Its very light were going to talk about all sizes too, and we are going to look at it now, so you really cant fault samsung on the hardware, quality and design. Much like the last generation, for example, hello. This looks just like the tab. S8 plus doesnt it, but this is the tab. 7 plus they havent changed the design much its whats inside. That has changed and its been a while honestly, the last tab, the s7 line came out in august of 2020, so its been almost two years. Definitely time for a refresh were up to android 12, this time around which you would expect, and it will get android 12l when thats available, and that is the more tablet. Centric modified big screen. Folding device, like the galaxy z fold, three as well kind of oriented things so that we dont have as much of that g. It looks like big old smartphone app stretch to fit on a tablet screen. These are not cheap, but they are meant to compete with the ipad pro line and again the hardware is top notch ill. Tell you about the specs in a minute, but lets get the size and the prices out of the way as ever, theres the tap s8. The smallest of the bunch thats, your 11 inch tablet that one has an lcd display and that starts at 699. Then you jump to rs8, plus it has a 12.4 inch display, obviously going after the ipad pro bigger model right and that one does have an oled display, yummy that and that is 8.

99 for the starting price. If you spend 80 more, you can jump from the base. 128 gigs of storage to 256 gigs of storage, either way. Youre gon na get eight gigs of ram, and if you spend two hundred dollars more, you can get it with 5g in the united states. Right now, its only available on verizon, but you dont, have to worry so much about well thats, not that much storage right, because theres, a micro sd card slot. Yes, they all all the tab. S8 models do so awesome, sauce that and then theres the new kid, and i hope we get that in for review. We dont have it now its absurdly huge. This is a 14.6 inch oled tablet and thats the tab. S8 ultra, i mean thats as big, almost as a 15 inch laptop display right there, so maybe a bit awkward to hold as a tablet, but for those who really want to live large or maybe use it for art and note taking probably more so art if Youre looking for something that big, because yes, the s pen is included as ever, it attaches magnetically to the back of the tablet, where you will no doubt knock it off very easily, just handling the tablet putting it in a bag. Oh well yeah, and that is what it is yeah, but at least you get the s pen in the box, its not huge, its, not tiny, toothpick either, and, of course you can use any wacom emr pen with it.

Variety of sizes are on the market. So you have choices, it does charge when its clipped to the back and its not necessary to use it as a pen to charge it up. Thats there for the the bluetooth functions. You know the remote control sort of thing when you want to bore people with powerpoint or do screen, captures and stuff like that, so thats, nice in case you do forget to charge the thing it still works as a pen, no matter what all right lets talk About the specs, oh by the way, the ultra starts at 10.99. Call it 1100 that one goes all the way up to 512 gigs. If you want to spend more to upgrade the storage that one will be available with 5g on a t and t mobile in the future, that model is not currently available yet anyway, specs screen size, we know and oled status for the plus and the ultra models. We know so in terms of the displays, basically for the 11 and the 12.4 inch sizes youre, looking at pretty much the same screen of specs as last years or last generations models now two years ago. But we have a nice processor upgrade from the snapdragon 865 plus we go to the snapdragon 8 gen 1., the same processor. We see, at least in the united states, in the samsung galaxy s22 line of smartphones, so thats good to see the the bad old days when android tablets always had older or slower cpus versus the latest phones.

Thats no longer a thing so, like i said you get eight gigs of ram in there. You know what the storage options are and we have, of course, wi fi 6e on board and we have bluetooth 5.2 as well. And surprisingly, besides the fact we have quad akg speakers, thats, not surprising, and they do sound, pretty good and pretty loud, theyre. Obviously again going after the ipad pros, quad stereo speakers there we actually have a haptic motor in this. I know some people ask about tablets and its not the strongest vibrate, motor and boy. It would have to be huge to vibrate a big tablet right, but it is there if you like, a little buzzing from your tablet. The colors are graphite silver and what we have, which is a pink gold color, really its pretty much just pink, i guess, rose gold is what some people like to call that sort of thing. It has the same armor aluminum frame that youll see on the galaxy s22 smartphones and a nice kind of matte finish back on its not too too slippery to hold now one thing that sets android tablets apart from the ipad where a lot of people just say. Oh gosh, its a waste to even buy a high, an android tablet, because the app situation is so sad but wait with samsung. You got that whole dex thing going on. We have that here for those of you who are new to dex its been around for a while and basically it gives you sort of a desktop like little operating system on screen and think of chrome.

Think of windows, whatever you want to do so. Youve got your app icons on the desktop. Youve got a taskbar at the bottom. You can access all your android apps, its still running android, so no worries about that sort of thing and youve got resizable floating windows or you could snap them with a 16 by 10 aspect ratio display, however, for productivity use and for putting windows side by side. The height does feel a little limiting. I would like it to be four by three or three by two aspect ratio. I wish samsung would consider doing that sort of thing to make it feel more pc like now doing that most of you are going to want to use an external keyboard, and probably the slim keyboard cover that samsung loaned us with this review, so thats 160 dollars. But that gets you and gateway into like do index things, which means feeling more productive with the tablet. It really is quite nice, its not going to solve the problem of some apps that just are not really optimized for tablet screens, still its not doing any resize magic on them or anything like that. So you know the story with instagram. You know designed only for phones, so you have a giant ui stretched out. There are going to be apps like that. The more consumer oriented ones that sort of thing but games typically look decent enough, even if they dont have high res versions on here and whether youre using google, docs or microsoft, office, microsoft and samsung are tight, so you get the office stuff thrown in on here.

Just log into your account and youre good to go that works well enough. The keyboard slim keyboard cover that we have its. The keys are not super deep traveling like that, but theyre, really nice in terms of tactile, feel no back lighting either on them. But youve got your quick multimedia buttons. You hit the fn key to access those for changing your brightness and your volume and all that sort of thing, but its a comfortable keyboard, its not too heavy and its a folio design. So it magnetically attaches on the back and works well and in fact default with samsung tablet. Behavior is you can have it if you wish automatically launch decks whenever you attach the keyboard, thats good and then theres the older keyboard cover thats been around since the tab has seven days, thats still available its 230 dollars, its bigger its heavier and its a two Piece with a kind of kickstand, like the microsoft surface pro line, i actually prefer this newer, lighter less expensive one. The only drawback to the newer, lighter, less expensive one is it doesnt have a trackpad. So for those of you who dont want to be reaching to touch the screen are using the s pen. Well, then, you might want the more expensive two piece model that does have a trackpad. Now one thing that 16 by 10 aspect ratio display is go for is for watching videos like the one youre watching right now, typical widescreen standard format, videos you dont have as much in the black bar top and bottom, as you do say, with an ipad or Something like that or anything with a three by two or four by three aspect: ratio which is interesting to to list as a pro for this, because samsung has been pushing the tab as family being more expensive as business friendly productivity, decks running kind of products.

Its odd that its actually really obviously the best tablet around for watching movies other than the ipad pro with the mini led display, maybe because thats pretty darn good. Looking too, the fact that this is oled its nice, its reasonably bright, not amazingly so, but reasonably bright. Really colorful deep blacks, its really nice to watch movies on when it comes to cameras, you have a 12 megapixel front facing camera that has that kind of follow. You effect that apple started first and it works okay. Sometimes it follows me. Sometimes it doesnt, but i dont consider that the most necessary feature honestly im not jogging around the room. Well, im, video conferencing with people typically anyway, but its there on the back. You have a 13 megapixel main camera and a 6 megapixel ultra wide camera can shoot up to 4k video at 30 frames per second and theyre. Okay, theyre, not horrible by any means, think about smartphones from three years ago and thats about the quality youre. Looking at there no telephoto option, but i dont think most people are still using tablets other than in vertical market solution kind of situations as their main photographic tool. Anyway. One thing to note is this: is 120 hertz display and theres a 60 hertz option? If you want to try to improve your battery life, some theres, no adaptive method here so its either 60 hertz or 120 hertz refresh rate nothing scaling in between automatically speaking of battery life.

You can see the battery capacity for the three tab. S8 models on screen right now, ive been getting about seven to eight hours with brightness set to about fifty percent or so, which is probably about 200 nits. I would say and doing a mix of productivity work streaming. Some videos snapping a few photos, but not really a lot in that department. So thats, okay, its not super great. I have had it at 120 hertz mode when doing that because gee they give it to you and you want to use it right and it is nicer not to see as much smearing when youre scrolling and all that sort of thing. So an energizer bunny. For me, this has not been so far and i would expect the 5g model to maybe be even a little less on battery life, because 5g is typically a bit of a battery hog now for art. This is a wacom emr pen, thats. What the s pen is and its lovely the screen might be a little shiny and slippery, but this is true of most tablets, even the ipad pro the nib doesnt skate as much for me as it does on the s22 ultra phone, which is interesting so its A great product for that other than the fact that the software situation isnt as fantastic as it is on the ipad theres, no procreate, theres, no pixelmator, some of the favorite applications. Now you do get a six month, free trial for clip studio paint which works much like the desktop version, which is pretty exciting, and it is pretty good subscription model after that, i think its about nine dollars a month or something like that, which is a bit Pricey but its not like, you have a whole lot of choices.

I mean you have samsungs notes app and onenote for note, taking and stuff when it comes to the art, apps thats. What im talking about and adobe is working on their versions of software, but they typically focus on the ipad first and then move over to thinking about doing android, so a little bit more lacking there for art in terms of app selection, but the hardware. This is the story with the tab s family always is top notch on it, its the software that were waiting for on this. So that said, its not all like, oh my god, just go, get the ipad right. I mean there are reasons why you might want this, the dex mode and that desktop mode, much more pc like shall, i say, or chrome os like then the ipad will ever be the access to the full file system, not just the samsung files app. You can install any third party file manager. You want the resize. I find the resizable window multitasking index a lot easier to use than the ipad solution honestly for multi windowing on things. So those are things that stand in favor for those who are thinking of this. As sort of a pc stand in and at the same time a high end content consumption tablet also also it is lighter. It might be a weird aspect: ratio for a tablet hold it in portrait mode, youll, be like god. That thing is just tall forever right, but it is quite light.

Its lighter than the 12.9 inch ipad pro bigger model there and lighter in general. If you pair that ipad with one of apples keyboard covers, it gets really bulky and you might be thinking. I can just carry around 13 inch laptop instead. This feels notably thinner, lighter easier to take with you. Im lisa from mobile tech review, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech, videos and thumbs up.