But last time i checked, number eight comes after number: seven look all i’m saying. Is it clearly states the top, is seven and then the type of seven plus and then the top as eight enterprise edition – and i say it again – top is eight enterprise edition and you could simply argue it should have been a top seven enterprise edition and i’ll. Give you that, but the before mentioned item already exists. Our recent survey also indicates that samsung is listening to you guys to the audience to the customers to us to everyone involved here, because when we ask people out there worldwide, samsung owner samsung customers, what is it? They are looking forward to the most the upcoming releases that samsung has in store for us a whopping, a whopping, a whopping one percent said tapase, nothing else and then followed by twenty. What is it twenty seven percent are interested in the top seven light. So look realistically, the tap is seven as it is, stands off today, it’s really a hard act to follow. So what can we expect in the top s8? Well, the number one improvement we will already see is a processor upgrade, and we are talking here about the snapdragon 888 triple h: 5g. Yes that’s the one. But what does it really mean for you guys for us for everyone who has already a type of 7 type of 7 plus, let me break it down for you in terms of performance.

You can see early benchmarks result here and they really indicate a 10. Maybe 15 ish increase overall, but there is more new chipsets also have improved 5g modems, which means, if you are in an area that supports 5g upload and download speed, will improve significantly in case you need it. I don’t, but you may so. The new wi fi 6e is also on board and what usually also happens when we see new chipset in this case, the snapdragon 8, it could influence it could influence the battery life of this device, simply meaning it could influence it positively, meaning a longer battery life. But that’s something we have to test, but usually this is what happens with a new chipset, and this is why it is so important to look beyond just one component. People read snapdragon 888 and say: okay, it’s 10, faster. So what? But this is looking at it. In isolation, because when you look beyond that, you can see it comes with way more, it has different options, and these are options. A lot of people may be even interested in or they’re looking forward to that and let’s stay with performance. There are so many people that come into us in our comment section to our community. They ask you guys they ask us how much rum is enough. How much ram is enough, and my answer really is and well. There is no straightforward answer because it really depends on your need on my needs and everybody’s needs, but what i my credo, my personal credo, is the more ram the better you can’t you just can’t get enough.

Applications are so power hungry these days that the top s8 will come with either eight gigabyte of ram or 12 gigabyte of ram, and the same is kind of really going for the storage. You will see 512 gigabyte as the max option for the storage, and i may be a bit old school here, but really the more storage. I have the more ram i have the happier i personally am, and it is most likely the top option, like the 12 gigabyte of ram 512 gigabyte of storage, will come for the tarp s8 plus. And yes, you heard right: there will be two versions again tap, say the regular version and then the tab is eight plus version, and that leads me to the hottest topic of them all the hottest topic, the hottest topic in our comment section of them all, is The display the display technology, so many people are saying. Okay, i would have loved to see an amalet screen and my regular type seven. Why is it not a unified approach by samsung? Fair enough, i feel the same, but there are also many people saying well. I’M. Actually happy with the ips lcd technology, because it is simply better for digital art, so i am not an artist. I cannot comment on that and this is really where it gets tricky because from an invention, inventional invention, invention, let’s, not invention, point of view. We have the same display technology unless there’s something else in store for the type s8 we just don’t know yet, but i mean the amoled screen of the tap s7 plus is simply amazing, and i know some of you guys have green tint issues.

I don’t i don’t know well maybe i’m colorblind, but i don’t have these issues and i really personally, i would love to see a unified approach moving forward for the top s8, but as of today, the display technologies will stay the same so for the type of Seven, we have the lcd for top s8, we have lcd top s8 plus we have amoled the same as the top s7 plus. Let me know in the comments below which screen technology you prefer. Would you like to see a unified approach by samsung? Let me know, drop it down below. Having said this, having said this, there is something i really want to mention, and these are software updates, because you do have all these display technologies, you have faster processor, but what about the software right? This can really make a huge improvement on your daily task and we’ve. Seen this with the latest s pen feature upgrade right. There are so many people that have been waiting for this, and this is what i’m also going to predict here for the type s8. There will be something we haven’t seen before, because the upgrades so far are really just incremental. Looking at samsung’s paces here with the samsung galaxy unpack the second one coming up next week in a couple of days, i can see the type s8 coming out in well at the beginning of summer, but there will be more options. The incremental upgrade, as of today, will stand, but we will see more options, more color options for sure we will see more summer colors coming.

We will also see the storage options for 128. 512. 256. What we just said, but there were also more segmentations in terms of lte 4g 5g, you name it. The nano sim will stay the same micro sd card up to 1 terabyte. This will all stay the same but i’m, certainly seeing that segmentation taking off this year. For samsung um that’s, what we’re going to expect this year for the tap is eight. However. However, i have two personal wishes that i want to see on the top s8 and i really want to hear yours afterwards. My number one wish is really one. So my number one wish is one additional usb c port, because we really, i personally – want to see the tap s8 plus the top version, the top version. Here. I want to see this as a laptop replacement, really the best laptop replacement we can have for samsung devices, which leads me to number two point number two is the keyboard. Why not make the keyboard perfect? We are all staying home. We all have this pandemic going on laptop replacement, two usbc ports, the best keyboard you can make samsung with all the upgrades, let the display, let it be. I i’m happy with that.