Nobody is sponsoring today. Nobody provided me this tab s8 or loaned it to me in any way or any other method for all that youtuber stuff i pre, ordered and paid for this myself. Second note: yes: im a fan of apple products, but thats not my whole personality. I use apple right now because they are what works the best for me, but im always open to having a better experience and and pretty uninterested in flashy specs or features for the sake of those flashy specs or features. I just need what works, which leads us directly into the tab s8, because i really truly think that this will be replacing my ipad from here on out, as this is our first dedicated video about the tab. S8 lets quickly cover these specs and ordering options. If you end up interested in this very versatile little tablet at its base price, you get the tab s8 for 699 dollars and yes thats without trade in or any other of the weird pricing shenanigans that samsung gets up to and yes, there are some they do. Some pricing shenanigans for that price, youll get the eight core: snapdragon: 8 gen, 1, 128 gigabytes of storage, eight gigabytes of ram and an 11 inch screen running at 120 hertz. There is also a current running promotion where youll get the samsung s pen and a keyboard case included in that price thats, actually how i ended up with those accessories today.

Now a lot of folks have been telling me that these promotions last for a while, but who knows when you are actually watching this video, you could be watching it today, you could be watching it years in the future. So as of today that exists, but i cant promise that its always gon na be that way: hey quick cut to editing gary, so i went back to check their website for all of the promotional materials to make sure that what im saying is up to date And no longer is the keyboard case included, so you have to buy that separately now. They may include it again in the future, but there was a time period between when i wrote the script shot the video and then went back to do the actual editing that it all changed. So i guess at any given point you could get a free keyboard or you could not get a free keyboard, but just pay attention as youre ordering the tab back to back to the video. If you are a newcomer to the channel welcome, but i generally run these x time later videos as a way to show what ive liked and ive disliked about a product in that given time and today, i want to start off with what ive liked and the First thing is that price 699 dollars is not cheap and its actually its pretty expensive. When you look at tablets as a nice to have and not a need to have like accessory part of technology, but i think what samsungs done here is pretty smart one.

This matches up well with other offerings of its size and capabilities from other brands, namely apple and two. I really like that. You get the keyboard case and pencil included in that 699 dollars. These tablets anymore, are turning into little hybrid computer phone things, and i really dont like when major functionality is hidden behind accessories that you then have to buy separately its kind of like software or video games. I dont mind buying software or paying a license for it. If i need it and thats the pricing model, but dont hide major functionality or capabilities behind a second paywall that drives me crazy, so good on samsung for giving us essentially everything we need to get the tablet going at a lower price than the competition. The next thing ive really liked about the tablet is the display. This display is gorgeous now that shouldnt come as any big surprise, because samsung has like a whole division. They have an entire business in the screen making industry, so they should be able to provide a quality product at a reasonable price if they couldnt. I think that would be the bigger story and because of that logical conclusion, i really like how this looks. I think faster refresh rates matter more and more. The bigger and bigger a device gets so to have such a smooth operation on an 11 inch tablet. Its really nice to see the display is also very crisp. Its very clear the picture is vibrant and while samsung doesnt provide the rated knits of its panel, i was able to measure about 400 lux of brightness, with my little handheld light meter, no nits and lux arent, exactly a one for one, but its pretty close.

While its not as good of a panel as the bigger s8 plus or s8 ultra, i think for the price, this is actually a really good inclusion. I have heard some folks complain about pulse width modulation with this screen. I personally havent had any issues, but everybody reacts to different stimuli differently. If you find yourself susceptible to panel differences, i would check this screen out in store before buying one to see. If it bothers you. The next thing ive really liked is the included keyboard case. This case is more like the smart, folio keyboard and less like the apple magic keyboard for their ipads, and yes, i would prefer a magic keyboard option. Even despite that, i really like this little keyboard. These keys are some of the nicest tablet keys that ive ever felt ive typed every single script so far this week on this tablet and a huge standout feature is this case. I love working off of it and i didnt even have to pay for it. The keys are a little small and sort of scrunched. So if you have gigantic hands, you might need to go with the s8 plus model, but for my normal size hands i didnt have any major issues, and sometimes you can have problems with your fingers like running into each other. If you have an overly small keyboard, i mean they do have to make sacrifices on the size of the keys to make it work at all and im.

Okay, with what theyve done here, i wish it had a trackpad, and i know samsung has a trackpad version of a keyboard case, but it does that logitech thing of not having a stable base. It has like something coming off the back of the tablet to hold it up, which means that using it on a lap or something like that, just wouldnt work and i work for my couch. A lot im still looking for a quote. Unquote, perfect keyboard for this tablet, but what you get is really good. The next thing that ive loved its not something that ive even liked but ive loved it and youll, see that the first time you put the tab s8 into this keyboard and its dex mode holy crap, dex mode, is the best its essentially. What makes this tablet for me for those not aware samsungs, dex mode takes certain samsung mobile devices, its not all of them, but some of them, and it turns them into a hybrid machine that has a mobile component, but also turns it into like a little chromebook And its kind of neat and a cool part to see a phone have this functionality but its a whole other thing entirely to have it on a tablet. You can take the tab and plug it into an actual computer, monitor and then its just a computer thats. Actually, how i typed this script, i had the tablet plugged into my main monitor, while i typed this all out, and i typed it out with the tabs keyboard its incredible.

There is no other way to put it being able to have dual modes like this. On a tablet is actually pretty game changing for me and i hate using that term, but you got to think about it from my normal day perspective. Normally i have to carry around a laptop thats like four years old. It chugs and it barely works with modern team collaboration tools. It has awful battery life and its just kind of a pain. However, with this tablet, ive got an 11 inch device that, on the one hand, can be my twitter browsing youtube watching quick email checking normal machine, or i can simply plug it into my monitor and i have as much of a computer experience as i really need Day to day, i dont need full on power operating systems for what i normally do. I just need multi window support the ability to use all that productivity software, which does work on the tab. Ive taken several meetings. Just from this, all you need to do is either tap a button to have a tiny laptop that can do these things or just plug it into a monitor, and you are good to go. There are no silly ipad os bars. There is no weird tablet functionality. Its a dual purpose, fun tablet and an actual work computer all in one. I seriously love this yes for purposes of this video. The way that i had it set up to show you its kind of awkward, but if this were my only true computer, i would have it set up with a wireless keyboard and a mouse, and it would take up essentially no space team.

I cannot say enough good things about this. If i wasnt a youtuber, this would be my only computer thats, not hyperbole, thats, not a youtuber exaggeration. This is what i need in a tablet, and i cannot believe that i havent tried this out before you dont know, but ive been wanting to say that all week, so im really excited that we got to the one week later video. So i could just get that off my chest, but thats not it. There are some other things that ive liked about the tab. S8 as well, the main one that we havent covered, yet being that this still has an expandable media slot. So you can put in up to a one terabyte microsd card in here to expand that storage capacity thats another incredible option: internal ssds are expensive, its expensive with apple and its expensive, with samsung expensive with everybody, so its really nice to be able to spend like 130, bucks, if you want to more than quadruple your internal capacity, yes ssds, will read and write faster than any micro sd card, but seriously does it matter like? Are you doing big, vfx or big video things on the tab? S8? Not i know samsung is making a push toward content creation here and well have to see with lumafusion on the way. But even then i dont think that speed difference is that big of a deal, and i really like that. You can upgrade the memory yourself and the last major thing that ive liked about the tab.

S8 in the past week is the front facing camera. Much like the other things that ive been glowing about. I think the front facing camera goes a long way towards making this the one device that you need, unlike other tablets, that apparently think folks will only use said tablet in portrait orientation. The tab s8 has its camera on the top of landscape mode and thats, where the tablet naturally rests. If you need to video call someone, it just makes so much more sense. If you are going to market this as a productivity tool, why not make the collaboration side of the house as good as possible and ive been thoroughly impressed with not only the placement of the camera but with the image quality of that camera as well, and look If you are a brand, you need to nail this, because telework is no longer just a small footnote that you can pay lip service to plenty of us, prefer it now and thats a purchase decider for a lot of us. Okay, while ive loved a lot about the tablet, its not perfect – and there are a few things that i havent liked at the same time, the first thing that i havent liked is operating system consistency. I guess thats the way ill put it in the unboxing video. We had a few stutters and slow downs with the ui itself and folks in the comments that video told me that it was just the tablet setting itself up and that we shouldnt be seeing this anymore.

But in the last week, ive frequently seen slow downs and stutters, especially when doing something with the drop down quick menu, its obviously not a deal breaker for me, but it does break immersion so to speak when everything else is so smooth and seamless. But then you lose a lot of frames when trying to quickly get into dex mode or any of the other menu options. The next thing that i havent disliked, but i havent really liked – are the speakers. Yes, its got audio by akg, whatever that means, but as somebody that primarily uses apple tech apple sets the bar for audio quality really high and while im not an audiophile. I can absolutely tell the difference between this and my ipad pro. You got to step it up a little bit. They work fine for what it is, but when youre so used to something being at a certain level when its not that good, you really pay attention to it, and the last thing i havent liked is the facial recognition system. I have it set to unlock the tablet with my face and im not sure that its worked even fifty percent of the time i do have it set to the stronger option. So somebody couldnt just unlock the tablet with a picture of me, but its not working great. It constantly tells me that it doesnt even see a face, so i have to type in my pin every single time which much like the speakers face id on my phone and my ipad, its just so good that you dont even realize it exists because of how Seamless, it is here its just disappointing that it rarely works, but at the end of the day, so what right look? I love this tablet.

This is my favorite tablet in years. It does everything that i want and it really fulfills the promise of being able to fill the role of a tiny computer and mobile device at will. Yes, i wish it had imessage and i wish it had facetime so nothings perfect, but ive got my phone and my macbook that can fill that when needed. This is absolutely going to be my personal tablet going forward, because its straight up incredible, i just need it to have long term longevity in both software and the hardware, but well have to find out about that in a future video. And if you like this video – and you want to see how the tab s8 compares to the ipad pro more directly, you can find my video comparing the two by clicking right here: click.