9. If you are looking for a big tablet, really these are the only two choices youve got. You could look at a surface pro 8 ive done a review on that. Previously, you can check it out if you want its a great tablet, its a great two in one device, but it is a windows first device, its a pc first, its made from mouse keyboard first and touch. Second, these two, on the other hand, are made for a touch first mobile, first environment, and then they have some secondary use in a more traditional keyboard mouse setting. So what do i think about these things? First, things first lets talk about, look and feel i would never be the kind of person that would say an ipad pro looks out of date like old fashioned, but its interesting, because when you hold it against the new galaxy tab, it feels old fashioned. It feels thick and chunky because the samsung is slimmer and i know its only a couple of millimeters or whatever. Sometimes what you read on paper doesnt translate the way you would think in reality and as i hold these two up trying to give you a good view here i mean theyre, both thin tablets. Dont get me wrong, but holy moly theres, some voodoo going on with samsung. This thing is thin and, while were were talking about thin look at the thickness of these bezels ipads are thin. The galaxies are thinner now in use.

I got to tell you something: ive noticed with the galaxy im holding it in my hand. The insides of my palm are actually too fat. If you want to call it that – and they will go past, that bezel a little bit and the palm rejection is not as strong so thats a bit of a ding on samsungs part, you made these awesome thin bezels, but holding it. It thinks im touching and then, when im trying to do something else with my other finger, it can be a bit of a pain ive. Never ever had that problem with an archive pro so definitely kudos to apple. I dont know if its a software palm rejection. I dont know if its a slightly thicker bezel and you just need those extra few millimeters for an for an average hand, but it definitely works speakers. You know that the ipad sound is phenomenal speakers on all four sides. I dont know how they get the volume and the bass that they get, but holy moly do they get it. Samsung also has speakers on four sides, but let me play you some music, so you can hear for yourself all right. So here we go one of my new favorite artists, anne wilson shes got an album coming out soon. You like a little bit of christian country, then shes, probably a good mix for you, but lets listen to this were gon na go samsung first. This is full volume on the galaxy tab, essay Music, now im going to send the volume down a little bit because that definitely sounded distorted and not great.

So this is going to be about a half volume on the galaxy tab. S8. Music. No distortion sounds great, not very bassy, not a lot of depth to it, but its perfectly acceptable to listen to and its a lot better than listening on. A cell phone now were going to go to the ipad pro full volume. Here we go Music, its kind of cool i play it on one and the other one moves along with it go spotify on full volume. The ipad pro is definitely better its clearer, i dont know if its as loud but the musics more enjoyable, because its clear and you can hear everything so were going to take this down to half volume as well Music. So its interesting because again it sounds better. But it didnt have that same distortion at the full level, so definitely giving that to the ipad. Overall, it does sound about the same as far as fullness, maybe slightly better, but at half volume. I think these things are pretty much neck and neck youre, not really going to notice a whole lot of difference, camera bumps on the back. Obviously, the ipad has the big square camera bump, but the galaxy has one too its a little bit smaller and the other thing to notice with the galaxy. Is you have this strip over here, which is where your s pen is going to plug in its not going to plug in its where your s pen is going to magnetize and its going to charge on the back of it ipad charge on the side? So camera bumps a little smaller.

I havent done a camera test, so im not going to talk about the quality of cameras, lets talk about the screens themselves and how they actually look. You know im a fan of samsung ammo led, and this is absolutely one of those moments where the ipad screen is beautiful. Do not get me wrong, it looks sensational, but make no mistake about it. The samsung screen is magnificent. If you were just buying these for how they look on the screens themselves, something thats really just amazing to me. You wouldnt think that 14.6 inch screen was that much bigger than a 12.9, but holy moly. Is it bigger? There is so much more at the bottom of the screen. I was looking at google trends the other day. I had a whole other section on the samsung versus the ipad pro, whether thats important to you or not thats down to you im just telling you that extra height makes the world of difference and it does make the ipad look and feel a little bit. Stubby and stocky, but its not really a negative to the ipad, because its still a great big screen, thats kind of the size of a sheet of paper – and it looks great so here weve got side by sides showing off the new mac studio. That was just announced today. Ipad gets most of the information on the screen. It comes down to just the bottom of the text with the spatial audio, the samsung.

Definitely again, all the text, the buttons a little bit more underneath, but the brightness again were not talking technical specs here of knits and everything else in the real world practically looking at it. I think the galaxy the text is crisper its sharper. The white is a little wider and the colors on that apple, monitor in the actual screenshot of the tablet are definitely more pronounced and vivid. Something else that is interesting and now were talking more about software, and you know ive come to the decision. I think samsungs a really good software company and i never thought i would say that, especially about one ui, but even here the way that they make the menu bars disappear and shrink away to kind of lose that extra bit of fatness and height. Its really impressive and it works across so many things. Samsung have definitely done a lot of work on their software to make it make sense on a 14.6 inch tablet, and this is a tablet that you can absolutely use as a two in one. I talked about it in the full review which you can go check out over here. This you can absolutely use as a daily driver when i pre ordered it. It came with the case. There goes my pen, it has this back. That has a magnetized clip on, and i can now use this in kickstand mode. Just like a surface pro, i can set it down its really useful.

This is the best thing to be able to do with a large tablet. The ipad case is a little different. You can get those flip folder cases and that lets you hold it. You know in one position or vertical position: theres, not really any adjustability, and then you can get apples case with the keyboard, and that has a couple stops as well. With this i can use the friction, stand anywhere and look at it. I mean its just its just impressive, then they also include the actual keyboard itself, and i talked about this before when a keyboard is on this tablet. It literally looks like you are using a laptop. The keyboard itself feels great. The key travel is great. I know its not really part of the comparison of the the tablet itself to the ipad pro, but i like typing on that, a lot more than the apple keyboard. I dont think apples keyboard is very good for the ipads, especially at 349, and its definitely not as useful the trackpads, bigger everythings bigger because of the size that you get. What samsung have also done with one ui and the way the mouse just instantly comes on the way that you can flip to dex mode and use it with a real windowed setting that you cannot do on the ipad? It just makes it easier to use if you need that two in one functionality, however, lets give the ipad a little bit of kudos because make no mistake about it.

Ios is incredibly polished and it gets really difficult to judge here between the two because theres things i love about the samsung tablet. I love samsungs notifications, theyre full screen. I dont miss them. I miss notifications on my ipad sometimes and i even have an apple watch and i still miss them. I love the way the widgets work on the samsung. I talked about widgets in my full review. Im going to show them to you again but being able to have widgets that you can set how you want them. I like them slightly translucent, i dont like them solid white. I like the fact that i can change that. However, i want it light mode dark mode. I cant do any of that with an ipad widget when i look at my ipad pro, for example – and this is my home screen – so were going to kind of soft focus this out a little bit. So you cant read all the words but heres my calendar, and i you know i cant scroll. I cant do anything with it its its kind of making me just play with the screen on the samsung itself. I can actually go in and i can scroll in the calendar and get to where i want to go. I know that might sound crazy. You may be different im an entrepreneur we like to think about entrepreneurs and business folks here on this show, and that is a killer feature.

The whole point of a widget is that i can get to information quickly without having to launch an app, and although i can see a little bit of information here, i really like the way that i can do. Information over here and samsung carries that through all of their apps, so the samsung reminders, the samsung notes, lots of features in the widgets. The apple widgets are a little bit more static, a little bit more flat. They do the job, but thats it dont expect any more again. Your preferences might be different, and certainly you know you might think its okay to not be able to scroll through your email list in a widget, and you know want to go into your actual mail. App for me, i dont, i think, if im going to get the widget, i want a little bit more. Definitely pretty. I love the rounded corners lots of choices and features on the widgets themselves. I do think overall, ios is a slightly more polished tablet operating system. Samsungs apps look great if we were just comparing samsungs os or version of android os to apples. Personally, i actually like samsungs more the spacings nicer theres, more white space, which is cleaner. The fonts are pretty its a personal preferencing. I do like it more yet. The ipad really is my daily driver. However, what lets this tablet down is the fact that samsung doesnt control everything google does, and so there are things in here that are google and you cant change that you want to open gmail its its google.

That makes gmail and googles gmail implementation on android. For some reason, isnt as smooth and polished as it is on ios call me crazy. Google makes them both im a gmail guy. I use google work suite, so i use all the google stuff on a very, very regular basis and i prefer using gmail to apple mail, because i can get things that i cant get like snoozing an email or scheduling to send an email in the future. Yes, i can download the app on here, but when i click on links on a web, page ios still gives me a little bit of a hard time, sometimes and says: theres no mail app installed. Even though there is one installed. Dont get those issues on an android tablet, because its made for gmail but gmail doesnt, look as pretty. So. What am i saying here with these two big tablets? Look theyre both about a thousand bucks depending on where you get them, whats on sale and all that kind of good stuff. Are you going to be disappointed either way? I dont think so. A lot of the choice is going to come down to what ecosystem are you in if youre, a google work, suite user and you like to be agnostic, the galaxy tab is a way to go if youre, all in an apple and everything else is apple, you Could go for either one but youre going to have little issues like you, cant airdrop, you cant share things as easy.

You havent got imessage on here, but you have on your iphone and that kind of stuff and thats going to sway you to the ipad. Its a shame because i dont think it really should, i think, standing on their own, ignoring ecosystem and everything else. If you were just looking at a tablet to use, i think a lot of people would be surprised at just how strong a package the galaxy tab. Ultra is and how awesome it is. I do think a lot of people would probably choose it over an apple device here in this class. However, the real world is, we all use phones, we all have watches. We all have tvs and everything else and a lot of us are going to be invested in an ecosystem. At this point, and i think its a shame, i think its a shame for us as the consumer. I think its a shame for manufacturers who are working hard to try and put some great things out because its forcing us to choose in ways we might not want to choose. In this case, i use my ipad as a daily driver, but i dont think im using the best device for mikey. I think the galaxy tab probably would be it, but the limitations that i get with other apple users in the house when were working in the studio and were trying to airplay airdrop and that kind of stuff between macbook pros and everything else.

It just creates. Some friction that i dont like to have, and so it leads me away from the galaxy tab. Whatever you think leave me some comments down below appreciate you watching check out the full review of the galaxy tab s8 ultra here.