I know ive been mentioning the galaxy tab s8 plus in my previous review. A lot and im excited to show it to you here. The newly released the oxy oxytab s8 plus is samsungs middle of the road device released alongside the new flagship, the sa ultra and its smaller twin, the galaxy tab. S8. The tabs series is a direct competitor to apples ipad. It is probably one of the most feature. Rich tablets available with probably a value that i believe, far exceeds its competitors, the galaxy tab. S series usually goes under the radar compared to the others, and i think it deserves more attention. I want to give a clear look at the s8 plus and why i use it as my primary tablet: theres something about the galaxy tab s series that just keeps me coming back and im going to get into all that here. Each of the major tablets have something to offer to the table every year and its nice to have this competition going for consumer choice. Can the galaxy tab s8 plus pull all of you the same way like it did for me over the others well find out. So lets get into it. The first thing im going to do is start with what it looks like, and it looks exactly like the previous model, literally one to one not a single difference at all. It has the exact dimensions screen size, aluminum, unibody frame, camera placement, etc to the galaxy tab, s7, plus right along with the darkened area where the pen is held for charging, which was expected in the first place.

I dont expect the form factor of the tablet to change much when it works. It comes in three colors silver, graphite and pink gold, not much on the color choice front, but it probably wont matter too much when you might end up slapping a case on it. Anyway, the weight is carried over as well is just as light as it ever was weighing just 1.27 pounds. It carries a beautiful 12.4 inch, super amoled display and, as you know, samsung oled displays do not disappoint with a refresh rate of 120 hertz. Just like most other premium tablets, you get a fantastic display on par or better than their competitors. The resolution is a very wide 1752 by 2800, which would more likely favor a landscape mode for most of your use, but it didnt bother me too much when using a portrait, maybe a bit for extended periods. The brightness of the screen is a good 500 nits. The s8 plus is easily readable in bright conditions outside without needing to squint to use it. It has a quad speaker setup. That sounds good, but i did hear some crackling at high volumes, which was a bit of a letdown. It would be nice for most companies to have a speaker setup that sounds great without headphones, because sometimes you just want to play something out loud without sticking something in or on your ears. It comes equipped with qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1, with only an 8 gigabyte configuration with storage sizes from 128 gigabytes to 256 gigabytes, with an option to expand the storage with a micro sd card up to one terabyte.

The price for these is 899 and 999 respectively. There are also two cameras on the back with an ultra wide angle, lens a 13 megapixel primary sensor and a 12 megapixel front facing lens. The s8 plus also has the addition of a 10 090 milliamp hour battery installed to provide some long, lasting battery life. Of course, on galaxy tablets, whats installed is not ios or windows, but a modified version of android. In this case, a modified version of android 12 called one ui. I have discussed it in some of my previous videos and its ability to be customized in whatever way you want samsung stuff, so many features into one ui that everything you can change and modify cant be packed into this video, its good enough in a smartphone. But i think it takes it one step further on the tablet interface. They have come a long way from touchwiz long gone are times of slow updates and poor. Optimization apps can be used in full screen with both landscape and portrait mode. They scale not always perfect, but definitely not distracting or unusable. You probably wouldnt notice the difference from apps that can or cant scale. You can change, fonts and themes with good, lock, lock, screen styles and much more. You have your standard movable widgets on the home screen. The ability to create folders and change your launcher to something different from one ui like nova, so you can get a bit more customization there.

The possibilities are endless included with the customization comes with an enhanced workflow like using split screen and setting preset groupings for those apps. When you click the preset, it will automatically snap both apps, exactly as you created them. When you first set up the split windows, you can even set one app as a pop up, while three others are running behind it. On top of that, you can make that app that you set up as a pop up transparent. So you can easily view the others behind it. Most of these features i mentioned are not available on the ipad. Those available, like split screen capabilities, are not used to this degree. Of course, window slate can be customized more so, but you would have to dig deep into menus and download different programs, which becomes a tedious process for your average consumer for a tablet. One ui is more touch friendly and approachable as the interface speaking of which you cant describe one ui on the galaxy tab, s8 plus, if you dont mention one of its underrated features samsung dex. This is the greatest strength of the galaxy tab, s8 plus for those of you that want total productivity with the galaxy tab, you have an option to activate a feature called samsung dex. It allows you to have a desktop like interface, similar to what you would have on your standard laptop or desktop. Using samsung decks on the galaxy tab. S8 plus, is an upgrade from where it started with their phone line.

Instead of having to use an external display to access it, you can do everything from your tablet, its more helpful to have the samsung book cover, keyboard or combination of a bluetooth, mouse and keyboard to take full advantage of it. I have the slim cover keyboard here and its mostly because it came for free as a bonus for pre ordering. I use it as the cover for my tablet, even though i dont use the keyboard much. It is relevant for me to use in this video to show you how samsung dex works. You can open more than the three apps you can snap in the standard tablet mode these apps all run simultaneously, just like they would on a pc. On top of that, you can type up documents, modify slideshows or just propping up your tablet, while youre sitting instead of lying down. This is where the s8 plus shines because of its larger display, split screen windows fit just enough not to feel like apps are squeezed together. It still runs just the apps limited to android, but you can open separate windows and resize them as you see fit. I would liken the interface to a chromebook, but much better optimizing easier to operate the option to use your tablet in this mode brings added versatility to your standard affair. You would be hard pressed to find a device that seamlessly can switch between modes. Ok, i admit i found myself using this way more often than i thought i would considering how i use my own tablet.

This means i did use the keyboard more often, which i usually dont do, but it has saved my life a couple of times work wise for consumers that will use this tablet as a compliment or a placement for a computer, its a multitasking beast all this, while Not completely destroying your wallet and still being able to use the s pen as well, the s pen is where other tablet manufacturers start to take notes. The s pen is not only one of the most feature packed styluses. It comes with the tablet itself at no extra charge. Samsung is the only one of the major tablet manufacturers that do this and im not sure why they dont get enough credit for it. So, right from the start, you get to take full advantage of the entire tablet experience by simply purchasing the device. However, just because it comes free, doesnt mean its lacking in substance. Either samsung has refined the s pen to exactly where they want it. Their estimates have reduced response time for riding with the pin it has dropped to 2.8 milliseconds of latency for the ammo that displays on the s8 plus and the ultra. In contrast, the regular s8 has 6.2 milliseconds because of its lcd thats, not to say the lcd on the s8 is bad or for that matter noticeable. But it is a definite improvement nonetheless, because of that, writing feels excellent and it doesnt feel, like your pen. Strokes lag when quickly growing across the screen with your pen included, are shortcuts, with the button that allow you to press and hold to open, apps play and pause music and videos and push the button to activate air gestures or, as samsung calls it.

Air actions with the gestures you can raise and lower the volume by pressing the button on the pin and moving the pin upwards or downwards, along with unlocking your tablet with smart lock. Some of the gestures seem look a bit silly, but they do work and many of them are convenient with all that being said, it will take a pretty decent processor to run all this. That brings me to the performance. The galaxy tab, s8, plus with all its bells whistles and numerous tools under its belt runs exceptionally well for an android tablet. Slowdowns and lag are mostly non existent with general usage. Even when throwing the most strenuous task at it, you could be running a 4k video playing a game and browsing the web without this tablet getting affected too much thats. The thing with this tablet, the snapdragon 8 gen1 didnt, manage to blow our minds with performance and from some metrics it even tends to be weaker in some areas than the previous chip. I didnt notice any of that from my use with it. Everything feels just as fast as my last tablet, the s7 and almost mirrors it one to one in terms of speed and general performance. In that case, you can say that the tap s8 line is a disappointment and being an upgrade from the previous model regarding how it runs, because we didnt see much of a significant gain. That is not to say this tablet runs terribly, the s7 ran terrific, and so does this one.

It just didnt get any major upgrades from the last one. That would mean that if you already purchased an s7 plus, you wont find a case in upgrading unless youre looking for a larger display in the addition of a oled screen as an upgrade from the s7. If you are interested in buying this tablet, whether as an upgrade or a new purchase, you will not be disappointed on the speed frame. There is also an option to add extra virtual ram in exchange for storage space, to give your device a bit more memory and increase performance that may be needed for some more intensive apps. On another note, there has been some controversy concerning the galaxy tab s8 and the s22 series dealing with samsungs game. Optimizing service, throttling core speeds when running some apps to prevent the tablet from overheating. Samsung has mentioned that they will be sending out an update for the s22, but not yet for the tab. S8. I dont think of it as a big deal to most consumers, because most people wont even notice whats happening. It is important enough, though, that i figured. I should mention it to give a complete picture. I never really felt the tablet heat up anyway and that very much could be. Why but generally, i only ever experienced it while charging and maybe running a game here and there which changes topics to the battery compared to my last review of the surface pro 8.

. On the tablet front, the battery life of the galaxy tab s8 plus fares a whole lot better. I got to about 8 to 9 hours screen on time before i needed a recharge. If i push it enough by turning the refresh rate down to 60 hertz and lowering the brightness slightly, i can squeeze out about 10 to 11 hours for those of you that would like to know about the standby time i got about 2 days and 19 hours And i know i can get much longer than that when i left my tablet idle, my battery would barely drop a percentage at most i lost up, maybe one or two percent overnight battery life is vital to using a tablet because they are meant for on the Go as i said before, they arent meant to be plugged in all the time, because that would defeat the purpose. This is a great battery range for a tablet running a 12.4 inch screen and a max brightness of 500 nits. The s8 plus also has the option of fast charging up to 45 watts if fast, charging isnt your thing, and you want to protect your battery health better. You have options for preserving the battery life by limiting the charge to 85 and turning off fast charging when running samsung decks and having multiple windows up the battery did drain a little quicker. This is expected when multitasking to this degree, but it is something to keep in mind if you plan to use it as a laptop replacement.

The samsung galaxy tab s8 plus, is a beautiful tablet that you cant go wrong in purchasing. I like to describe this tablet as a jack of all trains and a master of none or better, yet a jack of all trades and a master of some or most well, whatever you all get the point, people always act like thats, a bad thing. The way i see it, the tab is a plus has value. It can do some of the things the service can do and most, if not all the things in ipad, can it meets kind of somewhere in the middle. The question that needs to be asked is: can it accomplish the task youre trying to throw at it 90 of the time? The answer is yes, and can it be purchased without bringing the bank too much compared to the other premium tablets in this category? Absolutely, as i said, thats not to say, this tablet is cheap by any means. 900 is still 900, but comparing it to its competition. I think its worth taking a look at this or its smaller sibling. The tab has 8 if screen size and an lcd are not a problem for you.