This is the big one. It has a 14.6 inch super amoled display. So a very large screen, it includes an s pen and im noticing this box is also very thin as well. Now, at the moment, samsung has a lot of pre order deals going on for all of their tablets. I can link to those down below including trade in value, and even if you pre order, you can get a free book cover keyboard at that samsung also sent over so well unbox. Both of these in this video also a lot more content coming soon on the galaxy tab, s8 ultra be sure to drop a comment. Let me know if theres something you want to see in an upcoming video if you want something tested or shown off ill, be sure to read through the comments. Anyways lets go ahead and unbox see what we get in the tab. S8 ultra get some hands on lets get started here is the galaxy tab s8 ultra from samsung opening it up. This is the graphite color, for those of you wondering here is that tablet very thin, its kind of crazy how thin this actually is, but were gon na set it to the side for just a second continue on see what else we get. You have an ejection tool for that micro sd card slot, so it does have expandable storage, uh, standard, quick, start guide and a fairly long, usb type c to type c cable, so theres no charging brick in the box.

However, you can get up to 45 watts of charging with this tablet and then finally, lets take a closer look at this, and here is a look at that s. Pen, that is included very nice, says samsung right. There has a flat side which is magnetic, and will snap on the back of the tab ill show that off in just a second. It also has a button here for some shortcuts. Some quick actions excited to test this out for some drawing notes, etc, and on to what you came to see the galaxy tab. S8 ultra lets go ahead and take this cloth off, and here it is really cool, graphite, color, uh, very sleek. Overall, i do like the aesthetic that it has and youll notice a strip here. This is where the s pen is actually going to snap onto so setting it on the back there. It is a very strong magnet actually to just snap it on. I believe you can do it either way. Actually, no it doesnt uh hold nearly as well. If you have the pen pointing towards samsung, so you have to actually point the tip of the pen towards the cameras to get a stronger connection. We are going to boot up the tablet for the first time and while it boots up lets, take a closer look at the hardware of this device. So on the left side of the tablet, weve got a speaker microphone. Another speaker theres.

Actually, four speakers total on this device also make note of just its crazy how thin this device actually is. This is actually for mounting with the keyboard case, which will unbox in just a second. I believe these are just magnets in the connector for that continuing on on the right side, another speaker, our usb type c port for charging. You can use it for a display data transfer and our fourth speaker and then up towards the top is where that micro sd card slot is going to be to expand the storage, another microphone and then our volume, rockers and power button and a quick look at The back with the samsung logo there here it is with the pen attached and taking it off just has a reflective spot for where to actually put that s pen and then here is our dual camera system. On the back for the camera system, you have a 13 megapixel wide angle lens and then a 6 megapixel ultra wide angle lens our tablets, all booted up ready to go im going to run through the startup process. Talk about anything thats noteworthy to protect your tablet. You can use face unlock or fingerprints because it has an in display fingerprint scanner. Now, if you were worried that the indisplay fingerprint scanner would be somewhere towards the middle, you dont really have to its right, where you hold the tablet, which makes the most sense if youre going to have an in display fingerprint scanner, it should be on one of The edges so most likely your right thumb is going to be the finger that you register.

However, you can register multiple if you want to. Maybe if you have it sitting on a table, you might want to register your pointer finger. You can add more if youd like to im going to continue on all right were all set up ready to go just a couple things i want to point out before we look into the software when it is laying flat on the desk. There is no rocking, which is a great design choice on something like this. I can see you wanting to write notes, color, draw anything that you use the s pen with, or even just your finger, its nice, that it doesnt rock when you press any part of the screen whatsoever and then also want to point out that, when the pen Is actually on the back its very easy to attach and detach uh? You just got to remember to put the point towards the left towards that camera system, which you know will might take a couple tries, but its pretty easy to get used to. But when that pen is actually attached and sitting there, it also doesnt rock, which is really cool. If you think about, i was a little worried, the upper right hand corner it might start to tilt. And if you press hard enough, you can make it rock, but you have to press pretty hard so overall, its very sturdy, whether you have that s pen on the back or not lets get started so hitting finish there.

It is so this is that 14.6 super amoled display. I love that samsung is bringing their super amoled displays to larger screens. I really just think amoled should be on just about any display whether its a phone laptop tablet. Tv oled is just you know the way to go before i unbox the book cover keyboard want to just talk about a couple things when it comes to this tablet, and this display, first of all, 2960 by 1848 screen resolution lets jump into settings very quickly. I also want to point out theres a little bit of a notch there, for the cameras. Well, talk about that in just a second, but within display settings it actually has a 120 hertz screen, so you can have it all the way up on high, which is at a 120 hertz refresh rate, or you can bump it down to standard. If you want to maybe save a little bit of battery life and switch it back, but it is noticeably more smooth when you are scrolling and swiping and shifting through pages when it has a 120 hertz display and, like i mentioned, that uh front facing camera system. So you have two 12 megapixel lenses, an ultra wide and a wide angle lens, so they did focus on adding a dual camera system up towards the top, also noticing, just how light this tablet is, is kind of crazy how thin and light they actually have made. This but in the meantime, im going to up theres a little charging percentage when you connect the pen to the back lets, go ahead and check out the book keyboard cover keyboard and connect it to our tab.

S8 ultra. So here is the book cover keyboard and what comes with it so, first of all, a back cover which does feel very premium, just at first uh impression. Setting this to the side. There is the keyboard that attaches it. It does have a track pad and again theres the connections that go towards the bottom, with that magnet on the inside of the back cover lets, you know its for the galaxy tab, s8 ultra and also there is a slot for the s pen, so you can Still just leave the pen on the back of the tab, so its kind of nice. I will say it was very easy to pick this up with one hand because it was resting on that s pen. So if i do have that on the back, but anyways lets go ahead and just kind of snap that back plate on and using magnets, it is very flush again. It rests right over that s pen on the back and then the bottom piece will come out and act as a stand, and you can put it at just about any angle. Look at how far back that will actually go. So you can kind of angle it up. If you want it kind of flat and youll see it just its very sturdy, the hinge itself, doesnt feel loose or wobbly and then for the first time, lets try and attach it to the keyboard. So that was very easy and then it prompts you to start dex right away.

So what im going to do is flip out the back and go ahead and attach it to the keyboard and there it is resting on that back plate. It didnt pop up decks that time. I wonder why, so i must have missed the prompt to say, activate decks anytime. The keyboard is enabled i kind of miss that screen, unfortunately, but you can activate decks just right here, just go ahead and select it and run through if thats, something you want to use im going to need a little more time to actually test out decks in General on this tablet, but nice that it is included, i feel like a display, like this, has more of a desktop mode as opposed to a more tablet style experience, at least especially when its connected to a keyboard and has a mouse and heres a look at That keyboard, with a lot of functions up towards the top some shortcuts as well. You have some arrows on the right side, some fairly short travel for the keyboard itself, heres a quick typing test, its actually really nice. How soft it is right here. So i feel like if i rest my wrists down here, a nice little soft touch feel and as a quick example. If i wanted to just close that keyboard case, it will protect that 14.6 inch display same with the back. However, you still have that usbc port exposed, so you can still charge it with the case on still a very thin and portable device, even with this keyboard, obviously its going to add a little bit more weight, but still not anything crazy by any means, and then, When you go ahead and open it up, it will activate that display, bring it to your lock screen.

You can unlock it with your pin password fingerprint face unlock whatever you set up, also nice that its really easy to just bring out that back kickstand. So its nice that its separate from the keyboard, so you dont – need the keyboard actually attached to take advantage of the kickstand and then lets say you have this back cover on. What do you do if you want to get to that s pen, you can just flip this back, so this flips back open and stay shut via magnets, but you can just flip. It open grab the pen and it will just flip shut and youve got your pen back. Speaking of you have a group of options like smart select, translate s pen to text, so you can just write and it will go ahead and put it to to text for you, air actions like taking pictures. It is connected via bluetooth, so i can activate the shutter. If i want to take some pictures. Smart select all of these options, theres a ton of them, enjoy your s. Pen, theyre, actually a lot of fun to use. It will take a little bit to learn all of them, but then, once you start to learn them all its crazy. How useful this pen will get, especially on such a larger display and having a larger s, pen, which is kind of like writing with just a normal size pen, lets also dive into the camera app a very large viewfinder.

Overall, you should also be able to just snap pictures with the s pen. So, as you can see, i am taking pictures like so um. Where is it there? On the left side? Is the ultra wide angle lens to bring a lot more into your shot? You can zoom all the way up. Eight times digitally now lets flip it to that front facing camera there. I am with a lot of light going on. You can choose natural bright for your selfies snap, a quick one now lets go ahead and use that ultra wide angle and so youll see a lot more theres. My 100k plaque right there on the wall uh subscribers. So, thank you guys for being subscribers to the channel uh, but snapping some quick pictures and you have a lot more options. So not just taking pictures. You can do pro video pro mode night mode portrait, video panorama, food, all the great features that samsung brings to their camera system, and last thing i wanted to test – is actually that in display fingerprint im gon na set my thumb down to where i think it Is um i do other it is so i just set my thumb down the wrong spot, but youll notice that i can just set my thumb down and it will register it, but youre, just gon na have to get used to where that specific location is might Be a little bit harder on a tablet this size, but youll, see once you find it, you can just set it on down, but of course, if you are on the lock screen it will let you know where to put your thumb, seems to be very quick And accurate and overall, that is everything i want to talk about with the galaxy tab: s8 ultra right now very premium tablet.

This display is pretty incredible awesome to see amoled used on such a large screen, but anyways drop a comment.