S8 ultra. I just got this um. This is a review unit from samsung hong kong, but unfortunately i only got the tablet. I did not get the keyboard, which is a bummer, because this machine i feel like is built for productivity use like this is a 14.6 inch panel, its a 14.6 inch tablet and when you get a tablet, this big youre probably going to want to do real Work with this, you know its not a tablet that you just hold sit on a sofa to watch netflix. Fortunately, i was able to pair the galaxy tap s8 to this bluetooth keyboard, and this is an apple trackpad actually, but it actually works. I can navigate through this and pretty normally and have all my gestures too, so swipe up with three fingers to jump into app overview. You go to the bar two finger swipe up to exit out of the app, so this trackpad actually works but um. You know this is a compromise setup. I would much rather test this with the keyboard cover case. I think samsung calls it like galaxy book cover, but its pretty nice. I actually tested this during my hands on and that keyboard was excellent along with that trackpad. But for now ill be using the tap s8 for this, so this is obviously not a review, because i just got this thing like 30 minutes ago. This is a powerhouse 14.6 inch, oled display wq hd plus resolution 120.

Hertz animations are fluid as hell. It runs on android 12, with one ui 4.1 on top and theres, like 11 600 milliamp hour battery inside this thing, its also really thin at just 5.5 millimeters in thickness. Now, obviously, when you get a keyboard case with this, it will add a little bit of bulk, but just the tablet by itself is thin but, like i said, if youre buying this youre gon na get the keyboard case, i mean very few. People are gon na. Just use this tablet like this all the time now you do get an s pen included with the package which, which is great because with ipads you have to buy that apple pencil separately. Now i have not tried using the s pen, yet this is my first time setting up lets, see if it oh okay, so this is possible automatically, because this is my first time like pulling the s pen out of the package. So, to show you stuff that you can do translate is apparently going to be a big thing. You can translate up to like 88 different languages. Now i dont really think the s pen is super necessary on a phone. You know like its fun to play with when im using a galaxy note device or s22 ultra, but ultimately the screens a little bit small and the s pen that comes with the galaxy phones are a little bit short and narrow to be comfortably used.

This is actually like a normal pencil size and this canvas is huge. So now this is gon na be great, so i am someone who used to draw as a teenager. I mean i was never that good, but i read a lot of american comics, so i just grew an interesting drawing the latency of this s. Pen is really low, its like 0.2 milliseconds or something so it really. You dont see any delay. So such a large screen youre going to want to watch videos with this, so well do a speaker test. I think speakers are going to be really good horrible, no kd, no kyrie, no ben simmons and you lose a 28 point lead now. The chip inside is a snapdragon, 8 gen 1, so its the most powerful chip in android. Right now, we know its going to be great handling, android, apps and also any game. So this will be awesome for gaming too. The real test is whether or not this chip is enough to basically function as a computer, because, with a galaxy tab s8 ultra, you have a large screen youre going to want a pair of a keyboard and go into decks mode, which will turn into a laptop. Like setup, okay, now were in dex mode, you can use a trap and keyboard and just open apps, and when you open apps, it opens in a floating resizable window. So that means you can open multiple apps at once, unlike on an ipad where youre locked to maximum three apps with two apps really two apps at once, and maybe three but yeah like i said this is not a review by any means.

I am just showing you guys my setup for the tab, essay ultra and im gon na try to use this as a computer im gon na try to work off this for the next week. Again, i wish i had the official keyboard that would be a full on samsung experience, but so now i have to use an apple trackpad along with this setup and of course you can also just use this as a giant size smartphone. So if youre watching like instagram stories, it will look really immersive on such a large screen 14.6 inch display so yeah thats about it. For this first look a really quick look really of the samsung galaxy tab sa ultra. I will be back with a full review of this after i get a better experience with the device, but the screen looks amazing, so i have a lot more content coming up, including reviews of the s22 ultra and im gon na. Do a camera test too. Painting that showing to ultra against other phones, so if youre interested in keep up to date with all the latest like tech and gadgets subscribe to my channel or follow me on instagram at bens gadget reviews.