I know thats uh common saying, but this is the first time that Samsung is bringing the ultra name to their tab line, and this is also the first time in two years were getting an upgrade to the tab series. I know that the tab S7 was the last one that launched in 2020 and we are getting a completely updated tablet line over from Samsung, so the tab S8 Ultra, like I said, is the best that you can get and that kind of goes in line with The s22 ultra, which I launched a couple vids so check them out this way in case youre interested. This is the most premium. This is the most expensive. It starts at 10.99. Thatll get you eight gigs of RAM 128 gigs of storage, but thankfully, thankfully Samsung has still included a Micro SD card slot, which they did that over for their S Series phones. So you can increase the storage option if you want – and that is unlike the iPad Pro, which I have off to the side, which I think these two will really compete. Obviously, the price, obviously the form factor, but on the flip side, 1099 thats, the starting price. For this at least you get the S Pen included – and I cant say the same over for the iPad, which you still have to buy the apple pencil. Second gen thats. Another 129 bucks, so um yeah, I think Samsung – is doing a great thing with pricing and of course you get this beautiful device.

I would say this is the best looking tablet that you can get its futuristic. The bezels are razor razor thin and for the display 1848 by 2960, 14.6 inches and Samsung is giving us another interesting. Little quote. This is the first ammo led display in this size and its a extremely large tablet, its actually bigger than the iPad Pro, and you can see how much taller of a footprint this is because its that 16 by 10 aspect ratio. So I think thats great for media consumption and even if you switch that into portrait mode, you just get so much more on your screen and kind of quickly going around its actually thinner than the iPad Pro. But in the time that Ive used the tab. S8 Ultra, I havent noticed any unwanted clicks or touches, and the Palm rejection is a lot better with the S Pen. So when Im jotting down notes, when Ive tried to be a bit of an artist using this, I havent really noticed anything with my palm on the sides of the bezel. So I think thats great one thing, though I will say completely unrelated to this iPad, so well, stick this off to the side here. The display, although it is gorgeous Samsung, sent this to me wrapped in bubble, wrap. They didnt actually send me a box. I had the deepest scratches in this display and even in the week using it Ive collected so many extra little scratches and it is using Gorilla Glass 5, not Gorilla, Glass, victis, but the thing with displays.

Now companies are making them softer to help with. I guess drop protection, so if you were to drop this unwieldy tablet, hopefully the screen wont shatter Im not about to do any drop tests, but in turn that decreases the strength of the display for scratches. So if you do get this, please grab a screen protector Ill leave some of my favorites just something to protect the display, especially if youre using it with the S Pen. All the time I am sure Surfer scratches will be your worst enemy and for a tablet that cost a thousand dollars plus just um, keep it safe and thats, actually a great little segue into some of the pre order bonuses. If you live in the US, you get a keyboard case and if you guys are up here in Canada, we actually get a bonus. The keyboard case, plus the Galaxy Z buds 2.. So I think thats pretty awesome until the 24th once again links down below. If you want to purchase them, they dont help me out in any way just uh in case you want to get some extra freebies with your purchase. Moving on to the next thing, which makes the tablet great is the S Pen and, like I said at least you get it in the Box compared to any of the iPads which you still have to buy separately, I will say the charging location on the back. I think we know that for most Samsung devices snaps nicely on, but because the device is so thin you cant, unfortunately stick it anywhere on top or on the sides, but I dont think this is the recommended spot because the device is so thin.

The actual S Pen is thicker and itll just kind of knock off easier, so just stick it on the back and those cases that you get theres, usually a dedicated little spot for it, and just like the experience on the s22 ultra, the S Pen experience here On the tab, S8 Ultra is also the best, so theyve decreased latency to 2.8 milliseconds theres, actually a bit of AI built in where the actual S Pen is kind of going. Itll predict that and make the experience almost seem like youre writing on paper. So it is by far the best S Pen, experience and probably the best stylus experience on an Android tablet, and I think Android or even Windows, users that have been waiting for a really good tablet. Experience with a stylus on an Android based tablet will love this. It is so fluid so quick – and this is where the extra benefit of having this larger form factor this larger display. You just have a larger canvas to draw. You just have more screen real estate to use the S Pen, so an awesome experience and, like I said, the best S, Pen, experience or the best tablet, stylus experience that you can currently get on the market in terms of the rest of the display. We kind of know what Samsung has to offer theyre some of the best displays on the market. So obviously really great contrast ratios really great viewing experience when you are watching any sort of content.

You do get slight letterboxing because of this aspect: ratio but its uh. You know nothing to kind of cry home about stuff looks great on it. It also has an in screen fingerprint sensor and for the rest of the hardware. Well, start off at the front because were still on the display, so you actually see we have a dual front front facing camera, so you just have these standard wide and Ultra wide and for that camera, when we go into say video chat, it actually has this Function on the ultrawide sensor, where youll have a feature called Auto framing, which is actually very similar to Center Stage over on the iPad. Essentially, when you have multiple people in frame, itll Zoom towards the person in Focus so right now, this obviously works with just the stock camera app and not quite sure. If that will be available for third party apps, like Zoom like Duo, but expect that to launch pretty soon and Im sure those third party apps will kind of build that in into their ecosystem into their apps. On the back, weve got a 13 megapixel Main and a 6 megapixel ultrawide. They can record in 4k, but uh. You know, Im still on the fence, do not be that person, whos, recording or taking photos with their tablet, especially something this size. You will look like the weirdest person, Mom Im gon na throw you under the bus again. I know youve snapped pics with your iPad before but um.

If you are that person I mean, I guess can be that person do what you want to do if it makes you happy and for the rest, my overall experience has been great. This is rocking the latest Snapdragon 8 gen 1 platform same as the s22 ultra. Obviously, depending which Ram option you get one UI 4.1 is really good, and this is where I have to give Samsung huge props. I think the tablet space is kind of tough in the regards that you are still running. Essentially a larger phone thats the same for iPad. I know we have iPad OS. Is it that much different from IOS? Not really, you could argue the same with Android tablets, but at least we have Samsung decks in this. It gives you a bit more versatility, almost like a Chromebook, so you can get by using this as your sole device, and you can even use this as a second monitor on your Windows machine. So I think thats great. I think the versatility on this is actually better than the iPad and I think a lot of you might argue against that, but yeah huge props to Samsung the best tablet that you can get. I love the fact that you you get extra accessories included. Mainly the S Pen battery wise youve got 11 200 milliamps youve got 45 watt fast charging Im getting around two days, pretty heavy usage and the nice thing about the Samsung ecosystem now, which is growing in the right direction.

If youve got a Samsung device like this one here, if you snap a photo, you can actually edit it live on your S8 Ultra, which I think is dope. It kind of, of course, mimics what weve got going on in iPad, or, I guess Mac OS iPad OS standard iOS. I think this is a much needed upgrade and I think its a real competitor over to the iPad. So just remember all the pre order bonuses, Ill leave down below and um yeah. If you guys end up snagging this, let me know which color option, or I guess spec you end up getting. I know I didnt really mention that too much. There are a couple different options. This one is like the graphite, almost the space gray, I know thats an Apple color and other than that very solid tablet, still a bit pricey in my opinion, and that screen, which seems to be a bit soft.