This is the big one. It has a 14.6 inch Super AMOLED display. So a very large screen, it includes an S Pen and Im noticing this box is also very thin as well. Now, at the moment, Samsung has a lot of pre order deals going on for all of their tablets. I can link to those down below including trade in value, and even if you pre order, you can get a free book cover keyboard that Samsung also sent over so well unbox. Both of these in this video also a lot more content coming soon on the Galaxy Tab, S8 Ultra be sure to drop a comment. Let me know if theres something you want to see in an upcoming video if you want something tested or shown off Ill, be sure to read through the comments. Anyways lets go ahead and unbox see what we get in the tab. S8 Ultra get some hands on lets get started here is the the Galaxy Tab, S8 Ultra from Samsung opening it up. This is the graphite color, for those of you wondering here is that tablet very thin, its kind of crazy how thin this actually is, but were gon na set it to the side for just a second continue on see what else we get. You have an ejection tool for that micro SD card slot, so it does have expandable storage, uh, standard, quick, start guide and a fairly long, USB type c to type c cable, so theres no charging Brick In The Box.

However, you can get up to 45 watts of charging with this tablet and then finally, lets take a closer look at this, and here is a look at that S. Pen, that is included very nice, says Samsung right. There has a flat side which is magnetic, and will snap on the back of the tab Ill show that off in just a second. It also has a button here for some shortcuts. Some quick actions excited to test this out for some drawing notes, Etc, and on to what you came to see the Galaxy Tab. S8 Ultra lets go ahead and take this cloth off, and here it is really cool, graphite, color, very Sleek. Overall, I do like the aesthetic that it has and youll notice a strip here. This is where the S Pen is actually going to snap onto so its setting it on the back there. It is a very strong magnet actually to just snap it on. I believe you can do it either way. Actually, no, it doesnt hold nearly as well. If you have the pen pointing towards Samsung, so you have to actually point the tip of the pen towards the cameras to get a stronger connection. We are going to boot up the tablet for the first time and while it boots up lets, take a closer look at the hardware of this device. So on the left side of the tablet, weve got a speaker microphone. Another speaker theres.

Actually, four speakers total on this device also make note of just its crazy. How thin this device actually is is. This is actually for mounting with the keyboard case, which will unbox in just a second. I believe these are just magnets in the connector for that continuing on on the right side, another speaker, our USB type c port for charging. You can use it for a display data transfer and our fourth speaker and then up towards the top is where that micro SD card slot is going to be to expand the storage, another microphone and then our volume, rockers and power button and a quick look at The back with the Samsung logo there here it is with the pen attached and taking it off just has a reflective spot for where to actually put that S Pen and then here is our dual camera system. On the back for the camera system, you have a 13 megapixel wide angle lens and then a 6 megapixel Ultra wide angle lens our tablets, all booted up ready to go Im going to run through the startup process. Talk about anything thats noteworthy to protect tablet. You can use Face Unlock or fingerprints because it has an in display fingerprint scanner. Now, if you were worried that the in display fingerprint scanner would be somewhere towards the middle, you dont really have to is right, where you hold the tablet, which makes the most sense. If youre going to have an in display fingerprint scanner, it should be on one of the edges.

So most likely your right thumb is going to be the finger that you register. However, you can register multiple if you want to. Maybe if you have it sitting on a table, you might want to register your pointer finger. You can add more if youd like to Im going to continue on all right. We are all set up ready to go just a couple things. I want to point out before we look into the software when it is laying flat on the desk. There is no rocking, which is a great design choice on something like this. I can see you wanting to write notes, color, draw anything that you use the S Pen with, or even just your finger, its nice, that it doesnt Rock when you press any part of the screen whatsoever and then also want to point out that, when the pen 10 is actually on the back its very easy to attach and detach. You just got to remember to put the point towards the left towards that camera system, which you know will might take a couple tries, but its pretty easy to get used to. But when that pen is actually attached and sitting there, it also doesnt Rock, which is really cool. If you think about it, I was a little worried. The upper right hand corner it might start to tilt, and if you do press hard enough, you can make it Rock.