps and Ive been using music on here, YouTube uh browsing the web. You know checking email, multitasking listening to you, know: music, social media, the Bible app as well, and Im actually really impressed with it, and you can see right here its run in on the uh. The Android 12 system UI right now right now, so its going to be getting an update right now in this video, so Im going to show you guys, basically what you would do to get it updated. You would go down into the option where it says all the way at the bottom. It says software update and were going to go ahead and check that out, but right now its been really solid, especially when it comes to multitasking and using this device. As a you know, multitasking phone because youre going to be able to get some really good performance and stuff like that, so I really enjoy using the dual display. I like the fact that you could use it in different orientations as well, and you can see right here is telling us that we do have the software update available.

Let me just wait for that to focus in so it says right here that the one UI five um, basically Android 13, is going to give you a solid experience when it comes to the optimization so its saying that its going to bring more power personalization and Make it a little bit easier to get things done across Galaxy devices, so theyre going to bring some new enhanced features? I havent had any issues with the screen protector on the inner display. That seems to be working really good overall and um. You know I cant complain whatsoever so far that Ive been using it because the battery life has gotten me through a full day, and I did notice the battery getting better the more I used it. So they have uh visual design smoother than before, enhanced blurring colors customization with more wallpapers customize. Your lock screen more options for the color palette routines and um bedtime and checking routines quickly. Home screen widgets with the stack widgets its going to have connected devices, do more with connected devices, camera and gallery update, which is going to give you a help. Icon will appear in Pro mode and video to tap. To get you know, I um tap the icons, get tips and guidance, but um. The telephoto lens is Now supported in food mode and you could choose filters easily customize, you know albums the photo and video editor is going to be also updated AR stickers and emojis.

The keyboard, the Samsung deck says enhanced taskbar and decks no notifications indicator index and mini calendar index. You get notifications which allow you to get only notifications, you allow settings you get. Each app will have its own language, so you dont have to change the entire language. You could just do it for certain apps get more RAM, Plus Auto optimization security, uh and privacy check your phone security at a glance prevent accidental sharing of personal information, maintenance mode and um security and privacy. Information for websites – you get more accessibility features here as well. So you can actually get high contrast, font color inversion and you know add it quickly. Magnifier is easier to access more spoken assistance, more spoken assistance and stuff. Like that additional stuff, you get used several timers at once, more control over calendars and invites and thats pretty much everything that I wanted to show you. But it also includes the December 1st 2022 security patch, so Im going to go ahead and download this right now, but overall, its been a really solid device. I still have those stack widgets right here which were introduced on Android 12. uh. You know one thing I do like about this device: is it not? The home screen on your dual display is is different from the one on the outer display. Let me just show you what Im talking about, so I have this really nice wallpaper. If you guys want to check this wallpaper out Ill make sure I leave um, let me know and Ill leave a link down below to it, but um if youre still here.

I just want to remind you to hit the like button. So we can get this video out to more people and I truly appreciate you for doing that. But do me a quick, solid, just type down below Im still here in the comment section, so I know youre still kicking it with me. Okay, but you know. I definitely want to show you the um thing about the home screens is that the home screen and the what you see my lock screen right here is different from the inner display, and then I can hit the fingerprint on the side, which is very quick and Also, the facial recognition is very quick and you can see that I have a different home screen on the outer display. Different widgets and a different layout Ive been using Amazon, music and its actually been pretty cool. I, like the equalizer on that as well, but you cant go wrong with this device, especially for the price of um, a thousand dollars its going to be pretty solid. If you get it used its going to be a less than that, you can get it as low as 7.00. If you you get a used, renewed one. Mine was more in the range of 800, but this case is pretty cool because you could take off the pen and they have a ton of cases which I really do like about it um. So this pen, this S, Pen, that Ive been using, also works really well with the inner display and you could just go ahead and you could do a ton of different stuff.

It has this little button that you can press to get your translate. Apps messages live messages, screen right, smart selection and view all notes, but while this is downloading Im just going to pause, the video and Ill get right back with you. Okay Im also going to do more case. Videos, because I really like the cases that come for this device you can see. The hinge is extremely sturdy. When you put a case on there, it actually closes the crease so that dirt cant get in when the case is on, which I really do like type c for charging really really good speakers on this device. Uh for the Dual um for the overall um, sound quality. You get Dolby, Atmos and stuff like that. But let me just wait for the update to finish all right all right, so the update is pretty much done downloading and I really like the outer display as well its very um, easy to text with one and use this device as a one handed phone. Because of the way that its um, its a super skinny device, but super tall and um its gon na give you a really nice aspect ratio when it comes to typing its also got wireless charging uh the you know, it looks really really good 120 hertz on Here as well and so Im a huge fan of this device overall, but lets just wait for this to finish downloading now, also for an S Pen for the outer display, but this one doesnt have the the um interchangeable tip actually has a rubber tip on here.

So I dont know if you can see that, because my camera isnt there we go and you can see it kind of peels as you use it so thats. The only thing that I didnt like about it is that the more you use it, the more the rubber tip, will get kind of um Im trying to zoom in a little bit kind of focus in on there. But this tip is a lot different than the one that I have, which is the stock one, which is you could change the tips on this one, its a more of a pointed one better for drawing better for writing. But I like this one because you could use it on the outer display as well. Oh, I didnt even know that that side worked on here. Okay, so you can see right here, Im using it on the outer display and it works really good for the outer display, as well as the inner display, so Im gon na make sure I leave a link down below for that. But right now Im going to go ahead and install now and then um just check out the new software once its finished downloading, all right guys. So you can see right here that it is that it hap its actually loading pretty quick when it comes to the update its already in um. You know in the process of actually you know um optimizing everything right now, so I like the the continual use of the outer and the inner display.

It gives you that really nice um continuation when you open it and close it, you can still see what app youre using or the screens actually um roll over real nice. But lets just wait for this to hit 100 percent and this device can replace a tablet. Such as the A7 that Ive been using, obviously you can see that the screen on here is much bigger, um, its a 10 inch display so its going to be a little bit better than the 7.6 inch display, because its a lot more easier to watch movies And bigger – and so you can see how huge it is, its really nice when it comes to this things, display the A7 or whatever. So I definitely still use the tablet, but if you do want to replace your tablet, this is a good option as well. Okay, so the device is powering on now and it only took about, I would say, like five minutes, for this process to completely happen, so it doesnt take too long to update to the latest Android software. Just give yourself about. I would say like at least 20 minutes to 30 minutes tops to get the whole thing done or whatever in this case actually matches my headphones perfectly, which is something I like about the color of it. Its just gon na go well with the trend. Yeah T10. You know um pro version or whatever, but its almost done downloading right now.

70 is optimizing. All the apps at this very moment so Ill just give it a moment to actually finish and then lets just remove the S Pen. So we could lay flat when its downloading all right, so the device is now done installing the one ui5.0 I just put my password in and so the one ui5 is officially launched on here with the December 1st security patch um. My battery dropped about. I dont know like 12, while Im doing this video so thats, because the screen was on the whole time. So the more you have the screen on the more the battery drains, but it has good standby time um. When it comes to the overall battery. You can see its actually finishing the update Im using this device on Metro by T Mobile with my SIM card in it my Metro, PCS, SIM card, so it does say that right there, the side mounted fingerprint sensor also does drag down into the option right here. So its showing us that we got modes now and it gives you the option for Sleep, drive and exercise and relax and work also notice. You can customize it more and add your own different features to it. Lets see what other features have been added, but Samsung decks and Smart View come in handy when using this device, especially when you want to put it put it to your TV. So you can watch content. It has always on display.

It has NFC, as the QR scanner create notes, protect your battery secure, folder Wireless power charging, which is cool for like charging wireless earbuds up top. You can see that we have the security and privacy feature now. Color inversion, bedtime um, you know call and text on other devices, the kids mode, the focus mode. The high contrast fonts as well notification sounds color adjustment, theres, a new feature as well, so a lot of cool stuff, and I could just drag any one of these down like the this guy right here, which is the live caption security and privacy is also pretty Cool sound notifications, color adjustments as well bedtime mode um. What else music share is pretty cool if you want to share the music youre listening to with another person, I dont really use the colon text on other devices, because I tend to use two devices only, and I dont really need to share that. I dont need to like do that. We also do have this feature, which is cool and then the color filters. Let me Im just curious to see what the color filters will do so lets click color filters um. So far, the device moves really fast, so that basically makes it like this blue color, which is not you know. I dont really think thats gon na be Im not gon na, be using that much but color adjustment. You can change it, make it grayscale. You could make it personalize the color as well.

You could always turn that offer on the software. Update is now officially complete, and this is the version Im running on so Ill. Let you read that pause it, but so far the experience of using this device has been better than I actually thought so far. So if I go into about phone now, um its gon na show the new software model and stuff like that. So let me just go into software information and then yeah. So everything is right here, Android 13. It says one UI 5.1. You get the little clock right here which gives you the Android 13 thing. I think you got attacked like right here or something Music. So you just change the dial to you get to the one oclock, and now you get Android 13., so this is really cool. I definitely like the fact that this device does have Android 13 now and its gon na be really nice to use it test. It out see all the features and stuff like that on Android 13. Hopefully, the battery still keeps being as good as it is overall, but let me know what you guys think about the Samsung Galaxy z43 and I just want to remind you to hit the like button. So we can get this video out to more people and beat the YouTube algorithm but um I just type down below Im still here in the comment section, so I know youre still kicking it with me and Ill check you guys later.