So many tablets has come so many have gone and to be real. They pretty much suck yo whats poppin youtube holla at your boy back again with another video, so ive had the tab s8 plus for about 30 days now. So i think its about time. I go ahead and let you guys know how i am filling this tablet. So this right here is my review of the tab s8 plus after 30 days, so without any further ado lets go first off these tablets are the best youre gon na get on android period. The gorgeous design premium build big huge display, quad speakers with adobe atmos and the sd card slot. I mean seriously this tab s8 plus is a monster. The 12.4 inch super amoled display at 120, hertz with hdr10 plus, looks absolutely superb and it offers around 500 nits of brightness. You can change the screen mode between vivid and natural. You can also change the white balance from cool to warm or go into advanced settings and dial in your preferred color, with the display this massive watching your favorite, youtubers or movies. This display does not fail. The quad speakers on this sounds incredible: dolby atmos, sound, nice and rich speakers get plenty loud trust me, the s pen now im new to samsung pro tablet and putting the s pen in the box samsung i am impressed. This pin is pushing a 2.8 milliseconds with the latency 2.8 bruh. That is crazy.

Pretty much soon, as you start drawing on writing on the tablet, there is no lag. The s pen has all kinds of features, just like the s pen on their mobile phones. So, with the screen off tap, the button will wake the screen hold. The button will open up the camera press. The button you can take a picture: double click on the button to change between the front facing and the rear facing camera. Now, if you swipe left to right, you can change between modes and, as you double click it, it will switch back to the main camera hit the button to start recording and press the button again to stop so thats, pretty cool that you can do all of These things with the s pen, thats, pretty dope, thats – probably one of my favorite things about this tablet. This is powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen, 1 processor, so thats the latest chip from qualcomm and this chip has not been everyone favorite. In fact, it heats up just like the triple 8 from last year: thats, not a good look from qualcomm, but to my surprise, i havent experienced any heat issues, maybe because im not doing anything super intensive. Like video editing, you know i am playing a little game. I did play gention impact for a good little bit and i did not experience any lag or overheating issues now. It did get warm but to say that it was hot.

No, i didnt it didnt do that battery life. Its great now ive used this tablet. As my second screen for when im doing my live streams or when im in other peoples live stream, i use this tablet, as my second monitor now, my stream. Now they they run about three hours or so, and with this tablet having a full battery, i can tell you this lasts. My entire stream, with about 60 left, the 10 090 milliamp battery is excellent. I can get up to three days with moderate use with no problem and with super fast charging. This tablet charges up pretty quickly. Standby drain is no issue overnight. It probably drained about three percent, so thats not bad at all. So i have no issues when it comes to battery pretty good. Now battery life can vary from person to person, but for me personally, battery life has been pretty excellent. Taking advantage of this massive real estate, multitasking is phenomenal. You can switch them from side to side. You can stack them on top of each other. You can open up another app by swiping from the side and opening it up in pop up view. You can resize it move it anywhere. You, like you, can tuck it in the corner and when youre ready to go back to that app, simply click the bubble and youre right back where you left off software. This comes equipped with one ui 4.1 skin on top of android, and it is very smooth and very fluid.

It has a great user experience, but its just not my cup of tea. I prefer stock android, but with the customizations and the extra features that you do get with this tablet. I think its a good addition that they added this also youre gon na get four years of major updates and youre gon na get five years of security updates. Now dex is definitely an underrated feature if you pair a wireless keyboard and a mouse, and you get yourself like a stand or you just go ahead and cop the samsung keyboard case. Then you, my friend, you have yourself a laptop set up, which is pretty dope. Also, wireless decks is clutch, so if you dont have a laptop or a desktop, then dex is a dope feature to use. Gives you the ability of having a laptop without going out and spending the laptop money? Alright yall so lets talk cameras now, first of all, im definitely not going to be out using this big old massive tablet out there in the wild trying to take photos nah its too too big for all of that, but it does come with a 13 megapixel Wide angle and a 6 megapixel ultra wide and for the front its packing a 12 megapixel ultrawide camera with auto frame options, both front and rear cameras can shoot up to 4k thats good for video calling video meeting you know zoom meeting. You should be good with these cameras on this tablet, so that right there with my review of the tab, s8 plus after 30 days, i do have additional videos on this tablet in the makings on things that i do not like about this tablet.