But before i get into this video check this out: Music. Okay, everyone im back with another video: yes, dont adjust your screen. That is the galaxy tab. S8 ultra. I picked it up when i also picked up the galaxy s22 ultra. This is in graphite, but i never had a galaxy tablet before so i wanted to try it out. It comes in a couple, different options. You have like the s8, the s8 plus and then the s8 ultra, but in this video im gon na just do a quick unboxing go over to specs, really quick and then go over to tablet with you and see what you get in the box. But nice presentation, you can read it there. You have some tape. The unboxing knife im decided to actually use this tablet. Will it replace my laptop, probably not but its good to have it, and then it has some specs up there too lets see. This thing is big though, but it the box doesnt weigh too much. Oh its light lets put that on the side, so you do get the pen with it thats, actually pretty cool you dont have to come out of pocket and actually pay for it. What else you get in here, some books, a charging cable. There you go there, nice charging, cable. No, you do not get the charging brick, not even in the tab. S8 ultra should they add the charging brick. Yes, probably so, and then this is the sim injection tool.

This actually has. This is the wi fi model, but it also has a sd card slot and looks like some paperwork in there too. So lets get into why we came here all right, so heres the tablet itself, man – this is bigger than my my camera lets – see how you open this thing up getting trolled, oh, but this thing is light, though oh man – oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, that is Huge yall lets see where the power button had on this thing see. I havent watched any videos on it, so all right, so that is powering up lets go over the specs and lets go over to the tablet itself. So you have your charging port. Usb type c looks like you have a speaker on that side. Speaker may be there too, at the top. You have your sd card slot and shes. Talking to me, then also you have the power button. The volume rockers at the top too then, on this side, you have a another speaker, looks like a mic and also more speakers now, which are these mice or speakers i dont know. Oh now, at the back at the front, you have two 12 megapixel cameras up. There you have your regular lens and then you have the ultra wide. Let me try to find a stand for this thing too. Okay, everyone, so i was able to go ahead and get a stand for it, but i also set it up.

While i was you know looking for that stand and if you cant hear the excitement in my voice, i dont know whats wrong, because this thing is a beast: look how beautiful this is now. Will this replace my laptop, probably not, but i probably will be using this a lot because i also have the keyboard stand with it and the keyboard case from samsung, which i got for free, but this is a beast now, these things on the side or speakers. I did try that out. They actually sound really good too, and the power button, like i said, is up there. The vine rockers, but lets go over the specs. Really quick in front of you is the 14.6 inch amoled panel is a 120 hertz refresh rate, which is great its the first time. I think they did it on a panel. This big, the resolution is 1848 by 2960. It has. This model has 128 gigs of storage, eight gigs of ram 11 200 milliamp hour battery is running android 12 straight out the box. It has the snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip in there. The front cameras like i mentioned earlier, is two 12 megapixel cameras. It has the wide and then the ultra wide, and then the rear camera is actually a 13 megapixel, with a 6 megapixel ultra wide capable of doing 4k at 60. So we will test out the cameras on there yall. Let me know what other videos you want to see from this thing here, but look.

This is so its beautiful man. Look at that the pen just sits there too. The only question do i have? Will it rock while it has the pen back there and it does not rock check out the fingerprint scanner too lets see sometimes oh thats, actually pretty quick, thats, actually pretty quick, all right, yall yall. Let me know what other videos you want to see on this device. I was just trying to do a quick unboxing of the galaxy tab. S8, ultra, yes, im excited to actually get to use it and play around with a little bit more stay tuned to the channel. I might even try to game on this thing and see how it can handle games. Do some video tests.