Last year, samsung shipped things up launching the tab, s7 plus the largest tablet wed ever seen from the electronics giant to feature a zingli, deep, ammo display and just a year on samsungs one upping itself with the tab. S8 ultra. The new 14.6 inch tablet combines a giant super emerald screen with four nm qualcomm internals, an incredibly thin chassis and a new and improved s pen. The tablet also features some neat integration with the samsung galaxy s22 ultra, as well as a dual front camera. So you can capture wide and ultra wide angle, photos from it costing dollar 1099 samsung is without a doubt, going after ipad market share, but with nothing in apples, portfolio packing quite as much size as the tab, s8 plus, making it an entirely unique proposition. The first thing that struck us about the tab – s8 ultra wasnt its screen size, but how thin it is. We thought the ipad pro 2021 12.9 was thin at 6.4 mm, but the tab s8 ultra takes the cake at 5.5 mm. Its armor aluminum casing helps it feel hardy enough. Despite this slimmest and samsung promises its more resistant to bending than past tabs. This slimmest is only highlighted by that massive screen, size 14.6 mm larger than many laptop screens, and whether drawing on with the s pen or swiping across with a finger everything feels expansive. The tablet is available in one color graphite and has a blasted metal matte finish around the back.

You can stow the s pen and theres also a dual camera system. The front camera is housed within a notch, though the rest of the tab, s8 ultras front, is pretty much all screen with a slight bezel making for an impressive 90 screen to body ratio when it comes to screen quality on paper, the tab s8 ultra is a Close match to the ipad pro with one key difference: super amoled screen technology ipads have had lcd screens since they first launched and while theyre incredibly high quality. The tab s8 ultras ammo display will deliver deeper blacks and likely zingier colors. The tab s8 ultra is also has a much wider angle screen than the ipad pro which clocks in with a 4 colon 3 aspect ratio. Meanwhile, samsung makes its tab s8 series 1610 slightly more widescreen than full hd. This means it will likely be a dream to watch content on showcasing much smaller black bars than the ipad line. As with the rest of the samsung galaxy tab, s8 series, the tab, s8 ultra features two rear cameras, a wide and an ultra wide system. The wide camera sports, a 13 megapixel resolution sensor measuring one slash 3.4 inch, thats matched with an f 2 lens and a 26 mm focal length, thats, complemented by a 6 megapixel ultra wide camera, with an f slash: 2.2 aperture. As for the selfie cameras, these are actually superior on paper when compared to the rear cameras will feature 12 megapixel resolution and support for 4k video capture samsung also includes auto framing, so you can place your tab s8 down and move about as it chooses optimal frame For you, sort of like some of the best live streaming cameras around, unlike the new samsung galaxy s22 ultra, the tab s8 line all feature: one processor, wherever you buy them a qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen1, with a starting capacity of 8gb ram and 128gb storage that spec Climbs up to 16 gb ram 512 gigabytes of storage in the highest capacity model.

You can also pick the tab s8 series up in wi fi and 5g versions running android 12 with samsungs tablet, optimized version of one ui 4.1 over the top, the tab. S8. Ultra promises, smart integration with the s22 ultra, for example, you can use the phone as a color picker, when working in clip studio were also looking forward to trying out lumi fusion, a video editing, app thats been exclusive to ios and ipad os thus far, but is Now being launched for samsungs tablet line loaded up with an ample 1120m ah battery, the tab, s8 ultra has reverse wired charging, so works as a power bank for your phone. It also charges up at four to five watt, nice and fast powering from 0 100. In less than 90 minutes, that said, as with the new samsung s22 phones, the tab s8 ultra doesnt ship with a fast charger in the box available for pre order. Now the ultra is one of the most exciting tablets weve seen in years, and with that striking screen, it could be the best tablet for photographers money can buy, especially given the fact it works as an extended monitor for windows 11 devices, the tab s8 ultra is A totally over the top, but very exciting tablet running with the idea that bigger is better it maxes out. Specs supports as pen input and features a dual front: camera for high quality ultra wide video calls and selfies with support for apps like lightroom, and that gorgeous 14.

6 inch super ammo display on paper. It should be a fantastic photography tool on first impression. So what do you guys think about this gigantic beast? Let me know it in the comments section and dont just subscribe, the channel to never miss any update, see you the next time.