. Now its been what 9 months yeahh 9 10 months since this guy dropped and since Ive had it and every time I use it, I get more and more excited about the future of foldables.. This is just about as premium as it gets for tech enthusiasts right. Now. But thats just it.. This is more of a tech enthusiast’s device more so than it is a smartphone for the average consumer. And Ill explain why.. But it gets me thinking you know where to next: where do we go from here to get every company making? One and get one of these in everyones pocket. Well get to that., But first lets take a look at what we have now.. So at first glance when its closed, this guy is pretty thiccc almost as thiccc as two smartphones at its thicccest point at the hinge.. So yeahh a thiccc one. And with that thickness comes quite a bit of heft.. Its definitely got some weight to it, but its still light enough for the signature. One handed pinky, hold. Ive, definitely gotten used to it after a while. And because its such a slim and tall device when its closed its really not hard to hold with one hand.. The hinge actually helps out with that, its just a big surface area for you to hold on to so it works., And then the sides kinda have this brushed aluminum going on so that helps and then the satin finish on the rear glass completes what I call The trifecta of grip.

, So despite the size when its closed, its still grippy and pretty easy to hold. But Ill, tell ya! I like the fact that the edges are flat enough for it to stand up on its own. It always makes for a nice aesthetic. In my opinion., Sometimes I like to stand it up while Im working, so I can see the always on display and catch any attention worthy notifications., But thats, probably just me on that one. Now the fingerprint sensor on the side is actually a capacitive sensor. You know like we used to have when we had home buttons, so it is a bit faster than the ultrasonic under display sensors. But I got ta say Im, not particularly a fan of the placement.. I get a ton of accidental touches cause thats, where I naturally grab onto it when I pick it up or take it out of my pocket. So by the time I take it out its telling me, I got ta wait to use biometrics, obviously theres a setting for that, but its just more convenient to have the sensor ready to go at all times.. So you win some. You lose some right, But this cover display. This is where it gets a little bit more unorthodox., Its a very slim and tall 259 aspect ratio that still comes out to 6.2 surprisingly. For reference thats much slimmer than the S21 Ultras, 209 6.9 display or even the 12 Pro Maxs. 19.

59 6.7 display.. But I mean its still an OLED made by Samsung, so it looks fantastic, its bright, really color accurate and its really not bad to work with., Its only 60Hz, so kind of a bummer, but I definitely find myself using it a lot more than I thought. I would but thats partly because this phone becomes a certified two hander when its open. And believe it or not. I actually do watch the occasional YouTube video on it.. It kinda acts as its own kickstand, with the new hinge that you can lock in at different angles., So its pretty versatile, but also, I feel like the novelty of it, is what kinda draws me into using it.. I never thought that I would be so OK with such a strange aspect ratio., But I honestly don’t mind it. You know it’s convenient., But when it comes to typing on it yeahh, I cant say I dont wish it was the typical size and shape of a more standard. Smartphone display. Heck Huawei got it done with the Mate X2, so its doable., But its just one of those things would the average consumer wan na use that funky display Not too sure on that one.. Now that hinge, I just mentioned thats whats responsible for the folding and unfolding of the inner display, which is still holding strong. Almost a year later, I might add., But this display woo its like a step right into the future.

First of all its massive at 7.6. So bigger than your iPhone or your traditional Android device., It has a 120 Hz refresh rate, so everything looks buttery, smooth and again its an OLED made by Samsung. So it just looks so good. It doesnt matter what Im doing watching content or just scrolling Twitter, its. So nice to be on such a large display. And thankfully some of the more common media consumption apps like YouTube and Netflix, can accommodate the awkward 54 aspect ratio. So content can fill the entire screen and yeahh some stuff gets cut off, but still absolutely worth it. Because its bigger than a regular smartphone display but smaller than a tablet., So it just doesnt get any better than that for a device that still fits in your pocket.. Of course, there is the crease right down the middle of the display, but first of all it hasnt gotten any worse than the day. I got it and second of all, it just comes with the territory. Theres. No other way to get such a large device to fit in your pocket without folding it. For now at least., Like creases, are a part of anything that folds. So thats that on that., But for those that are really interested in foldables, you got ta get a Kickstand case. Theres nothin like being able to prop this guy up when its unfolded., Whatever youre, watching, definitely hits different on this guy. And full screen.

Gaming is just as you would imagine. Fire.. I wouldnt call myself a gamer Ill play some Asphalt 9 here and there and its just a better experience than you’re used to.. You feel more immersed in the game., So yeahh. All in all, this display is an absolute beast for media consumption. And its nice. I feel like Samsung has taken almost as many precautions as they could to make the Z Fold2 durable., Especially after the Fold 1 debacle.. So it’s got these end caps on both ends of the crease for one to hold the screen down when its folding, but then also to make sure that nothing gets underneath the display. Its a very nice touch. And it’s also got these rubber nubs on the right Side so that when you fold it closed theres a soft layer for it to rest on., But of course you cant resist the urge to slam it closed, though thats still super nostalgic and satisfying 10 months later. And another durability feature is one you cant see and Thats, these little bristles hidden away inside the hinge that works to keep out any dust or dirt or anything that could harm the display.. Then, of course it has an ultra thin layer of glass underneath a few plastic layers, so it feels really durable.. I thought it might feel kinda mushy, but nope very solid., Like you. Almost cant tell the difference between this and a full on glass display with a screen protector when youre using it.

. Although, if you look closely theres still a slight gap when its closed and its very possible that something could get in there. But Ive been pretty cautious and lucky to not get a single scratch on it.. But the hinge combined with the super strong magnets make sure to keep it safe and closed. And then lastly theres a raised bezel on the inside, just as an extra precaution to make sure the two sides dont come into contact with each other when its closed., But Unfortunately, theres a lot of things you could do with a traditional smartphone that you wouldnt wan na risk with this guy., So no beaches, no water, probably shouldnt, take it on any outdoor adventures., Its kinda restrictive.. I had just gotten mine when I was in the middle of moving and I actually dropped it and scuffed a few edges annnd. I almost had a heart attack. But again having to be so careful with a plastic top layer on the display that can easily scratch or get punctured. Its something that Im willing to work with. But is that something that the average consumer would want to deal with? Again, not too sure.. Now I dont want you to think you have to carry around in its own carrying case, but you just cant be as rugged as youre used to., But hey Samsung has done a fantastic job with the software experience, with the help of their Good, Lock apps.. If youre not familiar Good, Lock is kinda like the home base app for extra customization features for Samsung phones.

, So within Good Lock, there are 13 additional customization apps each with quite a bit of unique features.. So because the 54 aspect ratio is so unorthodox, some apps dont support it natively, so its the I heart galaxy foldable section in the MultiStar app that allows you to force every app to fit the entire screen., Even Instagram, but its not quite ideal. In that case, youll sometimes have to scroll to see a whole picture so thats something thatll ultimately have to be worked out by Instagram developers., But theres also app continuity. Settings that allow you to have all apps stay open and adapt when you going from the cover display to the inner display and vice versa. So it definitely enhances the experience. So you can take full advantage of the display, but Id honestly rather have the developers of each individual app develop these adaptations, but theyre, probably not gon na take the time to do that until foldables really catch on, especially while Samsung is basically doing it for them.. But then, of course, as youd expect theres also major multitasking capabilities, where you can have up to 10 apps open at once as these floating bubbles, which is kinda crazy.. If I have that much work to do Id, much rather grab the tablet or head over to the computer., But its nice to have that kind of productivity built in. Theres. Even a quote, unquote tablet mode where you can see more content in some apps like messages for example.

And then lastly, theres flex mode when you fold it halfway and itll utilize, both portions of the display for different things., Some apps, have the functionality baked in like Duo YouTube or the camera app, but again its not widespread, just yet., So Samsung tried their best to really adapt apps. To take advantage of this display and Ive got ta applaud them for it. Got ta, give credit where credit is due. You know Now camera wise, theyre, nothing too crazy. No 8K or 100x space zoom or anything its your usual triple camera array, with the wide ultra wide and a 2x optical telephoto camera. And pictures come out pretty good. Theyre, vibrant theyve got great HDR great autofocus, so maybe a bit better than the S20 Ultra and just about on par with the Note20 Ultra. Ill link. My review of those phones in the cards and down below, if you wan na watch.. But my favorite trick with this camera is the ability to take selfies with the much better rear cameras.. So when you open er up and tap this little icon here, it has the second display act as a second viewfinder, so you can flip it around and take a selfie or whomever youre taking a picture of can see themselves. So a nice way to make use of the extra display. And lastly, as far as performance and specs go, it hangs with the best of em., Its got 12GB of RAM 256GB of storage and its powered by last years, flagship snapdragon, 865.

So, of course, it easily keeps a ton of apps open and allows you to multitask like its nobody’s business. And surprisingly, the battery holds up okay.. I tend to end up charging it about midway through the day, but thats more so because of my OCD than it is the battery life.. So I end up with about 25 left on days when I dont charge it midday, which comes to about 4 6 hours of screen on time., So yeahh, not too shabby.. But this all begs the question of where to next Like what can be done to get foldables in the pockets of the average consumer. Let me know what you guys think needs to happen down in the comment section., But for starters, I think theyve got ta, make the cover display even bigger, with a more common, maybe like an 18.59 aspect ratio which in turn would also make the inner display bigger And probably even more appealing., And I think they got ta try to strengthen the display as much as possible.. I can imagine a ton of people that are used to more traditional devices. Breaking this thing. So well have to see how they do it with the upcoming Fold3. That supposedly will support the S Pen, which I am super excited for., So you could say that foldables are catching on, but theyre catching on, amongst enthusiasts, not necessarily the general public.. I think its still a bit too much for the average consumer.

This year with the upcoming Z, Fold3 and Z. Flip 3 will be a really good test to see if they can pick up the slack from the lack of the Note series in the second half of this year.. I think theres still a lot that the average consumer would say no to and Ive yet to see a foldable out in the wild., But were getting there and Im all for it. And with that. Thanks for the support by watching until the end always appreciated make sure to subscribe, turn on notifications and stay tuned for the next one.