Today we are taking a look at the brand new galaxy s8 plus from samsung samsungs new flagship s8 tablet. Lineup is finally here and its bigger than ever. For the first time, samsung is launching three different variants: theres, the classic s8, the s8 plus and the acid ultra. All of these models get a big performance upgrade compared to the s7 lineup. There are more storage options and samsung claims that the famous s pen is now better than ever lets discuss the differences between all the available models. First, the basic s8 model, which starts at 699 dollars, uses a classic lcd panel but still offers a high resolution, as well as at 120hz, refresh rate for 200 dollars more. The s8 plus gets you one of samsungs famous oled screens, an increased screen, size and resolution. As well as a fingerprint reader that is built into the display for another 200 more, the s8 ultra comes with a massive 14.6 inch screen, as well as a slightly increased resolution. Next, to the ultra wide selfie camera that all the models share, you get an additional wide selfie camera. Also, you can max out the s8 ultra with 16 gigabytes of ram and 512 gigabyte of storage, which is double of what the s8 plus and the s8 can offer. We decided to review the s8 plus model. It offers a better screen compared to the s8 and, on the other hand, the extra screen size and specs of the s8 ultra seem to be overkill for most people out there.

So lets start with the unboxing of our galaxy tab. S8. Plus the unboxing experience of this premium device could not be more basic. You will find the tablet. The s pen, i use pc to use pc cable, a pin to open up the sim slot, as well as a quick starter guide. Yes, the company that laughed at apple for not including a charger with their expensive devices, is not including a charger with their expensive device. Luckily, samsung makes up for the lagluster unboxing experience with the build quality. The s8 plus just feels like a premium device. The aluminium body is nice to hold and feels durable. The bezels are small enough to make the s8 blast look sleek, but also big enough to hold it comfortably. The back side with its little camera bump and black strip, looks interesting. It basically looks the same like the old s7 plus. The tablet is just 5 millimeters thick, which makes it a little bit thinner than most tablets out there, thats, probably the reason why samsung couldnt manage to fit the headphone jack. So if you do want to connect wired headphones, you do have to use the usbc port. The display of the s8 plus is simply gorgeous theres, no other way to describe it. The colors feel vivid and alive without looking too artificial. Black is truly black. You dont know where the screen ends and the battle starts theres a reason why samsungs mobile oled screens always come out on top in display tests regarding contrast, levels and color accuracy, theres only one category where the screen is not perfect.

The max brightness with about 400 nits, it does become bright, but not as bright as other flagship devices. Reading in direct sunlight will be unpleasant, having a glossy display doesnt help with that either other than that the 16 to 10 oled screen offers amazing picture quality. Furthermore, for the first time in their tablet, lineup samsung uses a 120hz panel and it shows everything just feels so much smoother, no matter if youre just scrolling through long documents or if youre, playing fast paced games. If you do not care about 120hz, you can deactivate it in the display menu and improve your battery life a bit oh and theres, a fingerprint reader built into the display which works really snappy. Once again, the display is really impressive. Next, to the great display, the s pen is the main reason why the galaxy s lineup is so well known it doesnt matter if you use it for drawing taking notes, playing games or just browsing the web, the s pen just enhances your experience and with the S8 plus its no different, the pen is extremely light. Maybe even too light for some of you, but still feels really nice to hold the palm detection of the s8 plus seems to work flawlessly. I never noticed any wrong inputs on my side. Thanks to the 120 hertz display refresh rate theres, pretty much no input lag, which enhances the experience even further. The 4096 pressure levels also allow precise drawing inputs.

After your drawing session, you can store your s pen, magnetically on the longest sides of the tablet or on the black strip. On the back there, your s pen also gets recharged via the tablet directly. Within a couple of minutes, your pen is fully loaded again. You can also make use of the so called air gestures. By pressing the button on the s pen and doing certain gestures, you can trigger certain actions. You can pause video playback, you can skip to the next song or take a picture, probably nothing you will need on a daily basis. The functionality still seems quite neat using the s8 plus is really a joy. Everything feels extremely snappy, no matter what you do, thats, because the new galaxy tab lineup uses the qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 1 soc its currently the best you can get in an android tablet: 8 gigabyte of ram also help with multitasking. All that performance means that you can basically do anything with the tablet. Even heavier applications like adobe photoshop, run without hiccups, and the same goes for gaming. Even demanding games like gentian impact, run really smooth and are fun to play on the s8 plus in geekbench 5. The tablet gets a multi score result of 3146 points, which means its even comparable to some of the best android smartphones out there. The results only fall apart. If you bring apples, ipad lineup into the equation, the ipad pro gets 7220 points in the same benchmark.

Even the older ipad mini gets 4210 points. Android 12 is preinstalled on the s8 plus as well as samsungs one ui 4.1. The android security patch level at the time of filming is the 1st of january 2022.. Samsung promises 4 years of system updates, with the s8 plus and 5 years of security updates thats a lot more than the usual 2 to 3 years of updates that we got a couple of years ago, but still not as much as apple offers. Google already promised to release android 12l at the end of this year. This update is only meant for android tablets and will make certain tweaks to make better use of the larger screen size. The asset plus also supports the so called dex mode with the push of a button. The user interface changes to a more laptop like view. This mode is perfect if you want to use a keyboard or mouse with the device. Samsung also sells a keyboard cover for the s8 lineup, which could be handy if you dont mind the small keyboard, the dex mode also works really well, when you connect your tablet with an external screen here, the differences between a tablet and a small laptop really start To blur, if all the apps you need are available on android, then you could probably replace your old laptop with one of samsungs s8 tablets. If you are connected to a usbc monitor your tablet even gets charged, which is really handy.

The dex mode also really benefits from the extra performance that the new soc provides. The galaxy tab s8 plus has four speakers two on each side. That means no matter how you hold the device. You will always have a decent stereo experience. The sound quality of them is nice. The volume gets decently loud without distorting the music. Much due to its size. You do have to expect a certain lack of bass. The asset plus also supports dolby atmos. You can activate it in the quick settings for me personally. Activating dolby atmos improves the sound quality even further. The sound just seems fuller and richer and heres a little demonstration for you, Music. The tablet offers two rear cameras. One wide angle and one ultra wide. The ladder is only 6 megapixels and doesnt offer autofocus the image quality of the wide angle. Camera is decent, but nothing groundbreaking. As you can see here, the 12 megapixel ultra wide selfie camera seems quite good, especially for video calls. There are also a ton of filters and r air gimmicks built into the default camera. App samsung also emphasizes the new, auto framing function, a lot when activated the tablet always tries to center you in the frame by zooming and panning the picture. The feature works quite well, but for my taste, the zooming and panning is a touch too aggressive. The 1090 milliamp hour battery capacity seems quite large for the device, but still samsung only mentions up to 13 hours of video playback.

The large screen size, combined with the high resolution and refresh rate just needs a lot of power with a mix of web surfing video streaming and some light gaming. You can expect about 9 to 10 hours, thats an okay result. If you want to fill it up quickly, then you can use up to 45 watts of fast charging. Once again, there is no charger included. The s8 plus has a glass class leading oled display the speaker system, as well as the build quality, sound and feel premium. The s pen makes the tablet just a joy to interact with whatever you might use it for features like the built in screen, fingerprint reader or the 120 hertz refresh rate further strengthening the premium feel, and if you want to be really productive, your tablet turns into A more laptop like device with the push of the tax button thanks to its powerful soc. The tablet also delivers in that regard.