Is this tablet still worth it in 2023? Should you go ahead and just wait for the Galaxy Tab. S9 lets go ahead and talk about it all right. Welcome back folks. The answer to my question is simply: yes: it is still worth it if you want to go ahead and buy this or if you need a tablet right now, a premium tablet right now and you are considering picking up the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. I would say: go for it. The first reason. Why is because we dont have any leaks in terms of when to expect the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series we dont know when thats going to drop and the second reason being it only dropped. Last year sure it was back in February and we are pretty close to February right now, so it would be about a year old, but it certainly feels even faster than it was. You know at the beginning in terms of performance, it is still Top Notch, and so, if you want one just go ahead and buy one, the next reason why you should grab one is because, right now, if you were to go on the Samsung website, unlike it Was the case for the Samsung Galaxy type? S7? Fe. You can find this at a discounted price right now, the entire 7 Fe 1 back to its regular price, but this guy here, even if youre, not trading anything in you can pick it up.

I believe, with 80 off, if you dont have any trades. If you have a trade, you can actually end up paying as low as a hundred and twenty nine dollars for the Samsung Galaxy. Tab S8 lets go ahead and do a quick recap of what you should be expecting from something like this. This is a flagship tablet right, so youre, looking at an 11 inches TFT display here – and I cannot emphasize this enough – this is a top notch. Tft display that is very well calibrated, and on top of that, it is coupled with 120 hertz refresh rate. That means it is just crazy smooth what is for scrolling down or watching movies or playing games, whatever youre doing the 120 hertz refresh rate on this tablet. Here will definitely enhance your experience. Lets quickly cover the physical features of this tablet here. So what you have there is the three pins that you can use to snap into the official keyboard that Samsung, you know sells if you do have the opportunity to grab that. I would you know strongly advise for you to go ahead and grab on the Samsung the official Samsung book cover. It truly turns this guy here into a mini laptop right because, as you may know, this guy here does support Samsung Dex, and you can turn your you know your tablet here into a mini laptop. You do have a power button right here that actually combos as a fingerprint scanner right.

I love physical, fingerprint scanner simply because they are more secure and they are crazy fast. So you have that embedded in this power button. There volume rocker there but quad speaker setup right, so you have one two three, four, those sound amazing: why? Because they are tuned by AKG and then you have of course, mics around the tablet here, USB type c port there right for fast transfer of your data and, of course, for fast charging here and speaking of fast charging. The battery here is going to be an 8 000 million M battery that supports fast charge, because you can actually charge this at up to 45. What and still sticking on the back here: dual camera setup – you have a 13 megapixel and a 6 megapixel Ultra wide. I believe either six megapixel here will be the also White and the 13 would be the main camera and on the front, a 12 megapixel Ultra wide here. That actually has a feature similar to Center Stage that you would find on. You know the newer iPads right as you are chatting with your loved ones. If you are moving, the camera would actually track you to make sure that you stay within the frame right now. Lets quickly talk specs here, so that 11 inches TFT display here is pushing a resolution of 1600 by 2560.. So PPI here is pretty dense. If you are familiar with Samsung Galaxy Tab a7fe its essentially the same resolution except the Fe, is a larger tablet.

Images are sharper here because ppi is more dense here, because its the same, you know resolution on a smaller tablet, thats also, the reason why image quality is so good right, the colors super vibrant. Unless, of course you are an OLED snub. This is a great display. The unit that I have here is 128 gigs of internal storage and, of course, that is expandable using a Micro SD card at up to one terabyte, simply meaning that if you were to buy this guy here and you wanted to expand that internal storage to those Of you who dont know you have the ability to do that. You could just buy a Micro SD card and you can do that and expand it out up to a terabyte, its also boasting the Snapdragon 8 gen 1, its a very, very powerful chipset. You will be able to really you know, tackle all of your heavy High productivity tasks here and projects without any issues right. So what are you doing? Youre, multitasking or youre doing video editing all of that good stuff. You are able to do all of that on your Samsung Galaxy type S8 here without any issue. The Android 12l update that update definitely played a major role on that. So it offers, like you, know, new animations, a new layout. You know specifically to the task bar. So that you can jump you know in between, like Windows, even faster than youd normally would this is the top dog right when it comes down to Android tablet, if youre looking for the best Android tablet and lets say you want something about the size and you Dont necessarily care for the OLED display.

This is it. This is the guy. Not only that Samsung will go ahead and support this dude for about four years, and then you have an additional one year of security updates, meaning security updates will be up to five years. So, four years of both security updates and major updates, and then a year after that, you still have security, update and, of course, as always, you know like I like to say to those of you who dont know that simply means that you know itll be supported Where that its always optimized, but going beyond that, you can still use your tablet. Youre still going to be able to access the Google store, download stuff, you know here and there some stuff is not going to be as optimized still sticking with productivity. So this is a high productivity tablet. Here you do have Samsung decks. As I mentioned there. If you havent had the opportunity to try it Id say, go ahead and order this guy here play with it and see if you dont, like it see if you like it, if you dont like it, obviously you can go ahead and return it within 14 days And you get all your money back, but Samsung Dex is known to be the top dog when it comes down to productivity right it has this crazy level of flexibility that other manufacturers are not matching, at least not yet some of them are working on their own Projects to see if they can match that, but theyre, just not there now.

The last thing that I want to cover before we go ahead and conclude the video is going to be the S Pen right. My humble opinion. This is the best tablet stylus. You will find on the market sure it could be subjective, depending of the type of you know, experience that you offered by the stylus, but the general consensus in the Tech Community. A good chunk of that coming from actual artists, praise this guy, so much so freaking natural. You know when youre using it. It is such a good stylus here, and on top of that, you have. Some additional premium feature is beyond the core functions right of using copying text, and you know doing all of this translating all of that good stuff within the tablet. Anyway, I dont want to turn this into a full review Im, just doing more of a full recap of what you would be getting yourself into. If you were grabbing this – and I can tell you that Ive had it for pretty close to a year so February, 9th or whenever that was, and it runs as if it just came out the box. In fact, it runs better than when it came out. The box that just tells you how good this guy here and of course over time I should get updates and things are improved thats. One of the reasons it runs better now so my humble opinion, if youre in the market for this guy here this was a good time for it.

You could, if you didnt, get a chance to grab one during the holiday season. This is a good time to go ahead and pick up the Samsung Galaxy Tab. S8. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section. What is your take on all of this? Let me know in the comment section I would absolutely love to catch. You there dont forget to like, of course, dont forget to share the video. If you know anyone wholl be interested and dont forget to subscribe.