Today we are going to review everything you want to know about samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra, but before starting. Please, like this video, and also please subscribe to my channel almost a decade ago, samsung released a smartphone with a screen that was deemed comically big at the time. Some people mocked it, but within a few years that became the industry norm and phone screen sizes have been escalating ever since the big screen trend started with the samsung galaxy mega, but moved on to the samsung galaxy note lineup very quickly and has since spread across The entire smartphone industry now in 2022 samsung is attempting to do the same in the tablet space with a 14.6 inch screen and an overall footprint measuring 8.2 inches tall and almost 13 inches wide. The new samsung galaxy tab – s8 ultra, is the biggest tablet we have ever seen. There is no mainstream tablet in the world with a screen. This big and like many, my initial reaction was this seems a bit too big and in a way it is the galaxy tab. S8 ultra is not a tablet. Youd want to use entirely handheld for extended periods of time, but once you consider that it is designed to be used propped up on a desk at least a chunk of the time, then the whole package makes a lot of sense. The galaxy tab s8 ultra is the most versatile mobile device, meaning it is the best device for both work and play.

The samsung galaxy tab s8 ultra along with its two smaller siblings. The tab, s8 and tab s8 plus are available for pre order now and start shipping on february 25th. The galaxy tab s8 ultra starts at 1099 for the base model, with only wi fi connectivity and 8 gb ram. With 128 gb storage. There are pricier models with 5g connectivity, 16 gb of ram and up to 512 gb of storage. Although availability may vary by region in the us, for instance, you cannot purchase the galaxy tab, s8 ultra in a cellular, neither lte only nor 5g variant. It has quite awesome design and look the stunningly beautiful screen, but a bit too big and heavy to just hold with your hand, youll want to prop it against a wall or rested on the thigh, while seated other than it being much larger. The galaxy tab. S8. Ultra is built like most other tablets, were familiar with flat blast panel up front aluminum frame and a rectangular form. There is a notch at the top of the display, but its a small one that doesnt dig into the screen much. The notch house is an excellent webcam system, at least by laptop or tablet standards consisting of a 12 megapixel with f 2.2 aperture lens and a 12 megapixel ultra wide with 120 degree field of view. Theres a visor strip around the back to which the s pen included with the package attaches magnetically. The visor leads to a rear camera system featuring a 13 megapixel main and 6 megapixel ultra wide camera.

There are two speaker grilles on the left and right sides and pogo pins at the bottom of the tablet, for attaching to samsungs keyboard case. Officially named book cover keyboard at 5.5 millimeters, the galaxy tab s8 ultra is remarkably thin, especially since it packs an 11 200 mah. Battery inside is a snapdragon 8 gen 1, with either 8 gb, 12 gb or 16 gb of ram, depending on the configuration the 14.6 inch display here is, in a word stunning, its a samsung super amoled panel with a 120 hertz refresh rate and a resolution of 2960 and 1848 pixel, just by virtue of being so large everything from instagram stories to youtube videos to comic book pages, look more immersive than beautiful. In fact, this is the best device to read american comic books, because its the rare screen that is actually larger than the original printed page, which means images, do not have to be shrunken down even on a 12.9 inch ipad pro. The page has to scale down to fit entirely inside the screen. The s pen has been having a nice run of press lately thanks to its reemergence in the galaxy s 22 ultra. But to be honest, i have always found the s pen and galaxy. Note phones, a nice bonus, but not entirely essential to the experience. Ultimately, the s pen that comes stored inside a galaxy phone is far too small and thin to be held comfortably for long and even though 6.

7 inches is large for a phone screen, its still a bit cramped for a sketchbitter notebook. I dont mind that the s pen is in the galaxy s 22 ultra, but i wouldnt be sad if it wasnt either the s pen makes so much sense for a screen. This big, but the s pen for samsungs tablet thats another story, since the stylus is normal sized and the screen is significantly larger than a phone screen. The presence of the s pen suddenly makes me want to rediscover my childhood dream of wanting to draw comics samsung. Even lowered the latency this year to 2.8 millisecond, which is lower than even the apple pencils 9 millisecond. I dont really see a difference to be honest, as both the s pen and apple pencil feel equally responsive to my eyes. What i do prefer is the s pen, soft rubbery tip, as opposed to the apple pencils, hard plastic tip theres. Just more friction when i drag the s pen across the tab, s8 ultra screen, then, with the apple pencil over the ipad. Pro display samsung also built some very useful software tricks into the s pen, including the ability to translate text by highlighting grabbing screenshots and specific shapes and my personal favorite, the ability to convert written text to digital text. While the s pen is included with the galaxy tab, s8 ultra package, the keyboard case, which samsung calls book cover keyboard technically requires a separate purchase.

But right now, samsung has a pre order deal in most regions of the world that include the keyboard case, free of charge with the purchase of the galaxy tab s8 series device. I highly recommend anyone who wants to buy one to take this offer now because you wont be getting the galaxy tab. S8 ultras full potential if you dont use it with a keyboard. The keyboard case is really good, but the keyboard case is also really expensive. The book cover keyboard is a two part case, the back cover with kickstand snaps onto the back of the tablet, the separate keyboard and track. The cover part connects to the tablets bottom pogo pins. The kickstand can open a wide variety of angles and the back flap also covers the s pen, making it much harder to fall off accidentally. But the star of the show is that keyboard intracted, the keyboard, is generously spaced backlit and has a row of f keys. That can control the galaxy tab. S8 ultra screen brightness volume, as well as software actions like launching apps or grabbing screenshots. The trackpad is also very large by tablet standards, but its not quite as precise as the best in class trackpad in apples, magic keyboard for the ipid pro the galaxy tab, s8 ultra will still occasionally think im trying to tap on something when im just dragging my Finger to move the mouse cursor still the trackpit experience is overall good. There are useful multi finger gestures to quickly cycle through apps or jump back out to the home screen with the book cover keyboard attached.

The galaxy tab. S8 ultra has hardware that closely resembles a laptop now. The only thing that needs to work is software and samsung has done an admirable job. There too, android has a lot of work to do to be tablet optimized, but one ui bridges, some of the gaps, dex mode unlocks multitasking not seen on any other tablet, not even ipids. The galaxy tab. S8 ultra runs on android 12 with samsungs one ui. On top considering the components and the software, it is really just a super sized gigantic samsung smartphone. In fact, since my model has a sim tray for 5g support, samsung even includes the phone dialer app in the devices dock, meaning i can technically use it as a comically large phone. Would i advise you do so? Absolutely not. Please just use your phone instead. The fact that by default, this is just a blown up, android phone is what holds most android tablets back. Most android apps are just not well optimized for larger screens, particularly landscape wide screen orientations which samsung, xiaomi and huawei all like to use for their tablets. The best example of this is twitter. On an ipad. Twitter is optimized for apples, tablet, screen size and aspect ratio showing a two pane layout with a navigation dock on the left on androids version of twitter, it will open like its a phone app, no matter the screen, size or aspect ratio, which means on a tablet. In landscape mode, a single tweet will stretch and fill the entire display looking really stupid.

The lack of tablet optimization for apps is a chicken or egg problem that creates a vicious cycle for android tablets. App developers dont bother optimizing apps for android tablets, because android tablets dont sell nearly as well as ipads theres much more money in building ipad apps, but until apps stop looking ridiculous on android tablets, most android tablets will get bad reviews leading to low sales. Fortunately, samsung realizes the android apps looking stupid problem and it attempts to fix this with dex mode, which is essentially a sandbox within samsungs android software that turns the ui into a windows pc like desktop. This means apps can open in smaller resizable windows twitter on the galaxy tab. S8 ultra looks a lot better in dex mode than in standard android mode. Not only do apps open and scale properly now, but this also brings the added benefits of significantly improving multitasking. I can now open up to three or four apps or windows at once, and because the 14.6 inch screen is so large, the information doesnt feel too cramped or tiny dex mode isnt perfect, because it is ultimately forcing android apps to behave in a certain way. Sometimes there are odd behaviors, like google docs, always opening new documents in a separate window or chrome staying in mobile view, even when ive expanded it to fill the 14.6 inch screen. Ultimately, if you want apps to consistently work well on a tablet screen, hepatos is still doing a better job, but samsung has done a lot of work to improve the terrible android tablet experience and i think dex mode can continue to get better and when dex mode Works well, it allows me a level of multitasking that no other tablet, not even the ipid can achieve.

Is the multitasking desktop experience more seamless than using an actual mac or windows laptop? No, but the galaxy tab s8 ultra can do so much more because it can do a good enough job, both as an android device and as a computer, because the galaxy tab s8 ultra is so large. I think its better suited propped on a desk with a keyboard case than is a handheld tablet. But if you can offset some of the weight in bulk, like propping the tablet against a pillow on a bed or on a stand that holds up the device on its own, then the tablet experience can be mesmerizing. As i mentioned up top just by virtue of the screen being so large, everything just looks more stunning, particularly content that spans the entire screen like instagram stories. There have been times when i have muttered wow to myself, because i happen to scroll to a particularly visually appealing. Instagram story stretched across the beautiful 14.6 inch canvas the galaxy tab. S8 ultra is also great for gaming, with a snapdragon 8 gen 1 and a copious amount of ram i even plugged in a controller and had an hours, long gaming session on the game max pane. The quad speaker system is fine tuned by 8kg and sounds great. So this is obviously a great movie watching machine too other than it being too heavy and large to hold without support theres, not much. You can complain about if youre, using the galaxy tab s8 ultra as a giant sized android device.

I already mentioned the dex mode, fixes a lot of app scaling issues and improves multitasking significantly and for the most part, i have been able to do real work off this machine without issues. In fact, i typed a chunk of this review on the galaxy tab. S8. Ultra at a coffee shop, the webcam is also very good for video calls much better than my 2019 macbook webcam. It can record footage in 4k, with 30fps or 1080 with 60fps and quality mostly resemble a typical samsung smartphone selfie camera taking look of its battery life. The 11200 mah battery here is huge, but so is the screen, so they sort of even out when i use the machine as a full on productivity machine with samsungs web browser opened with multiple tabs, along with slack twitter, feed and spotify streaming. In the background, the galaxy tab s8 ultra drains about 11 of battery per hour when you are watching netflix it drains much slower at about seven to eight percent per hour. Basically, you can get a good 9 to 11 hours of use on a single charge. This is pretty good, but youll still want to charge it nightly. If you plan to have heavy usage, you do get 45 watt wired fast charging on the tab s8 series, but since the batteries are so big, it doesnt really make the charging experience particularly quick price, starting at 1100. The galaxy tab s8 ultra is obviously not cheap and honestly, if youre getting this just as a handheld tablet for watching videos on the couch or going on social media, its not worth it, you should buy the less expensive galaxy tab, s8 or galaxy tab s8, plus.

Instead or maybe an ipad air, the galaxy tab s8 ultra to me is worth it. If you know you will use it as a productivity machine. Now you can do the same things on the smaller galaxy tab s8 devices, as you can on the ultra, but that 14.6 inch screen really improves multitasking. However, if you are just going to use the galaxy tab, s8 ultra exclusively for desk bound work, then youre better off just buying a proper laptop because dex mode as great as it is isnt flawless. The galaxy tab s8 ultra fits into a specific niche, a single device for both tablet, entertainment activities and getting real work done. I love that. Not only can i switch between the two seamlessly, but i can also often mix the two ill have a word document opened. While i have a youtube video playing in the corner of the screen or ill be in a zoom call, while im actively scrolling through instagram at the same time with the galaxy tab, s8 ultra, i can mix work and play and for me its worth the eleven Hundred dollars, particularly with the keyboard case, included free of charge. After discussing everything in detail its time to decide who should buy it and who shouldnt those who want a single device, that can be their work and play machine or someone fully immersed in android or samsungs ecosystem and wanting a large screen device to use those services Should buy it because this device will suit you perfectly well those people who just want a machine for work get a laptop instead or people who want a highly portable tablet to hand carry around the house.

This is too big and heavy for that.