This has been a huge upgrade in every aspect from extended display size to powerful processor. The tab, s8 ultra seems to have everything to be on your workspace. Even with all these upgrades, is it worth enough to dethrone all the other tablets from the android realm to find out watch till the end, as in todays video, we will be showing all the feature upgrades of the galaxy tab: s8 ultra compared to its previous generation. So without further ado lets dive in first and foremost comes to design. Apart from the size, the tab s8 ultra does not seem to have much of a change than its predecessor. The tablet comes with the same aluminum shielded body and the s pen snaps right into the back magnetically. Nevertheless, as for the size, you can choose the tap s8 model from three different sizes: 11 inches 12.4 inches and a massive 14.6 inches and youll find a gorgeous super amoled display nestled in this premium body. Both the tab, s7 and s8 series feature a 120 hertz refresh rate, meaning you can experience mood scrolling. The tab, s8 ultra features an optical fingerprint sensor under the display, which seems pretty fast and convenient as well. Another massive upgrade for the tap s8 ultra is the chipset. The new tablet comes with the most powerful qualcomm processor, the snapdragon 8 gen 1., whereas the tab s7 plus features snapdragon 865 chip. To give you an exact idea of how the new gen chipset performs, you will get up to 52 faster gp performance and at least a 24 cpu boost.

So, while gaming with this new tablet, you will surely have smooth and lag free gameplay. Besides, it comes with pre installed software for editing and more, and you can also choose your preferred variant from up to 16 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of storage. Coming to the camera section, the galaxy tab s8 ultra has had a notable upgrade for both the front and rear camera. Now you can shoot 4k videos at 60 fps with the 13 megapixel back camera and theres, also an upgraded 6 megapixel ultrawide lens for capturing more. On the other hand, you could shoot 4k with tab s7 as well, but only at 30 fps now for selfies. The tab s8 ultra offers a dual camera setup, consisting of 12 megapixel wide and ultra wide lenses, whereas the tab s7 featured only an 8 megapixel camera which really couldnt capture many details. So, for those who tend to have video calls too often, this will be an ideal option for them. The s pen has also been an upgrade for the tab. S8 ultra. This new stylus offers an impressive level of control and both thousands of tools into a single device. Besides, samsung now provides various apps to make your note, taking sketching or editing experience, even more efficient, so write doodle or bring out your inner creativity with the brand new ultra low latency s pen with all these features, samsung hasnt forgotten to extend the battery capacity to Keep the tab s8 ultra, going for longer hours.

The tab s8 ultra now features an 11 200 milliamp battery and supports fast charging of up to 45 watts youll be able to charge your tab x8 ultra from zero to one hundred percent within one and a half hour. On the contrary, the tab s7 comes with only 10 090 milliamp hour of battery capacity, so overall samsung certainly did upgrade the tap exit ultra in every possible aspect and with so many features, camera and performance. Undoubtedly, the galaxy tab. S8, ultra can be crowned as the best android tablet available right now. What do you think of the flagship tablet? Let us know in the comments below like and share with your friends if you find this video helpful subscribe to our channel.