There are, but unfortunately, the company didnt release a new version of its premium galaxy tab s, series of android tablets last year and the last time we saw a tab. S was the tab s7 in 2020. and as usually the case with android tablets, we found samsungs tab s7 to be really impressive devices. On the hardware side, they were good. Looking premiumly built devices that were held back by androids flaws without a complete software overhaul its hard to think of what samsung can do to improve its galaxy tab s, series of tablets, but hey this year, weve got a new galaxy tab. It is the tab. S8. S8 plus and a new addition to the line, the tab s8 ultra Music. Not only is the tab s8 ultra branding similar to that of the s series, but its also according to samsung, the worlds only 14.6 inch super amoled display on an android two in one. I had a chance to play very briefly with the new galaxy tab, s8 series, and so far apart from the ultra model, they seem very similar to the last generation. This time around samsung focused on improving its cameras and the s pen experience on the s8 and s8 plus samsungs equipped the tab, s8 and s8 plus with a 12 megapixel front camera and thats. A good improvement from the 8 megapixel sensor from before, and just like. Last years, s7 series the s8 and s8 plus come in 11 inch lcd and 12.

4 inch super amoled configurations. They also both refresh at 120 hertz on the s8 ultra. However, youve got a 14.6 inch super amoled that also refreshes at 120 hertz, which is impressive, something that we havent really seen at this size. On the android side of things above, the ultras screens sit a pair of 12 megapixel sensors, one for ultra wide angles and one of the regulars. This allows for things like auto, framing features where, when samsung detects that there is more than one face in the scene, itll zoom out to accommodate and squeeze in more people into your video calls and during my hands on this worked well enough. When you tap on the auto framing button on the viewfinder and the app the system just switches over to the wider angle immediately and then its hunting for faces, i didnt get the chance to do this with a video calling app at our event, so well have To see how well it works on things like duo teams, zoom were not sure if its naturally integrated with third party apps yet, but we expect duo integration at least from the beginning. All three tab s8s also have dual rear cameras with a 13 megapixel primary and 6 megapixel wide option and theyre all capable of shooting 4k video. You know if youre the sort of monster that uses a tablet to shoot video the s8 ultra also has a three way mic setup and will offer you three different types of noise cancellation profiles to choose from on your calls and samsung has incorporated sort of an Ai that can detect human voices to prioritize them and minimize background noise.

Now, of course, at my hands on event, it was difficult to test this out. So this is something well really need to check out on a review unit out in the real world to know. For sure how well it works now, because these are samsung devices after all, weve come to expect great displays from the company and the s8 plus s8 ultra super amoled screens are, as expected, very very nice to look at the videos that i saw on the 14.6 Inch amoled for the s8 ultra were lovely. They had dark blacks, beautiful contrast, ratios and really bright, vivid colors. Of course, i didnt spend as much time with the smaller s8s, but from my quick glance, they also appeared to be satisfying. Another thing that samsung does well is its s: pen and the tab s8 ultra according to the company, represents the best writing experience. Theyve made the s pen works with the 120hz screen to have a very responsive experience, and the company says its added a predictive algorithm to just make it feel. Like the pen knows what youre about to write, of course, without a side by side comparison to older generations of the s pen, it was hard to tell just how much better this is, but again, based on my brief and limited hands on experience. I found writing on the s8 ultra to be very smooth. I didnt feel like it could predict where i was going, but i did enjoy scribbling what little words i was able to on the tablet.

I was more impressed by what appears to be very much improved. Palm rejection, at least on the app that i was using, which is samsungs notes in the past when youre writing with an s pen on a tablet. Your palm obviously would leave marks all over the rest of the paper where your pen wasnt touching the screen. This time around, nothing happened when i laid my palm on the screen, while riding so really does seem like an improvement. So far as with previous models, the s pen docks to the back of the tablet. Magnetically theres no on board slot here, but if you do buy the book cover, there will be a little sort of housing built into that, so that your s pen can nestle comfortably in to the case. The book cover also provides a sort of kickstand for the s8 ultra, though i didnt find it all that sturdy. When i was using the tablet in my lap or using the whole setup with the kickstand on my lap anyway, it was sturdy enough on a surface like a table, i also enjoyed the spacious layout on the keyboard case that samsung had on display, with the 14.6 Inch tab s8 ultra the keyboard cover and the book cover are things youll get for free if you pre order the tab, s8 or s8 ultra, and if you dont, theyre gon na cost, you extra, you can pre order these starting today february 9th and the tab As a ultra starts at eleven hundred dollars, while the s8 plus and s8 start at 900 and 700 respectively, for that price, the configurations come with eight gigs of ram to start with and all are powered by the same four nanometer processor.

That is also running. The s22 series. Youll also find microsd card support here, which is nice for the people who know that theyre gon na need a lot of extra storage. Now i know this is just a very brief glimpse and light hands on of the new tab s8 series, with a particular focus on the tab: s8 ultra, but im already excited to get one out in the real world to start testing it theres still a lot Of things i wasnt able to test, for example, theres a feature that samsung says will allow you to take a photo that you shot on your galaxy s phone and then bring it up on your tab, s8 and edit. It really quickly, just like you could, on previous galaxy devices, also for those of us pc users youre supposed to be able to use the tab s8 easily. As a second screen with a few software, tweaks, samsung and microsoft work together to make that easy to set up with just a few swipes its features like that and android 12l, which is currently in beta and might come out to the tab s8 series that could Make android tablets in general, better two in ones and specifically the tab s8 series being the best looking of them all might be a real contender here.