You didnt want to really do a separate unpack for these tablets. You wanted to chuck them in with the phone six products in total, but were gon na pack it all, together with the tablets and kind of share my thoughts because samsung you got ta, give them credit theyre, the only ones that take android tablet seriously, but in The end, is it really worth it, though, especially for how big that s8 ultra is? But you know what lets talk about with my first early look and quick hands on with the tab, s8 series, hi ben from lover of tech. If you enjoy videos like this and youre new to the channel, make sure you hit that like button subscribe and turn on notifications, so youre part of team tls, the tech level squad, so you dont miss any future. Videos on the channel right were just going to talk about it and do a quick general overview, because theres free devices to really pack through and yeah samsung really want to take things to the next level and continue the seriousness of android tablets. But all with one ui4 tab when it comes to their tablet. Software running okay top is the s8 ultra and boy. This is massive, its big, its huge its unapologetic. It is basically a laptop screen in your hand, its thin. The profile is like what 5.5 millimeters and it weighs like around 728 grams, so its actually more balanced for its size, its still big man you cant, get over it.

You cant get over it still. I dont believe theres a headphone port thats. My only point of concern, but there is a micro sd card it is using arm aluminium for all unibody design and youve got attachment points for the included s pen in the box, its not note device, so it doesnt go into the silo there isnt a place For it, but its a tab device that does have s pen support and there are attachment points for it or unibody design. The only thing i dont know is: what glass are they using for the front display? Is it corning gorilla, glass, victors plus like the new phones, or is it just calling red gloves, victims or before dont know, im gon na get clary on that, but thats the ultra, and then this one when it comes to the size for the tab s8? This is pretty much the same. All of them are using that same construction, but youve got 14.6 inch in the ultra 12.4 on the tab is 8 plus and 11 inches in form factor for the tap s8, but yeah. The construction is definitely proving up there, but yeah that ultra is large but yeah just a quick overview, the design of it its well put together and its really really solid. This play heres, where things are definitely interesting, right: tab s8 ultra they have a small notch on it and its because theres, two 12 megapixel cameras in there one standard wide and ultra wide, which well talk about later, but yeah very thin bezels, and i think they Were saying that its their thinnest bezels, that theyve put on there like 6.

3 millimeters and lets create a notch, but the funny thing is that notch is so insignificant. Where im thinking couldnt, you just made the bezels a little bit thicker like not by that much. You know another 0.2 to make it 6.5 millimeters and get rid of it all together, and you got ta still have a nice 14 inch over plus display, i dont know its insignificant, but you didnt get rid of it. So it just tells me that maybe its more of a design, silhouette and choice, but the tablets 8 plus and s8 dont have that and heres another breakdown theyre all equal in, even in terms of the bezels for the tab, s8 plus and tablets eight. But the resolution, so you do have 120 hertz from all of them, but the tablet 8 plus and also the tabasi ultra – are using super amoled panels. So when it comes to the tab s8 that is using the tft lcd panel, so yeah its its weird that theres so much kind of moving parts of the display, but thats kind of the breakup and theyre high resolution on all of them in terms of wq. Xga plus on the tab sa ultra and also the tab s8 plus, but its just the 2560 by 1600 wq xga non plus on the tab. S8 at 11, inches 11 inches. 12.4. 14.. 14.6. I cant tell you that its big its big and it might just be a bit too much, but who knows specs and a performance now for this region.

For some reason, i aint complaining thats, probably a good thing. The models in the uk and europe are using snapdragon, 8gen ones, but its accidents on the phones but hey thats, a different story: thats thats, not my problem, thats, how samsung have given it out and whatnot theres lte and wi fi models and obviously youve got a Mixture of having six gig ram, eight gig ram all the way up to 12 and also 16 gigabyte ram on the configurable models, but again ill throw up on the screen. So you can see it. I took a snapshot, so i dont take too much time on it, but yeah its a powerhouse man. You got s pen support as well all the features that come with it, its a beast right, theyre gon na test it and well see. But i dont know if im gon na get hands on the review units to actually do anything with and whatnot, but yeah. So far, yeah theyre powerhouses and its really the best of the best of what you can get on their new four nanometer chipsets. For what samsung have for the tablets, cameras and again dont be that person that uses these tablets mainly for cameras. But you do have dual cameras at the back. The main one is 30 megapixels standard wide and also six megapixels at the back. Both all three actually have 12 megapixel cameras. Obviously the tab, s8 plus and tab s8 are using a single 12 megapixel standard way, but youve got two youve got an ultra wide and youve got standard white on the ultra.

Hence the notch, as they say right so youve got like auto framing center framing and also youve got improved mic pickups across the board. When it comes to video calls for noise suppression background noise reduction but yeah those are the cameras is thats, not really. The main thing, but for conference calling the world that were living right now doing tutorials using the s pen being on camera, having more people feel more speak properly. Man getting too excited having multiple people in frame and getting it done. Yeah thats pretty much the cameras over and done with software, so theyre using their own custom version of one ui tab, four running on top of android 12 out of the box and again multitasking people. Multitasking is the name of this game, and this is where, especially for the tabassi ultra with that 14.6 inch display and obviously 12.4 and 11 inches, but the bigger ones, especially that ultra starts to justify because boy from decks to using it as a secondary, monitor wide. When youre, actually using it wirelessly sorry as one is wired um for a compatible windows, laptop and pc, i think this is where it really starts to make sense, because you can put like multiple apps running in full screen. At the same time, especially with those high resolutions and all the canvas and also being able to use software features, like your note as well as your tablet, and you can actually do artistic stuff over where youre using your phone as a palette it transfers over.

It looks very, very thoughtful, but yeah this could be the saving grace, but again its android, its still android and the price which youre gon na see later at the end kind of pushes you into a territory youre thinking. Should i not just get a laptop and get a full windows blown experience and this, but again, let me not really just down on it that base version of android is really down to google and i think samsung are just doing a great job to kind of Compensate for it as well battery and charging experience, i believe, all of them support the new super fast 2.0. 45 watt charging as well capacity. If i do remember right, but i will correct myself if im wrong, i mean the top one is 11 and 200 milliamps and then the middle one is 10 090 milliamps and also the smaller one is eight thousand milliamps. If i did remember the alpha right, encyclopedia come on remembering it all, but yeah, apparently in terms of getting a full charge, you should be able to full charge in less than 80 minutes, which is really impressive and yeah battery i dont think is really going to Be a problem theyre, large and huge, even in a profile just because of the canvas and how well samsung package it all together so yeah that is all three tablets pretty much there and yeah. Of course, the tab s8 really brings good value, but remember its an lcd tft display 120 hertz or not you kind of want super amoled thats.

The signature dish right there right, but then, when youre going all the way up to how large that display is at 14.6 inch on the tablet say ultra and how unoptimized the base of android is with their apps and software as good as one ui tab. Four is in terms of what samsung are doing. I feel like its just buying a bit too much at you and what youve got to consider is yeah. Are you going lte? Are you going wifi only and with that big screen it aint gon na, be comfortable to hold up and use it? Youre gon na have to get a keyboard for it. How solid is the keyboard once you start adding all these moving parts? Man, you get into galaxy book territories and proper laptops, so i just dont know even though theyre very very impressive, but i dont know maybe youre an android tablet person specifically on samsung, sad man. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and yeah. Well, share your thoughts on it and see how it goes, but yeah thats it for me man, then, from november of tech. If you enjoy videos like this, and you know exactly what to do, man hit the like button hit that subscribe button hit that notification bell. So youre part time clear, less than technical squad you dont miss any future videos on the channel, i hope youre all safe. During this time.