S8 ultra the tab. S8 ultra revolutionized, the industry. As we know it, with its 14.6 inch super amoled display, this display is clear and bright, with up to 120 hertz, refresh rate, which means stunning graphics and a smooth scrolling experience. Our engineers pushed the limits of innovation to build this powerful and expansive display into a slim form factor they crafted a 6.3 millimeter bezel. So now you can enjoy the slimmest and largest display of any galaxy tab. Yet ive been using the galaxy tab. S8 ultras large display to prepare for big presentations like this one. The large display lets me multitask without having to toggle between apps. You can even adjust the size and position of your app windows. The galaxy tab, s8 ultras expansive display, creates an immersive gaming experience. Drawing you into the vivid landscapes of other worlds and with one of our best video calling experiences, yet it will help you stay connected with your friends and colleagues. The galaxy tab s8 makes it super convenient to video chat with dual cameras positioned on the long side of the tablet. I love that i can keep my tablet in landscape mode. Last weekend, when my friend was visiting me, she decided to join me on my call with my mom, thanks to the tab. S8 ultra wide lens, combined with innovative, auto framing both of us, were always in the frame and the powerful three way microphone with ai technology made sure our voices could be heard clearly, even with background noise, weve partnered with google to make your video calling experience more Collaborative with google duos live sharing capability, you can easily brainstorm together, share ideas and images on samsung notes, watch videos on youtube or search for locations together on google maps.

With this, video calling experience were empowering you to connect with people, no matter where they are and thats just the beginning. We are working closely with google to bring more open experiences to our tablets with more updates to come later this year. The tab s8 series brings a digital and analog experiences together with the s pen compared to the galaxy tab s7 series. We reduced s pen latency by more than 30 percent, combined with the display with up to 120hz refresh rate, your s pen will glide smoothly. As your ideas flow, since its launch, samsung notes has been the original companion of the s pen for over a decade. This app has continuously evolved to address the needs of our users and is now integrated with microsoft, onenote, powerpoint and outlook. Samsung notes is one of our most beloved native apps, with over 1 billion downloads on google play fans have told us about their favorite samsung notes. Experiences, including features that arent so well known, so today were excited to share some of those with you. What do you do when inspiration strikes? We write, draw dream and imagine, in our notes, from the original s note to the samsung notes. You know today, weve enhanced our app with every new generation, improving everything from writing and coloring, and s pen detects to screen off memos, and this year we took your most recent feedback to introduce, updates that better meet your needs display two pages side by side.

Annotate image files and sync notes faster across devices inspired by something you see online, just grab the site and add it directly to your samsung notes, no need to capture and scroll over and over now you can just scrapbook the entire site or simply pull in the Link expand your creativity by using the expansive display of your galaxy tab as your canvas and your galaxy smartphone as a palette. This seamless interaction between galaxy devices helps bring an analog feeling to your digital experience, Music and when youre working on a virtual group project easily swap notes for convenient collaboration with one another Music, then pull it all together its that swift and simple Music unleash your inner Artist and let your imagination flow onto the screen, samsung notes can be your ultimate creative outlet. Music samsung notes is made for you, so you can probably say my notes. My way, Music youve just seen the amazing experiences of the s, pen and samsung notes, bring to life, whether youre, working playing or creating our open ecosystem of devices and partnerships elevates what a premium tablet experience can deliver for artists, illustrators and designers. We are leveling up our partnership with clip studio, paint to elevate your creative work using the s pen. Your tablet is your canvas and your s pen is your paint brush. Now you can use your smartphone as a palette and were excited to announce that we collaborated with lumatouch to optimize lumafusion for samsung devices.

For the very first time this popular top ranked tool provides a desktop like professional video, editing experience the galaxy tab. S8 series is equipped to record in 4k video with both the front and rear cameras. So everything you film will come out in stunning detail and definition. You can even use a tab s8 to edit right away or think video is captured on your galaxy smartphone to your tab, sa series using onedrive and then edit them using lumafusion personally im a big multitasker and thats. Why? I love how my tab s8 allows for a truly two in one experience from the moment. I attach my book cover keyboard, samsung, dex unlocks so much potential, fully transforming my tablet into a pc like experience and that keyboard is not only super convenient but protective. Acting as a book cover to shield my tablet from damage the galaxy tab, s8 series also works seamlessly with windows, pcs, its easy to connect with my laptop and uses a wireless monitor with a touchscreen capability of a tablet. The galaxy tab s8 series is more than just a tablet, its an ideavault canvas for creativity, a video editing studio and a productivity machine. All of this is supported by our most powerful chipset in a galaxy tab. It has a four nanometer processor, the first weve ever put in a tablet and with up to 16 gigs of ram the tab. S8 ultra will stay, responsive and ultra fast. The galaxy tab s8 series comes with expandable storage, which means you can increase storage by up to one terabyte its hard to believe.

A tablet can be this powerful, but the tabitha ultra is see for yourself, Music, Music, galaxy. Tab. S8 series helps you make the most of work play and everything in between with our most powerful performance yet and our most expansive tablet display. Ever this series will bring your biggest ideas to life galaxy. Tab s8 ultra will be available for one thousand. Ninety nine dollars, tab s8 plus for eight hundred ninety nine dollars and tab s8 for 699 pre orders start today and if you pre order youll be able to experience the book cover keyboard on us. If you upgrade to a new tab, s8 youll be able to easily transfer your content using smart switch, whether youre moving from another android tablet or even a different platform. This is what we mean by an open ecosystem, heres zach, to tell you more. Thank you.