What should you expect from this gigantic tablet, after using it for about a year, lets, go ahead and jump in all right, so the straight answer to that question is: you should expect nothing but good things after using this gigantic guy here that I could actually Pawn For about a year, it is a fantastic tablet, its a top notch tablet. I absolutely love this tablet now. One of the reasons I dont take this guy out is simply because of the size, its just, not practical right, you know sticking it in my backpack. It just stays home, it just stays on my desks there. When I do work on it. You know whether Im in the kitchen or Im downstairs or if Im, watching a movie on the pouch on my porch or on the deck. I can be watching a movie here and truly enjoy that, because of this huge display – and I really dont have any true way to tell you or to show you how large this thing is. If youve never seen one in person, it is its like. A small TV, its a super like crazy, thin right and looking back to that display here, what you have here is an OLED display. Now, if you know one thing about Samsung is that they know their way around this place. Everything looks super crisp on here. The resolution by the way would be 1848 by 29 60. I believe crazy, crisp, Inky, blacks, Inky red, so whether youre watching the movie playing games here, which, by the way, if youre playing a game yeah, I would just suggest for you to grab an actual controller as opposed to holding the tablet and trying to you know.

Maneuver your way through the game, its very clunky. If you want to go, you know, go about it this way, but anyways beautiful display here very vibrant colors, and it does of course support HDR 10 plus here, along with 120 hertz refresh right now for something this large 120 hertz refresh rate is just crucial right. Its absolutely needed so that everything would be super smooth as you scroll through things or if youre, watching a movie or, if youre playing a game and by the way the size of this is 14., its a whopping 14.6 inches. Also, you have a huge battery in there right to power. This large tablet – and I do apologize if Im, using a lot of adjectives that you know are connected to big or large its just that thats the only way to qualify this guy here. This is also just a quick recap to those of you who are not familiar with this or who are thinking about buying this and just want to know a bit more about the topic: quick tour of the outside physical features. What you have is a quad speaker, setup right right there and they are really loud, very good, sound quality, USB type c port there. You know fast charging, of course, at up to 45 watt ND battery size itself is at 11, 200 milliamp, I believe, or eleven thousand five hundred now, 11 200 milliamps or its a very large battery for this and battery life has been good to me.

You know based off of my usage, obviously its going to be different depending on how you use your tablet, but I can tell you that you will definitely see the day. You know with your tablet here now: additional physical features. We have the camera on the back. They have a 13 megapixel main camera and a six megapixel Ultra wide camera, so the camera has been improved here, very good camera. What are we talking scanning documents or just taking pictures for a tablet? This guy here is definitely impressive and on the front here you have something special right. You do have a notch, a tiny Notch, but you quickly forget that its there, you know whats contained. There is actually the camera system. You have two lenses: you have a 12 megapixel wide, so thatll be your main camera and then a 12 megapixel Ultra wide picture quality, also very good for a tablet. Additionally, you get Auto framing here right and, of course, apple is doing the same thing except you know they call it Center Station. I believe Apple actually drop that before this one came here to the Samsung Galaxy and by the way theres no fingerprint sensor here you have your power button and volume rocker here, but no fingerprint sensor. So you do have an optical fingerprint sensor and it works pretty. Well, along with the face unlock here so jumping in what you have here in terms of the chipset youre.

Looking at that same one, you have on the regular Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and the tab S8 plus, which is of course the Snapdragon 8 gen 1 right. That is a very powerful chipset and that is comboed with 8 gigs of RAM. If you were to go for the 128 gigs of internal storage. Now the unit that I have here is 512 gigs of internal storage, along with 12 gigs of RAM. You had Android 12 loaded here right, so this one is part of the newer generation of Samsung devices that will see four major updates along with five years of security of this. So all the way up to 16 right so 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 right, and then you have that additional year of security updates. Now, when it comes out to Performance, this guy here offers the flexibility of being crazy, productive and actually tapping into the potential of all of the Power thats offered to you by that chipset. If you have a Snapdragon, you know eight gen one. You can use the crap out of that thing. You can edit your videos while doing other things. In the background, you know because Samsung decks here will allow you to be as flexible as productive as no other tablets on the market right now, Ken now, what took things to the next level is the Android 12l update right which, by the way, is built to Make large display Android devices even better, so it offers, like you, know, new animations, a new layout.

You know specifically to the task bar so that you can jump you know in between, like Windows, even faster than you normally. Would you have like quick gestures and you know even new gestures like just swiping, you can use two fingers now to swipe and goes from full screen to minimize and its really cool stuff, and all of that is enhanced even more by the Android 12 update, which Again, I very much like – and it just makes things even more flexible than before you know, on the regular 12 I mean Android 12 is flexible, but Android 12l makes things a bit more flexible. You know a bit more intuitive now. The next thing here is going to be the Samsung S Pen and just like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, S8, the S8 plus the S7, the S7 plus. You will have this very premium, Samsung S Pen. That will enable you to do so much on your tablet. Right anywhere from just the experience that it offers its such a fantastic user experience right, this is one of the best I still think thats the best stylus on the market right now, four tablets, in my humble opinion, and, of course, its offered to you for free. You dont have to buy it. You know separately, it offers such an amazing user experience. It feels so natural to the hand for artists. This is pretty much a dream. Come true. You know having such a gigantic canvas for them to be able to draw so thats something that you will certainly enjoy if you were to go ahead and grab.

This tablet make art right. This is such a good buy. You know those of you who can afford it. This is definitely a very nice Habit to pick up. You know for your art and your creation, but anyway I think Im going to stop here, since this is not a review video. I just wanted to share with you that a year later, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra here is still fantastic and I still absolutely love it. I use it almost every day, its always at my desk, and I take it down with me. You know to the kitchen – or I take it around. The tablet that I would typically you know take out with me will be like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, S8, sometimes Ill take the tyler6 light or even the type of 7fe just so that stay on top of that and continue to use those tablets, but anyways thats. Just my take on this, it is still very much worth it if you are in the market for one. I believe Samsung right now has a discount that you can grab. You can grab this at a price cheaper than what it normally costs and then, of course, if you have trade ins, you can definitely get this at a super low price, so make sure to check out the link or the links that I will have in the Description, if you are interested in picking up one of these Im, certainly hoping that this was informative.

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