6 inch tablet. In fact, almost no one has not even apple as such its the best tablet for those who need a lot of screen real estate launched at a samsung galaxy unpacked event in february 2022, alongside the samsung galaxy s22 ultra and the samsung galaxy s22, the new galaxy Tab s8 tablets pack, the latest tech and the most up to date, software into a new modern design. Previously, the samsung galaxy tab s7 plus, was the biggest galaxy tab on offer, with a 12.4 inch display. But for some it still wasnt big enough thats, where the new ultra comes in its best suited to work and creativity. But itll be great for watching tv and playing mobile games on two, so whats changed since the galaxy tab s7 series. The most obvious difference is that there are now three tablets in the series up from two: you get the choice between the samsung galaxy tab: s8. 11 inch screen the samsung galaxy tab, s8 plus 12.4 inch screen and the samsung galaxy tab, s8 ultra, which has the series first ever 14.6 inch screen. Other differences include the new dual front cameras, an upgraded chipset and the latest android 12 and one ui 4.1 software. As well as the fact that the s pen is now included in the box with a 14.6 inch, almost bezel free display the samsung galaxy tab. S8. Ultra is a big screen, beauty, its a slim slab of glass on a tough armor, aluminium body.

That looks and feels premium. You can only buy this tablet in one color graphite, its sleek matted, modern, weighing about 726 g. Its screen might be huge, but its actually very slim and like considering samsung calls this their thinnest biggest toughest samsung galaxy tavis. Yet the rear camera sits inside a glossy strip along the back. The strip is magnetic and doubles up as a wireless charger for the included s pen. Meanwhile, the two front cameras sit discreetly in a notch on the front around the frame, youll find the power button, the volume controls and a usbc charging port, offering one of the biggest tablet screens in the world. The samsung galaxy tab, s8 ultra is made for creators. The 14.6 inch super amoled screen is truly stunning. With about 16 million colors itll be a pleasure to use whether youre editing photos drawing or watching a movie. You wont find a better tablet screen right now. It responds quickly and accurately to touch and the 120 hertz refresh rate means it feels seriously smooth. The only downfall is that the screen, so big accidental taps can happen, especially when youre using the s pen, i found i kept tapping areas of the screen with the edge of my hand, by mistake to unlock the tablet theres an in display fingerprint sensor that works Well quickly and reliably registering my thumbprint each time you can also choose to use facial recognition if you prefer every tablet. In the tab, s8 series comes with the s pen included in the box.

Its very precise and the pressure sensitivity is great. It feels comfortable to hold because its not at all, clunky and its very easy to charge thanks to the magnetic wireless charging strip on the back. Although the placement of that means you cant snap it on when its lying flat on a table, if you plan to use this as a laptop, then you can also choose to buy a keyboard that doubles up as a case like the book cover, keyboard or book Cover keyboard slim, i didnt try this out, though, so i cant comment on how well that works. The camera system on this tablet is much more advanced than you get elsewhere above the screen, theres a discrete dual front: camera ultra wide plus wide both are 12 megapixel. On the back, youll find a 13 megapixel camera and a 6 megapixel lens, focusing on the front camera. The samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra will be perfect for video calls streaming and taking selfies the front. Camera is one of the best youll find on a tablet. Right now, you wont be played with a grainy image. You can film in resolutions up to 4k and it even includes samsungs new, auto framing that automatically detects up to 10 people in the shot and adjusts the frame to fit everyone in whether youre filming or video. Calling itll also let you pick one person to focus on so that the camera follows them around. The rear camera is less impressive, its a long way off the quality you get from the samsung galaxy s22 ultra, for example, itll be fine for taking quick snaps, but dont expect professional, looking shots, they lack sharpness and the colors arent quite true to life running on Android 12, with samsungs one ui 4.

1. The whole system and interface are bang up to date, and with that comes some really handy features. Youll be able to divide up the screen and have up to three windows open at once, which makes getting work done easier than ever. Youll be able to adjust the size and shape of each one and theres our preset layouts to organize the screen as well. To set it up, youll just need to drag and drop an app from the sidebar. Its super easy to do. Samsung has lots of partnerships to make their devices more efficient. To use this os works, particularly well with google, apps and google duo. In particular, you can call your friends or colleagues to easily share content from the device over to them, so you can all look at it together, whether thats your whole screen an app or a specific video. If you already own other samsung galaxy devices like a phone pc, headphones or a watch, it makes sense to buy a galaxy tablet because youll be able to make the most out of samsungs ecosystem of products where everything works seamlessly. Together day to day. That will mean the easy transfer of files, quick logins to your apps and accounts peace of mind, thanks to samsungs smartthings find as well as the ability to easily switch between devices packing. The latest 4nm octa core processor paul comes snapdragon, 8 gen 1, the samsung galaxy tab s8. Ultra promises plenty in the way of power, youll be able to expand it using a micro sd card as well.

It copes with just about any task with no problems at all its speedy and efficient. Even when you have a couple of windows open on the screen at once, but in saying that it doesnt quite match up to competition from apple on geekbench 5. It scored 1221 single core and 3 34 in multi core, which puts it very far behind the apple ipad, pro 12.9 inch 2021, which got 1720 and 6869 respectively and its even below the apple ipad. Air 2020 that picked up scores of 1574 and 4031. thats. Only the geekbench score, but in real life it doesnt feel laggy or anything different from a premium high end tech, so my opinion, its the best tablet in the market. Right now, when it comes to connectivity, the samsung galaxy tab, s8 ultra comes in a wi fi. Only version or with 5g, if you need it, both use the most up to date, wi fi 6 eso. If your router supports it, youll be able to make the most out of the fastest possible internet speeds on your network. Samsung claims that the 11200mah battery should last 14 hours of video playback, so i decided to test that out. I ran a local video on full brightness over the space of two hours. In that time, the battery level dropped by 24 percent, so it would have lasted just over eight hours for a tablet. Thats fine, even if its not quite as much as expected, do bear in mind that if you keep the brightness down, it will last longer boasting for akg speakers.

Audio is loud and clear from the samsung galaxy tab, s8 ultra. It doesnt compare to a separate speaker, but for such a slim tablet its powerful with a rich bassy sound while you might want to listen to music on a dedicated audio device. These speakers are fantastic for watching tv shows or movies and theyre great for video. Calls too youll also get a free microphone setup here with noise reduction technology to keep the focus on the call to cut a long story. Short the samsung galaxy tab. S8. Ultra is a seriously cool piece of kit and it can replace a laptop if you buy the optional keyboard for anyone who needs as much screen space as possible like for working on or if youre a creator. This is about the best and biggest tablet there. It is realistically, the huge screen will be overkill for most people and despite the fact that its so slim and light its still not going to be that easy to carry around with you if thats something you can get over, then everything about this tablet is top Tier the screen is stunning: the front cameras are better than youd find elsewhere, and it comes with the s pen included in the box. The battery life could be longer, but its still better than most other tablets out there. If you already own samsung tech, then choosing a tablet from the galaxy tab.