Now the company wants to do the same with tablets, releasing a completely unique beast, with a 14.6 inch screen, the galaxy tab s8 ultra. This is the largest tablet ive ever seen. Moreover, the first impressions of this size were like man. Is it too big? After all, it really is. This is not the tablet that is convenient to hold in your hands all the time. However, if you use it a little differently, for example on the table, then it becomes much more meaningful in this video. I want to focus on the practical experience of using this tablet. I want you to clearly understand who should buy this tablet. Lets go so. Yes, the galaxy tab s8 ultra is big. Very big nevertheless is built. Like most other tablets, weve come across with a flat glass front, aluminum frame and the rectangular shape galaxy. Tabas 8 ultra is remarkably thin. It seems like it would be easy to break the tablet in half with bare hands, but you know i havent tried in any case it must be handled very carefully, but the tablet has a completely dumb feature treacherous notch at the top of the display, its small, But its there and i really dont like it, but you know the display is so large that this intrusion is not so noticeable to me its more about the idea of such a decision by something that i dont like, but no matter how i feel about it.

The cutout has certain purposes first to make bezel theme. Secondly, the notch house is the excellent webcam system consisting of a 12 megapixel sensor and a 12 megapixel ultra white sensor with a 120 degree field of view. There is a magnetic strip on the back for s. Pen and a dual camera system, consisting of a 13 megapixel main and a 6 megapixel ultra weight on the left and right sides of the tablet. There are two grilles for speakers and at the bottom of the tablet there are keyboard connectors. This 14.6 inch display is impressive. The screen uses amoled technology, so the colors are rich and the contrast is high, which is especially useful for creative people who need good, color accuracy. The picture is super sharp thanks to such a large size, everything from instagram stories to youtube videos looks incredibly beautiful. Just wow the s pen has been gaining popularity lately, thanks to its comeback in the galaxy s22 ultra, however, the s pen on the smartphone and the one that comes with the tablet are completely different tools. The s pen stored inside the galaxy phone is much smaller and thinner. Usually you dont use it on the phone for too long, but the s pen for a tablet is a different story, as the pen is normal size and the screen is much larger than a phone screen having an s pen makes you want to use it as Often as possible, the galaxy tab – s8 ultra runs android 12 with samsungs one ui, so its basically a giant samsung smartphone.

However, you have some problems with apps on this screen. Many of them are not well optimized for large screens, especially for landscape orientation. This is indeed a problem that app developers dont want to fix. Samsung in turn is trying to fix this with dex mode. This is a special mode from the navigation bar that turns the user interface into a windows pc like desktop. This means applications can open in small resizable windows, for example, tick tock on the galaxy s8 ultra looks much better in dex mode. In addition to the fact that applications scale correctly, they also allow you to enhance multitasking capabilities. You can have 3 or 4 windows open at the same time, and thanks to the large 14.6 inch screen, information doesnt feel too cramped or tiny in general. This is incredibly useful mode for a galaxy tab. It provides a level of multitasking that no other tablet can achieve working on the galaxy tab. I said: ultra index mode is a pure pleasure. The galaxy tab – s8 ultra is also great for gaming, thanks to a snapdragon agent, one processor and plenty of ram 8, 12 or 16 gigabytes, depending on configuration shooters like call of duty, are even easier to control than on a phone. This is just an incredible immersive gaming experience. The quad speaker system sounds powerful, with decent bass, so its obviously a great machine for watching movies or just listening to music. The webcam is very good for video calls much better than laptop webcams.

Video quality resembles typical selfie cameras of samsung smartphones. You can also connect your galaxy tab, s8, ultra to your windows, pc via wifi, and use your tablet as a second screen, the 11 and 200 milliamp hours battery is as huge as the screen. When i use the machine in intensive mode, it consumes about 10 per hour. This is not bad, but keep in mind that if you use it like that, all the time you will have to charge it every day. In the end, i can say that the galaxy tab set ultra is a device for both entertainment and rooting live tasks, of course, with a slight focus on entertainment. If you need a device for work, then i would still recommend a laptop, especially considering the price of this tablet. It is big from 1100 plus you must definitely buy a keyboard cover. At the same time, it is completely wrong to perceive it solely for entertainment. No, it is a workstation with a screen that will allow you to get closer to the computer experience. Also, the tablet is well suited for video calls and dont forget about the samsung ecosystem. The tablet has many interesting features within the one ui ecosystem in terms of interaction with other samsung devices, headphones, smartphones and so on, and finally, the s pen. Yes, if you work with graphics, make frequent notes and so on, then you will appreciate the capabilities of the tablet. Galaxy tabberseat ultra will allow you to combine work and entertainment in one stylish device.