Its been a long while, since theyve brought this philosophy to their premium tablet range, and this time it looks like samsung are set to change that with the now official tab, s8 ultra hi ben from sound mobile. If you enjoy new and exclusive videos like this, then be sure to like subscribe and turn the notifications, so you dont miss any new videos on youtube with mobile tv heres. Our super quick hands on with the galaxy tab. S8 ultra the tab sa ultra comes in one color, which is graphite, although relatively slim in thickness and profile. The size of the tablet is huge, with dimensions coming in at 208.6, millimeters in width 326.4 millimeters in height and 5.5 millimeters in thickness. Thanks to the construction of materials, it does feel well balanced, but you still cant get away from the weight and the sheer size of it in the hands, as it does top out at 728 grams for the 5g model and 726 grams for the wi fi model. Speaking of the materials being used, the tab s8 ultra is using armor aluminium for an all metal unibody design. You have quad speakers with dolby atmos support and whats great is that you do have attachment points for the included in the box s pen on the tab. Sa ultra, this is a very large and very well constructed tablet, no doubt, and it really seems to take the ultra name to a whole new level in build and design for samsungs flagship tablet range Music away from the sheer size of the tap sa ultra.

The display takes a large front and center approach to really make a statement in the ultra name, its packing. A massive 14.6 inch super amoled display with a wq xga plus resolution at 2960×1848, but with a 120hz high refresh rate. You do, of course, get s pen support and, although i did not get to see this in action, you do get an in display fingerprint sensor for the biometric unlock as well. Whats, unique and different. This time around is the choice of the design style for the ultra samsung have opted for thin bezels to the extent where now there is a small notch cut out at the top center housing, the selfie cameras now honestly in person, it feels so small and unobtrusive That you really wont notice it at all, regardless of the orientation of the tablet being used. It still does make me feel that, because of this, and also with how thin the bezels are that they could have done away with it all together, this might just be down to a design style to stand out from the other tablets, but overall, its workable and Not really much of an issue that in mind this display right here is pretty much the biggest selling point in why you would want to consider the tab. S8 ultra Music in terms of the specs and the performance, the tab. S8 ultra comes in three different configurations which are all powered by the snapdragon 801 four nanometer soc here in uk and europe.

The base configuration comes with eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage, followed by 12 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage and then the top configured with 16 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabytes of storage. Its great to see that you do get a micro sd card slot for expansion for up to an additional one, terabyte of storage. You also get support for wi, fi, 6e and bluetooth 5.2. Their specs are near enough more than speak for themselves and brings the best of the best of what samsung have to offer for their flagship android tablet. In terms of the camera, the tap s8 ultra is using a dual camera for the rear, backed with a dual sensor lens for the front facing camera combo. The main camera at the back is a 13 megapixel camera with autofocus, and the second camera is a six megapixel ultra wide with dual flash. The front facing cameras are both 12 megapixel, one being a standard, wide angle and the second using an ultra wide with a 120 degree field of view. This could explain why, in the end, samsung opted for a small notch cut out housing. Both the cameras in a thin bezel package for the front display the ultra wide lens for the front facing camera will really come in handy for video conference. Call along with the fact that samsung have tweaked the triple microphones and software for better sound pickup and background noise reduction, coupled with the quad speakers with dolby atmos support features like video call effects and also auto framing to keep yourself and multiple people in frame when, On a conference call will be used as well as always in the end, how the real world experience will be for the cameras and the overall audio experience for the tab.

Sa ultra is yet to be seen once we have. It hopefully well have an opportunity to test it out properly. One ui tab 4, with android 12, is running at the heart of the software for the tab. Sa ultra with this true multitasking and pc, like features and performance, is here from dex to multiple apps running side by side in multi window. This is where the size of the display really starts to shine and come into play on the tab. S8 ultra samsung says youll be able to use the tablet ultra as a second display from your windows, pc and laptop, that supports it, which i can see being a great use of productivity and increasing it as well with touch controls and, of course s, pen support. It would be near enough impossible to cover all the software features on tap here, but from the lit weve seen so far. The software is not lacking at all Music. If size matters, then the tab. S8. Ultra answers to call again with the battery capacity is packing an 11 200 milliamp battery with support for 45 watt super fast charging 2.0. The trend of having no charger in the box has made its way over to the tab s8 series, as you will only get the usb type c to c cable with the included s pen starting price of the tablet. Ultra wi fi only models start from 999 pounds and go up to 1099 pounds and 1 249 pounds respectively.

The 5g models start at 1149 pounds and go up to 1 249 pounds and 1 ‘9 pounds respectively. These prices demand as much as the sheer size of the tab sa ultra. This brings into question the purpose and who this tablet is for im overall impressed that samsung have been able to be bold and brave enough to bring such a large premium tablet to the market and as much as they are currently, the only oem taker android tablet Seriously, i cant help but feel that the go large or go home nature of the tab say ultra might just be asking a bit too much. All around. Only time will tell if thats really the case. You share the same thoughts. Let us know in the comment section below for the latest news in the world of samsung daily, be sure to visit us at and follow the latest.