But having had this for a bit, this thing is awesome and i think that this is going to be a very popular device way more popular than i thought it would be when i first saw this thing and apparently samsung suspended the pre orders on this thing, Because they were selling out of it so quickly now the screen on it is a 14.6 inch monster, its a very big display, but its also a very thin device, its only five and a half millimeters thick. If you hold it in your hands, it feels abnormally thin, like it doesnt feel like a regular tablet. But one thing to keep in mind is despite its size like when you look at that. Youre like this is definitely bigger than the ipad right, its actually narrower than the 12.9 inch ipad. So when you hold it in portrait mode, it doesnt feel weird or anything its a little top heavy slightly, but i think for most people they would find it relatively normal its only when you hold it in landscape mode that the width feels different than a regular Tablet now i still dont feel like this is an uncomfortable or like unwieldy experience, its big but its okay, because with big tablets, youre not holding it in your hand the whole time youre kind of holding it to set something up, get into a program and then Youll place it down to watch your show or play your game or do some work whatever it is its rarely a fully handheld experience with the bigger tablets.

Now this device has very thin bezels around the whole screen, its a very nice design, aesthetic, and i think a lot of people enjoy the look of it right. However, when you have a tablet with thin bezels like this, when you hold it in two hands and its not cased or anything, the meat of the palm of your hands often triggers the screen, and it gets super annoying now this only occurs on this product. If you dont have a case on it, but the moment theres any kind of bumper around the edge, the problem disappears its just that not every case has that kind of raised edge. So some of the keyboard cases or some of the slimmer profile cases they dont have that kind of edge protection. So youre still going to have that problem. If youre using the device handheld, the display is really good. Its big, the colors are fantastic on it. Its 120 hertz and one ui does a really good job, maintaining a high refresh rate on it throughout the whole os. I do wish it was brighter, though so, im measuring the screen at just under 400 nits, which is perfectly fine for indoor use. You dont get that pop with hdr content like that super bright spot that you sometimes see in some shows, and this is not great for outdoor use like if its super sunny or feels like a really bright environment. It can feel a little dimmer like in bright studio lighting im like i wish this would just go a little bit brighter, but thats, not my issue with it its the fact that this is their premium tablet right.

This is a product thats supposed to be the best tab product they make and its like a reasonably bright screen, but it should be brighter, especially when you compare to apples stuff that can break over a thousand nits at the top end. But overall its a really good screen. Now, with this large screen, you get a lot of real estate and its great for multitasking with split screen, and you can have a few more functional windows than you normally would on a smaller device and with samsung dex theres. Just more real estate right, theres, just more stuff to have all your resizable windows and repositionable windows and dex its like a windows like environment right, so having more screen, makes it exponentially more useful. If you connect up a keyboard and a mouse to this device, you can get a lot of stuff done. You can obviously connect it to an even bigger external screen if you want, but the real magic behind the tab. S8, ultra is with media consumption, because when you have a big screen like this, that is as wide as this screen its a really nice experience so shows and movies. Look really nice on this oled panel and even though it doesnt have a 4k display. It is able to take the higher bit rate streams like 4k streams and make use of that higher bitrate to display it, so some devices cant do it, but this accepts the codec, which is great now.

The speakers are awesome, theres, four of them theyre tuned by akg. They get loud and id say, theyre at least on par with what apples bringing on their 12.9 inch ipad, potentially better Music, Laughter, Music, Music, all right. So the notch up here has two cameras: theres a wide and an ultra wide and the image quality on these is so much better than what samsung had previously. So this is being shot in the ultrawide. I think it looks pretty good. There is no image stabilization, though so, if youre hand holding these shots might be a little bit shaky, and this is the wyatt, and i think this looks really good for a camera coming off of a tablet. But again there is no image. Stabilization theres also the auto framing feature which tries to track you around. As you move your face, it doesnt do a great job like i feel, like you know, im gon na put this down to give it a proper representation of it, but i feel like apples center stage like the original version of this is so much better. This is its not as responsive as i feel like. It should be theres like a bit of lag and it kind of kind of jerks around as you move it, but its okay. If youre looking for something like this now, when i first saw this notch, i was like come on dude. Do you really need to put a notch on a tablet like its just its coming from samsung too right? This is a company that chirped apple for putting a notch on their phone.

It just felt really weird and if you look at the housing of this thing, it doesnt really seem like you need the extra space from that notch, but the image quality is good ill. Give them that now these devices, including the ultra but all the lower ones as well, come with an s pens. It doesnt cost extra and attaches magnetically to the back of the device like so or the top of the device and its a really nice pen. But you can only charge it if its attached to the back, if its on the top it doesnt charge. Now this s pen has a soft rubber tip that feels quite different from the hard tip of an apple pencil, its hard to say, which ones better or worse. I think its a very personal preference. I will say, though, that this mimics a pen to paper feel better than the apple pencil does. I feel like thats, just like its hard surface, with a hard tip and its just much more scratchy. This has a little bit more friction, but it doesnt feel like natural paper either it does have very low latency at 2.8 milliseconds, its, not completely lag free, but its pretty close and its got great pressure. Sensitivity and the palm rejection is solid and theres. A lot of good drawing apps on googles play store nowadays, theres also, a very neat feature on samsungs tablets now called second screen, and it allows you to connect this tablet as a secondary screen for your pc.

So, like your desktop or your laptop, you can connect it effortlessly and it now has a secondary screen, so its built into one ui, its very easy to set up. But there is some latency in that connection and you dont get full s pen functionality on that. Second screen, but its not bad as an art tablet connected to your pc now in terms of performance, this is the base model, eight gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage and its running that snapdragon, 8 gen 1. Their newest chip and performance is great in terms of just the fluidity of the ui and regular tablet. Stuff is fantastic, however, if you benchmark this thing, you can tell that this is an underclocked chip. Now, i think the reason why samsung had to do it is because of the thickness of this device. This is only five and a half millimeters thick and when you think about how this chip is traditionally cooled and all the smartphones that weve been testing, those are big devices with bigger devices. You know eight nine millimeters thick. This is very thin and when youre trying to cool this super powerful super hot chip – and you have very little z height you just you just cant right, you can only put so much heat pipe. You can only use so much material in here to try to get that heat off of the chip and i think what theyve done is they just run at a slower clock.

So if youre buying this product and youre like im, gon na be the worlds best gentian player on it, because i could no you cant, because it doesnt get the best frame rates, which is unfortunate if thats, what youre buying it for for like high performance, android Games its not the best at that, but i think for the rest of you. I think youre good uh. Okay, now i want to wrap up oh battery life. The battery life on this was surprisingly similar to the ipad. So i tested this with three different scenarios. One with 120 hertz i got seven seven and a half hours of screen on time battery life uh. Another time i did with 60 hertz screen the exact same test, and i got nine and a half hours so significantly better with the 60 hertz screen. But then the third scenario i just ran it in netflix, and i just did it in a loop with a screen at 250 nits, and i got just over 10 hours of screen on time, so its good battery life, but its nothing super special or anything like That now, in terms of charge time, this has a huge battery its over 11 000 milliamp hours and in order to juice it up at a respectable rate, you need to pump like the full 45 watts that it can take so at max charge rate 45 watts. It takes just under two hours to go from zero to 100 like an hour and 10 minutes, or something like that.

But if you plug this thing up to a slow charger like heaven forbid, you have a five wire charger and thats all you have its going to take you like three weeks to charge this thing up its a big battery. You need to have a fast charger to have this thing: uh in just an enjoyable experience. Okay, so there you have it the tab. S8. Ultra. I think when you look at this product, the the first thing youre, that your mind is going to go to is like who needs a tablet of that size like its insanely large. If you look at it like look at this thing, im like im looking at the monitor here, like it, looks so big in my hands but uh its just functionally its awesome like its straight up an awesome tablet. Now the price thats, the other thing so its 1100, you get the s pen and a lot of the pre orders have some kind of case or keyboard case. That comes with it, its just that if youre looking at this make sure youre not buying it with the intent of using it in your hands, all the time like its not like a handheld tablet for you, because if thats your goal go for a smaller one, Its just its not built for that, i really dont think it is okay. There you have it. The tab. S8 ultra hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs.

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