Steve alicia is here with the galaxy z, full 2 5g, and some of you may still be on the fence, but now might be a time to dip in to folding technology. But if you do that there’s a few things, i want you to keep in mind we’re, going to go over all of them today on this edition of stevalicious tech, we’re back as always. Thank you so much to all the new subscribers getting ever so close to 3 000.. If you’ve been here for a little bit, you’re enjoying the videos, tech, both new and old, go ahead and give that subscribe button a tussle, it certainly means a lot to me. So why would you consider a full two now? Well, we all know samsung price is quite high, but they do offer ridiculous trade in deals. I just took advantage of one on the s21 ultra. I had an s10 e sitting around doing absolutely nothing. It actually got me 800 off of the s21 ultra, so i wound up paying 400 for that device and they have similar deals on the fold too, depending on what you trade in now no one’s saying you’re going to trade in a note, 20 ultra or anything Like that, so the chances of you getting the full thousand dollars off are unlikely, but you still could get 800 600 and they are offering it for as low as a thousand with trade in realistically, probably about 800 bucks off get this for 1200 bucks.

So if you’ve been on the fence, now might be the time to reconsider, jumping in and enjoying the full two. But if you do, please keep this in mind because i’ve seen a lot of videos lately that basic it’s human nature, we all want to compare new things that we’re unfamiliar with to things that we are familiar with. It makes us feel all comfy and warm inside. So when we people see the full two, i see a ton of comparisons that have basically just boxed this into well it’s a tablet you could fold and put in your pocket and we saw the cautionary tale with the blackberry playbook a couple weeks ago, when you Go ahead and compare a device that’s not meant to be compared to a tablet, you’re going to wind up with the loser and you’re going to wind up disappointed. This should not be compared to a tablet, but to a phone things that you do on this. Are things that you do on your regular slab device but you’re going to enjoy them more and there’s reasons why i say that so let’s talk about tablet for one when you think about your tablet, you think about media consumption. Netflix twitch youtube e magazines. Whatever you happen to be doing, you’re laying in bed, are you grabbing your ipad pro to watch a movie on netflix or you’re grabbing this to me, 10 out of 10 times, you’re grabbing your tablet so for media consumption this is gon na lose out and rightfully So it shouldn’t be competing up there with that.

You got things with content creation, people use their ipads and tablets to edit videos music. If you’re an artist, you need the pen and things like that, you’re going to run into all kinds of problems. If you go ahead and have this to replace that functionality, so you lose out there and tablets, you get the opportunity to dress them up a little bit. You could put it, you could pair it with a bluetooth keyboard and a mouse, and you got yourself almost a quasi laptop that you could use with the power of some of the tablets where you’re going to lose out with this device. We mentioned the pen, like you, said, artists or whether you just like to draw in there. You use it for cropping photos. You use it for thumbnails. Anything like that you’re going to find yourself getting frustrated and say. Why did i get this? This is not a tablet. It doesn’t replace that let’s talk about what it does do. I would compare it not to a tablet, but that huawei had that ridiculous around the time they were making the mate 20 pro they had that ridiculous. I think they called it. The mate x that just gigantic phablet 7 inch display smartphone that’s kind of what you’re going to compare it to, but better everything you do on your regular smartphone you’re going to enjoy doing it more on the fold too. Do you like scrolling twitter, good, you’re, gon na love, doing it on your full two? Do you like chatting with your two friends on discord, good you’re, gon na, like doing it more on the fold too? Let me tell you something: do yourself a favor go to a best, buy or an att or any place that has one of these on display, go ahead and pull up the browser on your phone, the one, the regular slab that you have now go ahead, pull Up the browser type in google type, something in go to a web page then go to the store and go ahead and open this guy up and go ahead and type something on it and just absolutely feel your soul melt at how much more you enjoy the Experience it’s going to be one of those experiences that you get.

You know when you get that guttural kind of creeper laugh when you like something: yes, that’s. What you’re going to get! I promise you go to the store you’re going to feel that i guarantee it. You’Re gon na, like the way you look but it’s just things that you would normally do and you’re gon na get a better feel and i’ve even gotten used to once you get used to when you’re typing and you get used to that split keyboard. You’Re really going to fly just as much as you do on the front of your slab and it’s not limited to just when you open up first of all, you’re going to get used to open it up a lot you’d be surprised how many times you think! Well, i’ll just do it on the front screen and get it over with no no you’re going to be opening this up and enjoying this experience, because the weight distribution when you open it up full is fantastic in the hand you’re going to have absolutely zero issues. There and the front screen you could use for quick things, just a quick scroll of twitter, responding to a text not useless whatsoever, and i want to address durability as well, because i know a lot of people still have concerns about that. But if you think about it, it’s no less durable than your glass slab, because everyone says oh well. The screen inside is sensitive yeah, but the parts that i’ve dropped this twice real world experience on hard marble tile twice.

I was an idiot. I dropped it out of a coat and i put it back in the same pocket of the coat it dropped out again, but no problems because the materials that were going to hit things when it’s closed are the same as your slab glass on the front glass. On the back, the only thing that might be vulnerable is the aluminum frame, but it’s, not gon na nothing’s gon na happen to it and if you’re so unlucky, that you’ve got it open and then you drop it at such an angle that you crack this crush. The screen or a rock or a jagged object, kind of hits it and you crack part of it and listen at that point. Just don’t go outside during a lightning storm: okay, because you’re just not you’re, just not meant for it. You just you just cursed! Bad luck so go ahead. Stay inside live in a little bubble and you’ll be fine, but for the rest of us this is just as durable as everything else. You slap one of those cases on the back of it and you’re gon na get through with it. Just fine, you absolutely don’t need to baby it, but trust me trust me everything you do on your phone you’re gon na just love it more on your fold too, but if you go into it thinking that i’m gon na have a tablet that i could do Everything that i do on a tablet and take it everywhere with me you’re going to be disappointed.

It does some of those things, but it doesn’t do them as well as a tablet, but when it compared to your phone, your regular slab, which is what this is meant to be compared to it, cleans its clock. I promise if you’ve made it this far. Like comment subscribe all that fun stuff, you’re still loving your fold. Let me know in the comments section below if you’ve been where you’re like undecided, but you got an old samsung device laying around might be time might be time.