The new hp spectre 16. – these just came out a few days ago and ive – been using one as a daily driver. 16 inch i7. But i cant record this review right now, either and im going to tell you why. So let me put this over here and that is a fingerprint magnet, but look what came to the door when the doorbell rang. It is not out yet Music, s22 ultras, im gon na open this box and uh gon na get me a first look but were not finished. Look at this now tj. Look at that! Look at this box right! This is smart. Why do tablets come in boxes? This thick, when theyre only this thin, think about the shipping costs and the freight costs that youre saving. When you get like two of these or three of these in the volume of one, this is 14.6 inch. S8 ultra. I wanted the 256. I couldnt get it these things were sold out for months and they had a bundle deal if you pre ordered fast, which i did so. I was able to get the 128 gig, so this is only gon na have eight gig of ram done done. I feel like clark griswold, i need a drum roll before i open the box theres, not many things. You can get excited about right. You know so when the new piece of tech comes out and not just a new piece of tech, but a uniquely new piece of tech nobodys got a tablet this size and oh, my word is that thin.

You see i played around with the surface book years ago when that came out. You know i had the screen that clipped off and they called it a clipboard and it lasted like two hours, which was terrible microsoft. But i like the idea of it, but the thing with big tablets is they always felt so ridiculously big because they were thick and heavy dude. This thing i mean okay yeah its heavier than the phone right, but not by much like in the hand to hold this is not a heavy tablet. Lets see if i can get it open whatever this fabric is, it feels pretty uh lets put you over there. So in the box we have the tablet, got another pen. Weve got pens coming out my ears right now. What im gon na do with them all. I wish there was a way to hide this somewhere, but there isnt, although i believe from the photos that there is a magnetized something on the back, so you can do that and i think i saw a picture with it. Magnetized on the side. I dont know other than the pen again not a whole lot in this bad boy: im guessing charging, cable and micro sd, so its not a sim tool, but it can take micro, sd card upgradeable memory, thats a cool feature, thats, something i would use on a Regular basis put a terabyte in this bad boy and use it for your daily driver dude.

It feels tall like to hold in my hand. Now it feels tall, but its not so top heavy like you would expect the taller. It goes that it would tip over. I mean its there, but you know my ipad pro was pretty heavy like it was just a heavy tablet and it was definitely a chunky thing compared to this. That doesnt feel that bad and this way honestly dude its like im its like im at the movies. If i was watching something on this, its literally like im watching a movie screen, hey peeps its a late night edition of mike drops tech, we got our hands on some new samsung galaxy goodies. Just a few days before the official launch so were burning the midnight oil here to get you a little bit of a look at the new toys before they come out in case you still deciding whether or not to buy one. So first up is going to be the tab: s8 ultra. They release three new tablets, an s8 and s8 plus, and they are basically identical to the s7 and the s7 plus same size same look and feel pretty much give or take you know a 0.1 millimeter or whatever the difference is, and then they released this new Bad boy, the ultra. Now i got to tell you i, like the naming convention, youve got the pros. Youve got the pro maxes youve got the pluses. Youve got all these weird and wonderful names and then along comes ultra im, not sure how you top it im.

Guessing somebodys going to try it, but right now it just sounds awesome ultra. So the ultra is a 14.6 inch tablet and you might be thinking to yourself. Why did they go to 14.6 from the 12 point, whatever that the plus was ive got a theory about this? If you hold the tablet vertical in portrait mode – and you put it side by side with an ipad pro. Interestingly, the width of the ultra is almost identical to the width of the ipad pro, but the ultra obviously is a 1610 screen ratio, whereas the ipad is a 3 2 screen ratio. Personally, i still think a 3 2 is the best ratio for a tablet being held in your hand, but they got the width where its really usable, because my gripe with the previous gen s7 plus is it was great in landscape or widescreen mode. But you flip it, you know kind of vertical and it was skinny. I mean it was skinny. If youre trying to read a web page youre trying to read a book on a kindle or whatever i mean it was so by going a little bit wider. I think they made it a lot more usable. I think paige is going to render the right way and you and me are going to have a lot more fun playing with it, so thats my theory on how they got to that screen size now, 14.6 whats been amazing to me as ive been playing with It is just how usable it is in the hand the thinness the weight creates, a balance that really is about as balanced as you could hope for for something this size.

Obviously, if youre in portrait and youre holding it with your hands at the bottom, it is going to feel a little bit top heavy. But if your hands are anywhere from about a third to the midpoint, its going to feel pretty, even if youre holding it in widescreen mode or landscape mode, it feels great. I think the big difference between this and something like a surface pro 8 or even a surface book where the screen clips off the microsoft devices. They have a bit more heft and a bit more size to them and its not that its bad. But for a lightweight portable tablet, those few millimeters make the world of difference. I dont know how it is, but in your hand the feel is a lot more than you would think by the differences on paper. I think it feels great. Are you going to be thumb typing in widescreen mode unless youve got hands the size of hercules? I dont think so, but if you flip it in portrait mode, if you can handle a 12.9 inch ipad pro, this is going to be a piece of cake because its a couple millimeters narrower. Let me get some scale for you heres my head, its not a big one, but tablet versus human head of mic. I think i can almost get two heads side by side here in almost life size and if i go this way, im definitely getting one life size.

This is a big tablet. I dont know whether theyve got it right or not. Im gon na have to play with it holy moly. Does it look magnificent first power on i dont care? What anybody says, samsungs ammo led displays are the best hands down. They make the best displays of any mobile device. When i look at this and i look at the hp spectre, that ive been using as a daily driver for the last week or two while ive been testing that one out when i look at this compared to my macbook air. When i look at this compared to a surface laptop, its very subjective, to say, one screen is better than another: usually theres, a trade off well, the brightness is higher knits. Well, the colors are a little bit more saturated. Well, you know it handles this different as an all around screen. All i can say is it has been a joy for my eyeballs to look at this screen. They are screaming with the choirs singing hallelujah and enjoying how it looks. It is smooth. The colors are crisp and sharp and vibrant the fonts, and the text sizes are great. I turned mine down on the screen size setting just a little bit because its a little bit big. I like it tighter because i want to be able to use this as a laptop as well as a tablet, and so as far as look feel fit finish.

Premium tablet very thin feels light screens. Amazing thats it for the hardware side of things. So lets talk about a couple of other goodies. If you pre ordered this, and there is still time if youre watching this review on the day it comes out, they are throwing in a keyboard pack. That is ridiculously expensive its 349. In my opinion, however, its also genius what they have done is theyve taken the best of the surface pro and said we get it a tablet. This size needs to have some kind of a kickstand theyre. Absolutely right and apple is wrong on this. What i like about samsung is the way theyve approached it dude. The keyboard case is bigger than the tablet itself, so it looks like ive got a back cover and a keyboard, so this is a two part accessory now 350, which i think is obscenely expensive. You know these guys sell tablets that cost less than that, and this is just the accessory for the tab – s 8 series, but again because of the pre orders and as im filming this, its still pre order. Time, im not sure when i get this video up in time. So if i dont then forgive me, i guess well, edit, that out tablet meet the cover and now thats magnetically attached on, but look what ive got. Oh yeah, you can thank microsoft on the surface. For that, so i can use it skinnier naked if i want to, but then i can also just put the back on and just use the back.

This is such a good idea like for real, because how many times do you want to just prop the thing up using it in the kitchen or at the table, and i dont need the keyboard on it all the time if im, if im working on my Desktop my laptop thats docked in or whatever doing like real stuff, and this is a secondary display. I dont necessarily need the keyboard getting in the way. So now i can just dock the keyboard, its just going to magnetize to the bottom and im in thats. It full on laptop mode. Thank you very much and i can go all the way down almost flat and i can come back up to pretty much any height that i want its not a one step or a two step: lots of frustration when ive used, ipads and ipad pros im, not Hating on them, i know theyre a great device for some people, but im just trying to be objective here. Folks, when you use an ipad, you are going to use it. The way apple wants you to not the way you want it to and their stands their keyboard cases all those kind of things. Theres caveats and there are sacrifices, made to do what they need it to do. They want it to flow high. The center of balance is slightly different, so they got it tilted at certain angles. All that kind of fun stuff, whats really bizarre to me, is the trick.

My eyes are playing when i have it like this with the keyboard, so with keyboard mode on ive gone straight to a straight to a mouse pointer. I dont know if you can see that or not if its coming out. Well, i literally, it literally looks like im using the laptop, but look at the size of that everythings, full size and normal something thats, not right on the hp spectre, which were going to talk about keyboards when i do that review. But people just like put the keys in the same place as everybody else, so that my muscle memory works. Yes, the travels a little bit thinner, but if youre used to low travel, keyboards youre not gon na, have an issue with at all very much like a typical ultrabook. It genuinely looks like a laptop like full on, like a laptop because theres not really any compromise. Sure the trackpad could be a little bit bigger, but its not a mini one. Like you get on a surface pro 8, which is my biggest gripe about the surface pro the keyboards are awesome, but i just dont, like the trackpad that much youve got gaps down. The side, because its so wide theres spare space on here and typing, is exactly what youd expect it types really well with the keyboard on in tablet mode. The mouse instantly appears its easy to navigate. It works really. Well, i still think android os with samsungs overlay is a more usable overall experience for anybody needing a hybrid tablet.

If you want tablet first and tablet only yes, then you can go. Do what you want ipad some other android tablets. If you want to go that way, but if you need that hybrid, where you want to do a bit more like a real computer where maybe theres apps, that dont exist or they dont work, the way you want them to, i struggle with file management moving around Large files, zipping unzipping android, gives you very close functionality to that. The other thing thats really interesting about this tablet is something called dex mode. Samsung started this years ago where they took a phone and they said okay heres, my galaxy. I can plug it in and use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse with a monitor and this phone is going to drive that screen. I think its a great idea, but theyve brought dex mode to the galaxy tab s8, but theyve brought it in a slightly nuanced way. Yes, you can, you know plug in a monitor. You can use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and all that kind of fun stuff or you can go into dex mode right on the tablet. Why would you do that? I hear you ask well heres the genius and to me this is the best implementation of a two in one tablet on the market today, index mode, the software switches and it starts to function like a regular windows. Pc start menu across the bottom still got the mouse.

Now, when you click on an app it opens in a window not as a full screen app in tablet mode. You talk in split screens, you cant overlay the same way. It doesnt see them as independent windows. Neither does ios, but in dex mode it does so its almost like theyve merged these two ways of working the desktop traditional way and the touch first tablet way and theyre. Saying hey, you know what use whatever works for you if youre using the thing as a tablet, use it in tablet mode if youre using it, where you want to get more productive work done kind of like a laptop use it in laptop mode. Well, give you the keyboard, well, give you the pen youre ready to go as a hybrid device, theyve nailed it so far from what ive seen theyve absolutely nailed it and im really excited to see if this can replace my daily driver laptop for normal running about To the office and lightweight work, when i dont need to be on a powerful machine from what ive seen so far, i think it can. I think this software helps the implementation here is really good. I was worried that they had taken a tablet, just blown it up and were basically going to have an oversized phone, but they havent theyve, put a lot of thought and effort into the software to make this work and make it work is exactly what it does.

Finally, lets talk about the pen. Another thing i really like about a lot of manufacturers: samsung is one of them here. Is they make a device and they include things with it? Its same with hp and the specs are 16 that were going to review here in just a little while they include things like the pen instead of charging me a hundred dollars extra for it, and i think its the right thing to do. Youre selling me a device on the premise and the promise that i can use it in all these different ways and do all these cool different things with it? Why do i want to go? Buy something separately because nobodys buying a 14.6 inch tablet to only ever use it on their lap. I mean okay, maybe they will, but i highly doubt it youre buying it, because you really want a hybrid and you want to do different things. The pen feels nice, its got a good rubbery feel to it. The nib riding on the screen has a really nice amount of friction and its one of my favorites so far and the case theyve included, actually has a molded shape, so the pen can go in there when youre carrying it and not get lost. But for now my initial thoughts after taking a look at this tablet are wow. I am impressed more than i thought i would be definitely impressed with the software and the work that samsung has done if youre using a samsung phone with a samsung tablet.

You know that theyve really worked hard at seamlessly. Integrating them. Youve got all the same features as the ios world calls that you can answer on both text messages that show up on both youre not going to lose out in any of those ways.