S8 tablet. They all look promising, but one loomed large above the rest. In my mind, the galaxy tab – s8 ultra, perhaps its the ultras. Remarkably, large 14.6 inch 120hc ammo display that helps it stand out from the pack. We wont know for sure how well it stacks up against the best tablets on the market until we review one ourselves stay tuned, but its certainly one of the largest and most powerful android tablets you can buy. Plus you can connect a detachable keyboard to the ultra hook, it up to an external display and multitask across multiple screen using samsung stacks mode. So you can conceivably use it. Just like an android powered laptop, but is it worth the expense and hassle? Could you really replace your laptop with this super sized android tablet theres, certainly precedent for that. In fact, some of the best two in one laptops we recommend, are tablets with attachable keyboards, but none of them are android tablets. Yet to help you decide whether the s8 ultra could replace your laptop lets break down what it can do and how it stacks up against some of the best laptops around the galaxy tab. S8 ultra is a beast of an android tablet and, while youll pay a premium price to kit it out with all the bells and whistles that does make it a compelling productivity device. So, if youre already in the market for a new tablet, heres how the galaxy tab s8 ultra could do double duty as a decent, laptop replacement.

First and foremost, you should probably splurge for the upgraded model with 16 gb of ram. Since you want to work and multitask with as little stuttering as possible, the dollar 350 backlit book covered keyboard is also probably a worthwhile investment, though we cant say for sure how comfortable it will be to type on until we get one in for testing ourselves. If the high price gives you a headache, you can always invest in a cheaper standalone, bluetooth, keyboard and just pair it to the ultra. When you need it, just keep in mind. It wont attach so youll need to carry it with you. If you plan to do any work on the go, you can also connect a mouse to the tablet, preferably via bluetooth. As the s8 ultras single usb c port can also be used to output video for more pc like experience to really crank your productivity up to the next level, youll want to hook the ultra up to an external display, via its usb c port, which can also Output, video via display port thanks to its display port out functionality. You can also connect to a display wirelessly via mirror cast as long as both devices are on the same wi fi network. This is where samsungs dax mode can really comes in handy as its designed to make using android more like using a pc if youve never used x mode before samsungs primer on what it is and how it works contains.

A lot of useful info put simply switching into x mode changes the interface into something resembling a windows desktop. The app tray gets relocated to the bottom left corner. Just like the old windows start button and apps optimized for the x, including all of samsungs core apps. Can be maximized, minimized, resized and moved around the home screen? Even unoptimized apps can be manipulated like this. Thanks to an experimental dex feature, though apps might not always play along. One of the big selling points of samsung devices is that they offer a lot of potentially useful interoperability with each other and thats true into x mode as well. You can use your samsung phone or tablet as a touchpad into x mode, meaning you dont even really need a mouse when the s8 ultra is connected to a display. You can just use your tablet as a giant 14.6 inch. Touchpad and remember it comes with an s pen packed in so the giant touchpad can double as a canvas and sketch pad. I should also point out that samsung now has to x apps for windows and mac pc. That means you can hook the s8 ultra up to your existing pc or laptop via usbc and share files or work across both devices simultaneously. So if you already have a pc set up in a comfortable arrangement at home or in the office, you can just hook your s8 ultra up to your pc and use it that way.

So, if youre in the market for a new tablet that can also replace your laptop samsungs galaxy tab, s8 ultra seems like the most compelling option to date with its massive amoled screen, cutting edge snapdragon 8 gen 1 chip and dual front facing webcams. It should be great for entertainment and video calls when its time to get to work. The versatility of the x mode gives you a lot of options for using the ultra, like you would a pc and when its time to log off the ultra should be pretty easy to throw in a bag.