Money can buy and all of them could be a great buy for you. But it depends on what youre looking for and even though i really like each of these devices, they honestly couldnt be more different. Each one has a totally different style of keyboard, a very different operating system and a lot of differences that you need to know before you consider buying any one of these because, like i said, depending on what your needs are, you will either love or hate any One of these on this list, so the first category of course, is the price the samsung galaxy tab s7 starts at six hundred fifty dollars, but they actually have it on sale. Now for less than five hundred dollars. The surface pro eight starts at eleven hundred dollars. So a pretty hefty increase in price there, but it might justify it with the design and then the ipad pro starts at 800, but has since been marked down to just under 750. If you buy the galaxy tab, s7 samsung gives you a pen in the box which is great, but youll probably still want to buy. The cover keyboard case stand that i have right here, and this is going to run you about 200, making the total cost somewhere between 700 and a thousand dollars, depending on how much storage you get and what size you get. If you buy the surface pro 8 microsoft doesnt give you a keyboard or a pen in the box, so thatll run you about 280 extra dollars, thatll bring it to about 1 380 up to around 2 000.

Depending on how much you stack the specs and then lastly, the ipad doesnt give you a pen or keyboard either, and these are going to be in typical apple fashion, a little bit more expensive, 100 for the pen and 350 for the magic keyboard. And this will bring your total for the ipad anywhere from 1200 up to around 1600 and, of course, ill have links to all the latest prices on these accessories. In the description down below now, looking at the physical design, i want to talk about the ports, the buttons and the expansions you have here and so starting off with the galaxy tab. S7, something that all three of these have is a power button, a volume control and a usb type c port, but other than that youll notice. On the galaxy tab, we do actually have a fingerprint sensor, which is on the power button. Nice little convenient thing there and we dont actually have any other ports. Besides the usb type c on the bottom, we do have three pins and two little magnetic wells which will connect to the keyboard and if you look in the top right, we also have an expandable storage sd card slot. The ipad is a similar story with only one usb type c port, although if you get the magic keyboard, they give you an additional usb type c port on the little hinge on the bottom, which is really nice, because, when youre using it, you dont have a Cable coming out the side, instead its on the lower back, which i think is a very convenient way to charge your ipad and, unlike the samsung tablet, the ipad uses face id instead of fingerprint sensors.

Although the cameras on the left side so its not always the fastest to recognize your face, but its still a really smooth way to sign in and then we have the microsoft surface pro 8, which has by far the most and the best ports out of all Of these on the right side, you can see we have two thunderbolt 4 ports, usb type c to plug in other monitors displays whatever you want to do. We also have the microsoft proprietary plug on the bottom, which could be used to charge it relatively quickly or you can use it to have a little microsoft dock, a little hub to plug in more things like ethernet to this, and then on the other side. We have a headphone jack, which is very nice to see and if we lift up the kickstand on the back youll see, we have a slot on the left side where you can actually replace and expand. The storage and the surface pro 8 uses face id on the top, which, out of all of these, i find to be my preferred way to sign in, but now that we have these devices open in a laptop style. I want to talk a little bit more about the displays, because these all differ quite a bit, so the surface pro 8 only comes in one size being 13 inches, and it had a pretty substantial overhaul over the previous models now giving it 120 hertz display a Really, nice, vibrant color and thinner bezels all the way around.

On top of that, the resolution on here is 2880 by 1920. So, overall, a really nice display to look at, and i dont think that i mean, even though there is a bezel on the top and bottom. The bottom bezel is almost entirely covered by the keyboard that you can get with this. The ipad has two configurations: an 11 inch model and, as you see here, a 12.9 inch model, and this one here has 2732 by 2048 pixels, giving you a really nice quality display. Honestly, it is slightly better resolution than the surface, but they both do a really good job of displaying media and then the tab s7 comes in two different configurations: the regular tab s7, which is 11 inches. As you see right here, and then we have the 12.4 inch tab, s7 plus and the tab seven plus either. One of these is going to come with 120 hertz refresh rates, which again is great for any one of these devices on this table, and this one. I find has a little bit of a wider aspect ratio. In my opinion, it makes things feel a little bit more cramped, although when youre using it in a vertical orientation, it is more similar to what phone apps are already made for. So with that being said, i keep talking about watching media on these, and one of the big things is going to be the speakers, so lets actually get into a speaker test and see how each of these perform Applause Applause.

So so, as you can see, all of them have a pretty decent speaker setup, although in my personal opinion, i think the ipad really pulls the head with a more full sound using that quad speaker setup, the next category i want to talk about focuses on the Keyboards and the pens – and these all do it in an incredibly different way, starting off with the galaxy tab. S7. You can see this keyboard cover right here. First of all covers both the front and back of your device, which is great, and it has a little keyboard. So it has a little kickstand on the back, which folds back relatively far and is also very stable as well and on the top. One of the big benefits here is that it actually protects your pen with this little flap, so it magnetically sticks on the back thats, where your pen goes. It charges right there on your device and its protected with a magnetic closure on that flap. Now the keyboard itself, when you fold it down, unfortunately, does not have any back lighting. The keys feel pretty decent, of course, theyre a little bit more compressed on the smaller version right here, but otherwise it definitely gets the job done. I find that the trackpad sounds really loud and it feels a little bit cheaper to me, but as far as keyboards go like you can definitely get things done with this keyboard. Next up the surface keyboard, i think, is even more interesting.

So the surface itself already comes with a little kickstand built into the actual device which is really cool. Even if you dont get the keyboard. You can prop this up anywhere. You want and use a bluetooth keyboard, but i recommend getting the keyboard that covers the display. So when you throw in your backpack, it is protected. Of course this doesnt protect the back, but what it does a really good job of is actually propping itself up in a nice angle. So you have a really nice. Rigid keyboard has a really nice texture. Several different colors you can choose from this is a backlit keyboard and microsoft always does, in my opinion, a pretty fantastic job of making high quality keyboards that are very mechanical but at the same time, very shallow travel and just feel really nice and premium its a Pretty big size keyboard here, so it feels very natural when im typing on this, i can type incredibly quickly and overall, i just really love what they did here now. The pen on the surface pro i think, is interesting because although this kind of magnetically snaps up what they did here and its very sneaky, they hid the slim pen in that little flap right there. Now, even though this pen looks a lot thinner, i find that when youre using it, it feels very, very natural. It doesnt feel weird that its not a perfect circle, and it actually is a really nice pen, because you have two different buttons on the front.

You have a button that you can press to switch between different pencils or whatever writing utensil you have, and then you also have a button on the top and of course i can make a whole video about what these pens and pencils do for taking screenshots and Things like that, but another big benefit of the surface slim pen – this is a slim pen too actually is you can flip it over and just erase with the back of it? You dont have to press any buttons, its a very natural, intuitive way to write and erase with this pen and then the ipad with yet another drastically different design opens up and feels a lot more like a regular laptop. Although they call this the magic keyboard for a reason, it looks like the tablet is actually hovering, because, on the back you can see we have kind of an interesting little fold design the fold out right there that the hinge first of all feels incredibly premium. You can go to all these angles and, and it feels really nice – the keyboard again is backlit on here very nice travel on the keys. It feels not quite like a normal macbook, but but still a really nice keyboard. Nonetheless, what i will say about this is that, while i really love the design for a desk and for my lap, there are plenty of situations where i find that the angles of use are a little bit more limiting.

So you really only have maybe 20 degrees of operating angle here, maybe close to 45 degrees, but you cant bend this nearly as far back as you could any of the other two devices and while the apple pencil conveniently sticks magnetically to the top of the ipad. I find that its not the best way to travel when you throw this in a backpack. It is likely to kind of get knocked off of that, but the apple pencil has a digital button to switch between eraser or different writing utensils and, of course, ive always really liked the galaxy s pen, its very lightweight. It has a button on there and, of course it charges magnetically in that little flap on the back. So i think you have a pretty good understanding of what these devices are actually like physically, but i want to talk about what is really like to use them. What the interface is like and what you can actually do, because once again, these are drastically different operating systems that are meant to do completely different tasks, so starting off with the galaxy tab s7. This is a full android tablet and also has samsung dex on there, which kind of gives you the best of both worlds. Samsung dex works like a desktop mode kind of so you can resize windows, you can have multiple windows and it looks a lot more like what you might be used to on something like your pc or your macbook, and so i find that its a better way To do multitasking on here in a tablet its something that you dont see on the ipad, although technically you do see it on the windows.

Well, talk about that in a second, but also this is running the snapdragon 865 a little bit of a drawback here, because the 865 is not even the newest android processor out there. It was the best two years ago or last year rather, but now i think, samsungs a little bit due for an upgrade on the ta on the galaxy tab series. Now, if you plan to use this mostly as a tablet, then this is a great device because its running all mobile friendly apps, which means that theyre meant for handheld use and while uh things like google and microsoft and samsung apps have really been kind of tailored To work in either way they can work with a keyboard or without one. There are plenty of other apps that really work best with just handheld use and theyre really meant for that. Next up the surface pro 8 is running windows 11, which is the standard operating system. You might see on something like a new desktop or laptop, and so this means that its much more capable of high productivity things, so you can get adobe. You can get signal solid works, ansys, like all the different things for engineering or or graphic design, like all of those normal apps that you see on desktops and laptops are completely capable of being run on. This device has a very powerful processor, the intel i7, the 11th generation, and so, although its technically not the most powerful out of these three, i would say that the surf that surface pro 8 is going to be the most powerful device, because the software is going To fully utilize the processor on board, but of course, if you want to use this in the handheld mode, you do also have a keyboard that pops up and you have all different things that work as if it were a tablet, and you can actually start to Get some android apps on here: theyre, not all perfect, but its something that is coming to a lot of windows devices and id like to see that, on top of that, if you have another windows device, so a desktop or a laptop, you can actually use either.

This or the other one as a second display for each other and thats, a really nice thing that windows does they work well together, and so you kind of have that little mini windows ecosystem. One downside of running windows, however, is that any games meant for this are really going to rely on a more powerful gpu and the one on here is really not the best for gaming, and then we have the ipad running ipad os, which is kind of an Interesting hybrid, between ios on your phone and mac, os on your laptop and so looking at what it actually does. It does a lot of great things like i like how the pencil allows you to just write in any field, and it instantly turns into text. Additionally, of course, you have a cursor, you have file manager and some basic stuff like that as you would expect, but although this is running the very very powerful m1 chip, i find that its a little bit limiting in what you can actually do with that, because You dont have access to some of the biggest apps that i would normally use that i think would capitalize on that. But there are actually a pretty big selection of games in the apple arcade, and so they would definitely make great use of the m1 chip. And additionally, the ecosystem is absolutely fantastic. I talked about how you could use the surface pro as a second display or use a different windows laptop as a second display for this, but the ipad actually works as sidecar for mac os, which gives you a second display.

No matter what kind of mac youre using and when you factor in the seamless, switching of airpods and beats between your iphone and your ipad and your mac, of course, everything in the apple ecosystem, just works really really well together and the next test. I want to get into is actually a camera test with each of these, although the rear camera for most people, its, probably just going to be used for taking quick little pictures of documents and scanning things, the front facing camera, i think, is going to be heavily Used by most people in video calls and meetings, and things of that nature all right, so this is a video test with the ipad pro. The tricky thing here is that the camera is over on the left side of the screen, assuming youre in like a kind of laptop orientation. So it always looks like im staring away off into space, and i would actually have to look like way down here and even then it looks. The framing is kind of strange is what im saying, but otherwise the camera is really good and on the flip side, the back two cameras do also look really impressive, and this is the onboard microphone and camera with the microsoft surface, pro 8., its right in the Center on the top, so when youre in meetings it makes perfect sense, it looks very normal theres, also a camera on the rear, its not the best, but it definitely gets the job done for scanning documents.

And then this is the front facing camera. On the samsung galaxy tab s7, the little bit of struggle with the dynamic range, but nonetheless it gets the job done and again it is in the top center, which i think is the best location for this. Additionally, on the rear of the tab, f7, you have two cameras and you can actually shoot 4k video so overall, which of these is the best of the best. Well, as i said before, it depends on what youre looking for each of these has their own fortes and theyre each really good at different things, but i think you can kind of look at it like this. The surface pro 8 is a lot like a truck like a pickup truck, its meant for utility. It works really well for power, lifting for very heavy duty stuff. So if youre trying to edit videos or do any 3d modeling engineering work. Anything like that, and you want something thats fast and powerful and works in a normal laptop setup. Then this is definitely going to be the choice for you, a very powerful processor inside a very nice fast display and, of course, with that really nice keyboard productivity is going to be the name of this device. But, of course not, everyone is looking for this kind of productivity. Some people want more drawing or mobile apps or games, and so that leads us into the ipad. This is going to be like a large suv, because its going to be better at like carrying passengers, you can look at it like that, where this is going to be better at doing tablet, stuff and better doing more mobile stuff has better cameras on there can Do more ar type stuff and it still does a lot of heavy lifting, although it doesnt do quite as much as the surface pro 8.

. So i think this is going to be a really happy medium for anybody who already has a really powerful laptop or maybe a macbook, and you want a secondary display to bring out in the field to travel with or anything like that where it gets. The job done and kind of can work as a laptop every now and then or if youre somebody who just wants a really nice device that youre never going to do any heavy lifting. You just want to play games on here and watch media, its also a great device for that, and then. Thirdly, i would say the galaxy tab. S7 is a little bit more like a compact suv, its a little bit more affordable, but it still gets a lot of the same job done as the ipad. Although the difference here is going to be the compatibility of the apps and software, there are still plenty of android apps that just really dont work that well in a tablet mode. So this is a very capable device. The hardware is amazing, but i think the limiting factor here is going to be the app support. Now, once again, if youre somebody who just wants to use any one of these for browsing the web shopping at amazon watching youtube watching netflix, then any of them will do a fantastic job and it might be a good idea to go with the galaxy tab. S7. As it is substantially cheaper, but you can leave a comment below which of these do, you think is actually going to be the best.

Additionally, i think very soon, samsung is going to come out with a tab s8 just a little prediction here and if you think thats the case, i will be reviewing that. So you can expect that review and if you want to see that be sure to go down and click that subscribe button and the bell icon, so you dont miss it when that comes out.