Oh Im, sorry Im being mean to you, but you got ta do better but thats an element of Truth there. The Galaxy Tab. S8, Ultra is quite possibly the best tablet that money can buy right now and just recently it became even more powerful in this video Im gon na. Take you, through my experience after a whole year of using this tablet, how the recent one ui5 updates have improved. It but its not all about the Roses theres at least one Pro app. That, unfortunately, has been a major disappointment. I am going to cover that later in the video in a few points as well, that lots of you have asked me in my previous videos. For example, how has these amazing 14 inch display held up so far? Is it too big a 14 inch and being realistic? How productive is this tablet in comparison with the iPad Pro, for example, and look I dont want to make this video about the apple or the iPad. Do I think I do need to address a few things and bring the iPad app for comparison, because I know a lot of you may be considering it one or the other. When we talk about multitasking or Samsung Dex versus stage manager, for example, it is important to show what is on offer from both Apple and Samsung. I really think this could be useful. Im Alex another Down to Earth Tech videos, Music Ive always been a huge fan of the iPad Pro and what he promised to be back in the day.

But since around April 2021 I started to realize that Apple will really letting me down as an iPad Pro user. You know: do you know what Im being too polite here? I was pissed at Apple, so when the tab I say, Ultra was announced and came out at the beginning of last year. I jumped at it. The first thing I noticed was how amazing this 14 inch display is. I was actually really close to getting the S7 Ultra a couple of years before this one, but I held on to my old iPad because I thought the new iPad in 2021 would be my next computer. How wrong was I right? Coming back to the tab, I say Ultra here its not just the high quality of it, but this really wide aspect ratio is just perfect for Content watching and multitasking. Now I got ta be careful not to get too carried away here. This tablet is not perfect, as I said, theres still an issue with it, which could be really important to you and theres also another issue with accessories for this tablet, but Ill cover those points in a bit coming back to this display. It is really sharp and bright, as you can see here, where I work Im surrounded by large windows and have loads of daylight coming in not once in the last year have I found myself wanting more brightness of the display, whether I was working playing a game Watching content or just browsing social media, the display was just amazing to use, despite this huge size, the tabase ultra is deceptively light and very comfortable to hold, and I cant talk about the display and not mention the fingerprint sensor under the display, like with many other Samsung devices it is super accurate.

The haptic feedback that you get is great. I, like facial recognition, dont, get me wrong on all my tech, but I always think its nice to have that option to unlock with my fingerprint now I do have a problem with the accessories for the tabase ultra there just arent that many options, especially when it Comes to a nice case for it that you could use on your lap, for example, and if you do come across any good accessory for the type I say Ultra. Please do. Let me know this device lives on my desk and Id love to check it out. So in the evenings I sometimes times do reach for my iPad Air, because its just lighter and easier to hold – and I use the iPad air, sometimes with this case from Logitech, which allows me to take how the keyboard power and just use it on my lap. Now, where this tablet really shines is getting work done, there are so many little touches here in the tablet Ultra that allow me to really use multiple apps and make the most of how flexible this tablet is. I do think youre getting your moneys worth when it comes to using this tablet as a computer or as a tablet, and these multitasking features dont really feel like a gimmick like it does on the iPad. I can genuinely use multiple apps and be as flexible with an external monitor, as I want to be its hard not to draw any comparisons between this and the iPad Pro.

You know stage manager and the Apple ecosystem. But if I try to judge this device for what it is, it is truly a Powerhouse and the fact that it sits on my desk every single day says a lot about how much I love this stuff. I go swish now we cant talk about multitasking and not mention Samsung Dex when youre using Samsung, Dex theres, so many useful things that I think are just refreshing to see on a tablet. This is the sort of thing that Ive been waiting for on the iPad. For years, and were just not getting it and its funny really Dex is such an underrated feature. I dont understand why there isnt more about decks out there, because it is so powerful, not just on the tab. I say Ultra either: decks will run on many Samsung phones as well with one UI, 5 Samsung made it even better and added a few more touches that really improved that user experience. If youre not familiar with Dex, it basically transforms a tablet or your smartphone into a desktop, and there is no exaggeration here. It really really does you can resize Windows have multiple apps, open and not feel restrained. You know by where you place them, you can resize them the way you want it full freedom to do whatever you want. Theres limitations, of course, of how many apps you can open, but its definitely less restrained than what you can do on the iPad.

One thing that I wish would be better on Dex is to interact action like copy and paste, and things like that between apps but Im, totally able to use Microsoft Office apps whilst watching content and doing creative work. All of that, using whatever display that I want to use, I think this feature alone summarizes how Samsung and Apple treat their customers at least thats. How I feel sometimes youre, like you, want to use this tablet as a computer, no problem here it is use Dex, whereas apple is like heres stage manager, but forget what we said about the iPad being the next computer. That was just marketing fluff. We have plenty of MacBooks that you can buy so yeah, send monies being honest, though Samsung could be going down the same route eventually, and it wouldnt be the first time that Samsung followed apple right, but for now for the right workflow, the tabase ultra is still Much more useful than the iPad. The reason I say for the right workflow is because I do appreciate that there are many many apps on iPad osda you just cant get on Android yet, which brings me to lumafusion for Android. There are many apps that Ive discovered recently for Android tablets that have been optimized for the type of say Ultra and work beautifully, so Android tablet, apps, are becoming more available and more refined mind and I did an entire video dedicated to the best apps.

For this tablet, lumafusion is a video editing app. The app until recently was exclusive to the iPad. Unfortunately, though, were faced with the old age issue of Android apps, just not being as good its, not a thought of Samsung, but some app developers clearly still focus more on iPad OS. I know its a cliche Rya content creator talking about video editing app. I know not everyone uses it. I am using lumafusion as an example here, but this is still true for many other apps, its a shame, because we have enough memory here we can use fast ssds or internal storage, even if you wanted to it would make video editing On The Go amazing. With this display, if it worked like I said, I appreciate the video editing is not something that you might care about, but more and more people are wanting to create their own videos, upload stuff to social media, so having a decent editor is becoming quite important. Now I want to share with you some of my favorite accessories for this tablet, but before I do that, just a quick reminder that Im still growing this channel by myself and if you are enjoying this video your thumbs up, goes a long way and share this Video with someone as well on your WhatsApp group or whatever you might not think it helps. But every little interaction really helps you to push this video out to more people and if youre brand new here take a look around the channel after this.

And if you like, my stuff youll be awesome if youre subscribed Im here at least once a week these days with a new down to Earth Tech video for you. So if you like, a gadgets youre in good company right lets, talk about accessories, as you saw earlier, one of the greatest things about this tablet is Samsung. Dex 100. The most underrated feature out there. The downside of Dexter on a tablet this size is that you have to prop it up. Somehow, you may have seen in my previous videos that I was using this Satoshi USBC stand combo, which is actually for the iPad. I then went and purchased a few different ones from Amazon just to see what would work if all you want to do is prop it up and youre not going to be touching the screen or using the S Pen. Then these options, like the? U green or mint house are okay for that they can be quite good for putting it on the kitchen, or maybe your desk, just to watch content or even to use decks. But to make the most of this tablet, though, including using the S Pen, then my recommendation is this one here the Lula look magnetic stand, love the name especially made for the tabase ultra. This is definitely the stand that Ive been waiting for its a decent piece of aluminum. A really top quality hinges as well, very sturdy when youre using it its just great, you can use touch and the S Pen with no issues using this stand.

It really doesnt budge or wobble at all. The only problem with it is availability, its really really hard to find Ill leave a link down below for you, but theyre always sold out, and the other problem is the magnets theyre just too good and because the magnets are so strong, you may find some issues With interference when using the S Pen, I have noticed it when drawing but its very minimal it didnt bother me at all and, as you can see here, it doesnt really affect the performance. That much but I have to be honest, it will be noticeable if you are an artist or an architect, then youre, relying on very precise lines, Ive tested a couple of these portable monitors too, which can be really useful Ill. Do a separate video about them. They really add to that productivity aspect as well, giving you even more real estate to work with now Samsung do sell a keyboard cover. I havent bought it for for two reasons. One I think is overpriced. It may have come down now, but I thought originally. It was like 350 and, as some of you reported in my previous videos, the connection is a bit iffy. The Bluetooth doesnt, always work and ergonomically speaking, is not the greatest for using on the lab. So for me, I just use my main keyboard, which has a Logitech and same for for the mouse both of them. Allow me to connect to multiple devices at once and thats super convenient.

Oh actually, another feature that not many people talk about, and I discovered it almost by accident is that you can actually make and receive phone calls on this tablet. Things like Emergency Services wont work on this by the way, but just about everything else works. You do need to turn the setting on on the tablet and on the phone as long as you have your phone and the tablet on the same Wi Fi network. This will work, fine, pretty neat feature and actually quite decent core quality as well. The battery life on the type I say Ultra is really good. I dont know how Samsung are managing this, but one of the great things I found is how it really doesnt seem to move at all overnight or over the weekend. Sometimes I leave it here in the studio over the weekend and fully expect it to be flat on Monday only to see that you, it barely moved Ive taken this with me for work trips and havent had any battery issues at all. It literally just lasts all day, even when Im busy without any problems for 999 dollars. I think this is the price that you can still get it from. You probably get it cheaper somewhere, but youre getting a monster of a tablet that is way more useful than just a Netflix watching device. Oh Im, sorry Im being mean to you, but you got ta. Do better. Samsung could mess things up now, bringing a new laptop Ultra in 2023, as weve seen in CES recently.

But for me the tablet form factor is still very much a favorite of mine. I would definitely recommend the type I say Ultra for people who really want to make the most of a single device and having an amazing experience as well for entertainment.