How has the z4 2 held up what’s my thoughts on it, and what am i thinking needs to be improved in the next one let’s: do it man so yeah again with these type of videos, man i’m, trying to just make sure i’m laid back no script And really just share my thoughts on how the phone is held up, how the device is held up and where i think it’s, leading if it’s the right choice, the right decisions and just my overall thoughts on it and i’m gon na just start with the overall Build quality of this this, like i said before man, it still amazes me this this it just does not feel like a prototype product. It feels finished. It feels premium the brushed metal over the edges, this mystic bronze color again with the matte satin finish, the strong flex hinge improvement, the more kind of squared off, but with the rounded feel, like i don’t know how else to put it man honestly, this really does Feel, like the real deal, the satisfaction of still having to close it with that dampened kind of shot, closed feeling, it’s on point, it’s really really held its piece together and it’s, something where over the first generation for it to be such a big improvement. You really have to comment samsung on this now when it comes to just the whole display experience again, man did the pixel count on there. This is pretty much a quad high definition display with 120 hertz.

At the same time, so i’ve said it man for 2020. If there is a device from samsung that you want high resolution and also high refresh rate at the same time on an amoled panel, z42 is the only phone that you can it’s pretty much the only device that they do, that does it now the outer display. I would say that is still kind of usable. I definitely will want it to be a slightly wider width, something as wide as maybe the width of an iphone 12 mini or a pixel 4a um it’s, just about usable it’s way better than the first generation. Definitely would love to see at least the 9 hertz display, if not the same 120 hertz displays the inside. So in terms of a consistent usage overall it’s, not bad, it can feel a bit cramped but it’s usable enough where it feels enough, like a normal phone. When you close it now when it comes to obviously the camera experience again, this definitely hasn’t got the best set of cameras from samsung they’re workable. I think the best selling point to the camera experience definitely has to be the flexibility of using things like the main camera sensor, as the selfie, as well as obviously being able to switch in between use the different flex mode. As the viewfinder, where you can see your pictures instantly, but the outright quality is somewhere of a mix of a hybrid between the s10 series and the s20 series, so it’s good, but definitely that’s, one area, i’d love to see samsung’s best camera hardware and the next Version software, wise, very, very good, but it’s good with an asterisk, the same frustrations really, you know, really still linger there.

I really hope samsung can find a way to just communicate well with google and just get the underpinnings where it just understands, like the quirks, where you’re watching something on the out display on youtube and it’s in 720p, when you’re going in the display it’s still in 720P, you have to force close, sometimes restart it apps like instagram, not scaling. Well, unless you install good luck again, i’ve done full first impressions as well as reviews on the z42, so links in the description below i’m gon na put in the end cards as well as the cards above go watch it. This is more just reflecting three months later. How has the device held up and as well as the software being such a beast in terms of the accessibility of creating different app pairs running three apps? At the same time, you know just being able to go into the different hinge modes when you’re either in video calls with compatible apps again with compatible apps. I just want the software to really be polished enough, where it’s so much more intuitive. We don’t have to actually figure out what works and what doesn’t work once you know how actually to use the phone properly in its learning curve, so software is good um in terms of software updates, for what android 11 will be for this, i don’t know with The new one ui i don’t know but overall i’m pleased with it. I think it is still the most exciting part actually draws me into using this phone we’re, just hoping for more polish when it comes to it hardware, wise with the software.

No s pen, support i’m, hoping we can get s pen, support and i’m, hoping that this utg inner display glass, which still amazes me that there’s an element of glass in here, that’s, bending and closing, whether it’s a glass, substrate or whatnot. I really hope that they make the inner display strong enough to be able to stand having a built in s, pen and s, pen, support so i’m, really looking forward to that on the third generation battery man. It still just amazes me how the battery health is and battery life is so good for what is effectively the same battery capacity of 4500 milliamps and the same charging speed which we’re going to get to as samsung’s other phones and yet it’s. Probably still one of the best endurance that i’ve had, i don’t know whether that’s, just a miss of you, know having an 865 plus that’s, indeed optimization, but this is one of the best battery experiences you’re going to get on a samsung device this year and really Does pace out the exynos 990 version of the noktorio ultra for sure um? What else i’m thinking yes charging so charging? I really do wish. The charging speed was a lot quicker. I don’t know whether it’s because of the split dual cell configuration, but it does take longer than some of the other 25 watt charging phones. That samsung has. It takes almost like an hour and a half to charge to fall now that price.

I definitely wanted to be charging a lot quicker, so i’m, hoping that they get it to an hour under an hour with also an even bigger battery capacity as well and performance. Wise it’s held up really well but again for how intense the multitasking and the performance is i’m really looking forward to them, actually pushing the limit adding 16 gigabytes of ram in there. I know people are going to say it’s overkill, but this thing can you can really push it. When you go into the management you can see that ram is really getting eaten up. So i i really love this device. Man, it’s, probably still my favorite device of all time in terms of just the excitement it brings. I’Ve never really been that excited to use a product and unbox a product versus this, and if you go back to watch like the unboxing in it, you know exactly what i’m talking about. Where is where is samsung really taking this, and i think you know what they are innovating on a hardware level where the the foldable folded screen devices are really really part of the future i’m all for it. I can’t wait for the refinements of it to keep getting better. I can’t wait for where the third generation is going. The fourth generation is going. The fifth generation is going. What samsung have been able to achieve here, although very expensive, and not really still a sensible, buy? I think if you were to buy it and use it, you would not regret this.

Few people would – and it doesn’t maybe gel for everyone, which is perfectly understandable, but i think just the whole infinity flex platform that they’ve achieved here, it’s, so good, and i don’t regret it. I keep saying this man for all the phones that i review and test once i’m done with them i’m, just trying to put my main sim card. My personal sim card back into my zfo 2., not really a full review but i’m over three months later of how it’s held up – and i really really love what’s been done here – that’s it for me, man, ben from lover of tech. If you enjoy follow up videos like this, you know exactly what to do. Man hit that, like button hit that subscribe button hit that notification bell so you’re of team cls the tech level squad, so you don’t miss any future videos on our channel. I hope you’re all safe during this time.