Ultra that you can do and almost have it as a replacement laptop for you, but before i get into this video check this out: Music, okay, everyone so im back with another video today, todays video. I just want to show yall a couple things with the galaxy tab: s8 ultra. You can run window 11 and access your laptop using this tablet, but also it does have decks on here. This keyboard, plus a mouse, makes this a reliable workstation for any creator. Anybody working from home because the cameras are great for like zoom calls or meetings or whatever you have to do skype or whatever they use these days, even telegram. I know you can make video calls on there, so the galaxy tab – s8 ultra is a beast. I mean look if i need to edit videos. I can do that through rush. Adobe rush is okay. To use. Not gon na lie its not like the best uh software to use. Now i know lumafusion is supposed to be coming really soon. So hopefully that comes – and i know a lot of creators will be happy, but the main thing too is decks on here. I know easy computer solutions. Eric does a lot of dex videos and he uses decks all the time, but with the keyboard you can get into decks pretty easy, and this i mean it looks like a windows uh computer, so i can even do excel sheets here.

So if i want to make it bigger, say, im doing excel for whatever work or something, and i can minimize this and i can have excel up and then but you can have google up, i mean if you want to play games, you can definitely do so. They have games on here or you download your own games. You can play fortnite through the decks, but it also has these little keys down here. As far as the functions and stuff down there lets see, lets just get back up, so you have all your functions. It looks like a regular desktop down here and then you have your back buttons, which is pretty cool, but let me show yall what some of the cool things that you can do with this laptop because its powerful i mean this tablet, because its pretty powerful and To do it so if i want to get out of debts, same thing function and debts alright, so i want to move the video along. This is why you came here after you read the title. You can actually run windows 11 or remote, desktop your computer for wherever youre at using the remote desktop app from google and the google chrome extension on your regular desktop or your laptop with this tablet. This tablet, because it has the snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset – can do it and it runs pretty well. I havent had any problems in the last couple of days practicing and using it, but what you want to do is go to your desktop or laptop at home.

Go to chrome type in remote desktop and you can download the google chrome extension once you do that. You can come here and download the remote desktop app right here and what you do is click on it. It will tell you, you can name your computer, so i named it forbes tech. Why not and as you can tell i am in my computer and yes, this thing can run like adobe premiere pro and have no problem with it or you can do chrome. I mean you can access files on here. If you want to access files, you can look at your ak, video that you did earlier, and so, if i want to edit a video – and i forgot the files at my house, i can log in take this tablet and do it. If i want to search the internet, you can definitely do so look. I was looking up for poetic cases and i use kavanaugh for my youtube thumbnails, but i mean you can do anything on here. So yeah i mean this is pretty cool its running it. It runs it pretty swell and you can still use decks too. So if i go back to decks so now, im in decks, i can go to my remote top. It just says its connecting shout out to my project 13., so im connected in index and i still have access to like word and everything else. So again, if i want to bring up a word document, but i can bring up a word doc and i can uh and i can still bring up adobe premiere pro and let me bring out the word so i can do both of them.

At the same time, thats because this tablet is so powerful, will it replace your laptop it might i mean if if lumafusion comes and it works out the way that everybody hopes and plans that it works out, then yes, look. I even have telegram up – hopefully theyre not talking too much smack over there, but i mean all the youtube apps here anything that you want and then you can do decks too. Like i said im in decks, i can use samsung. You can play games still, but i still have access to my computer so yeah just remember you download the ascension chrome, the chrome, remote desktop and then on here you download the remote desktop too so heres my access to my computer look. I have some screenshots on there and i can do i mean i can access anything on my computer right now so heres, all my apps. I got my adobe the calculator i can go to my keyboard if i wanted to anything on here. Thats pretty cool. Yes, this powerful tablet, the s8 ultra is a beast. You can be on the go and still be productive with this laptop, a mouse and a keyboard case and youre good to go. If yall like this video, give it a thumbs up. If you havent subscribed to my channel yet make sure you do so for more coverage on the galaxy tab, s8 ultra and also the s22 ultra, also make sure you follow me on twitter, at fours reviews become part of the bam nation and also stay tuned.