How much of an improvement are we going to see? So i will be testing out playstation 2 dreamcast, gamecube, psp and n64 performance on this with the emulation. Now my base model here has just wi fi only so its not the 5g version, 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. Before i get into those emulation tests, i just wanted to point out here that we do get a bit of throttling with the snapdragon 8 gen 1 here with samsung in their hands. They tend to throttle it quite early. In fact, from the very start it doesnt seem to turbo the gpu as high or hold the turbos is what ive seen in snapdragon 8 gen 1 phones. So you can see performance wise. It starts to really throttle down around five minutes into pushing it really. Hard remains quite steady, but then it starts to come back a little bit and you can see here the frame rate with the performance there, its up and down all over the place, so its not peak snapdragon, 8 gen 1 performance. Sadly, even though the thermals are really good, i do feel that samsung could push it a little bit harder in this. Taking the antutu score too youll see that it could be higher there right. Okay, now ive seen a snapdragon triple eight get almost very similar scores to that and a phone but ive seen other phones now with this chipset that are able to achieve over a million points, thats just to point out that it could actually perform just so much Better, which is a little bit disappointing, so im going to launch everything from the game launcher in the priority mode to get maximum performance here.

So the first one im going to test out is one of my favorites is ppsspp, which is the playstation portable emulator and its running perfect here. So this game is using the psps high resolution mode, so thats why its kept to 30 frames per second. But its really steady, excellent performance and really not much point in me spending too much time with this one. You can just see that it is going to run great all the games, really that you throw at it plenty performance from this snapdragon 8 gen 1.. Now! Well, test out one other game: god of war here, so this game looks absolutely fantastic, considering how old it is – and this was on the playstation portable of course, but had almost pretty much playstation 2 level of graphics. So we are looking around 60 frames per second. I have seen it get down to 51, but excellent performance. Here you see a bit of a frame dip. Just then – and i always play the start, because that is really one of the most demanding parts here, because its rendering so much weve got the ships. In the background. Let me just see if i can shoot that ship now and this is not lagging out at all. Maybe this bit well, no still really good performance, then the next emulator is dreamcast, this ones quite popular and the one im going to use for it. I know theres a few others out there, but its redream, which is not showing up there for some reason, but here i have it redream.

Now this is a very slick, dreamcast emulator. It looks absolutely great the way the ui is laid out now the settings im going with here. You can, of course, adjust this, but ive put the resolution up a little bit because i just like it to look a little bit sharper and everything else really is standard there. Okay with the settings and the region. Well, i just kept all of that stuff there. The same so marvel vs capcom 2, well see how this one runs and performs on it. Okay, so lets jump into a game here. I want to see this run. I cant remember the controls on this at all, because its been so long since ive played it. Okay, so as expected, this is really so easy for the system to be able to run this because its just 2d sprites here, no stress at all so constant 60 frames per second, i dont see it dipping down at all now so test this one out now, Just to point out, i do have the paid version – the pro version – okay here, which is about 10 us dollars, but it is well worth it guys, im tackling some zombies right here that are having a good munch on me and the games very dark here at The start you cant really see much at all. I cant even remember where to go. Controls are pretty poor with this part. Oh okay got those ones there its really hard to control.

You just got ta, go, lift forward; dont, even remember these controls, but look at the frame rate, its just a solid 60 frames per second, so dreamcast performance. I wont let you suffer with more of my terrible game play. Oh hey just chilling on me again: oh got me: okay looks like im dead there, so thats enough of my bad gameplay, but code. Veronica just runs fine on this playstation 2 emulation now. So this is called a4 sx. This ps2 emulator a lot of you, recommended that i try it from the last one so thats why i made a quick change to this video, so the game im testing out here is called coliseum road to rome and the frame rate you can see. Theres been a few dips there, but the actual gameplay looking super good. This is very quick, smooth, fast, no real problems and dipping down just a little bit that frame rate, but right now its looking around the lowest there of about 54 frames per second, but very steady. Oh, these npcs are incredibly hard. Well, i can see im losing this battle already burnout, three takedown now. So this is a steady, smooth, solid, 60 frames per second, and you can see that the cpu is at about 60 load. Oh, i cant believe you didnt manage to take me down. So just 60 loader on that cpu its not really stressing out the snapdragon 8 gen 1 here at all, see if i can get a little bit boost some near misses.

Oh, that was some very, very poor, driving see this game, not a problem, and it looks like the playstation 2 emulation with the tab. S8 ultra is just rock solid, very good performance here onto our nintendo 64 emulation now. So this is m64 plus fz. That im testing now ive got the rendered resolution set to 720p. Now you can lower this down to improve the performance, but i want to test out and see how its going to run a demanding game like goldeneye, which ill jump into now. So its looking good. Oh down to 19., so a bit of a lag 16 frames per second 15 around this area where it tends to choke a bit. So i really do need to lower that render resolution down this guy on the bunker here, especially that 12 frames per second, oh, its just getting too laggy very leggy, so ill lower. The resolution down and well test this area again of the map. Okay, so ive set it now to 800 times 600 that should hopefully get rid of that lag or at least give us a more playable frame rate. Okay, so this area is still a little bit too choppy its around 20 19 18 frames per second right now and ive got oh a few explosions going on is definitely lagging things out here, so not ideal performance. I would love to see this at 30 frames per second, so certain areas on the map, yes, are going to be a little bit choppy and laggy, even at 800 x, 600.

Mario 64.. So this is running at 30 frames per second, but ill just jump into our first level, so continual solid, just 30 frames per second. It sometimes hits around 29 28, but its looking very, very good, much better than what i remember with the tab. S7 plus. Finally, gamecube now so this is soul. Calibur 2, that im loading up here and the emulator is dolphin its pretty well known. I think most people would know this one, so im just going to go straight into a game here now i do have uh the graph here enabled so we can see the frame rate here and the load on the cpu, which really doesnt actually get up to Much i dont think its using definitely not using all of the cores here. Okay, so lets see how this performs now its getting down to you can see about 40 frames per second there. So a few dips here with this level, but overall quite playable, considering how the gamecube is really demanding emulation. The snapdragon 8gen1 is handling this pretty well, okay, quite a bit of a dip just in before down to about 42 frames per second now i havent tweaked any of the settings its the opengl render its all the default settings here. Okay, so i didnt bother to change any of that super mario sunshine, so this is a reasonably demanding game and were getting around 30 frames per second now, ive seen some pretty bad frame dips uh, where it goes down to about 25 for a split.

Second, you get quite a bit of lag, but here in town with all the npcs around and whatnot you can see. This is actually looking pretty good, not bad performance here, and this is definitely the best that ive seen this game run so really great emulation performance. There, especially from the playstation 2 emulator that one is such an improvement from what i remember when i tested it previously, with the tab s7 plus, with the new chipset running a lot better and, of course, the new version of daemon ps2. That game that i tested out, which is coliseum road to rome, was normally before super slow. The gameplay the game. Speed is now at a normal kind of speed and its running really fast, and then the psp performance, great perfect, n64. Looking really good, as you saw there, with mario 64. gamecube as well great and dreamcast, not a problem, so it is an absolute emulation. Beast to this particular tablet that super immersive 14.6 inch. Super amoled screen is such a joy to game on and as long as youre gaming, of course, with a controller, get yourself a stand or using it in the keyboard case, its going to be a great experience there with emulation. So, thank you so much for watching this video make sure you do catch. My two other videos so far on this particular tab. S8 ultra. That is my first impressions, video and i do a stress test to see how much it does the snapdragon 8 gen 1.

Throttle in this tablet, thats with 3d mark extreme stress test and 2 2 and genshin impact gameplay, so do check that out and subscribe for more and ill.