Although laptops are more portable than ever, its pretty clear students appreciate an even more portable setup thats, where the samsung galaxy tab s8. Steps in this is one of my favorite android tablets on the market, but if youre a student it has some serious competition from apple. So is the samsung galaxy tab? S8. The best tablet for students well lets find out Music. This year, the galaxy tab. S8 cost 50 more than its previous predecessor, which is not bad. Considering some of the new features added the tab. S8 is definitely not a cheap tablet, but it honestly offers a ton of awesome features that any student will appreciate. Whos in the market for a quality productivity based tablet – i know some of you are debating whether you should get this or the ipad air or pro, and some of you are just looking for a quality android tablet for productivity and entertainment. Well, this video is for you all when you look at the hardware of this device, its obvious, that this thing is beautiful and theres. Definitely some ipad inspiration here anyway, on the back youve got a matte aluminum finish with a glass magnet strip to connect the s pen on the right side is where youll find the power button that doubles up as a fingerprint scanner. The volume rockers, which are tactile and a micro sd card slot, which can be expanded up to one terabytes. You wont see this here on any apple product on the left.

Side are connectors for other accessories and on the bottom is a usbc charging port that can charge up to 45 watts flipping this device around on the front. Youve got an 11 inch 1600 by 2560 display, while the bezels on this display are slightly begged for 2020. The display is still gorgeous and i love streaming content playing games and scrolling through books because of its 120 hertz refresh rate and the bigger bezels make it easier to hold on the hand without interfering with the view too much. In addition to being good for leisure. The display gets bright enough to read outside so i can see this being used at any time of day for just about anything. You can imagine. I highly recommend a case or a stand for this device, because the edges are sharp and after long uses its pretty uncomfortable to hold in the hand ill link. Some of my favorite below the 8 000 milliamp battery on here is also going to make sure that this tablet goes all day its definitely not the best battery life ive experienced on a tablet, but its certainly enough for long productivity sessions. I typically get a full day of use on productive days, but when i add gaming or streaming to the mix, i do have to keep a portable charger with me. Music. If you look around the sides, youll see forced air speakers that get pretty loud and have clear audio quality, but you wont see a headphone jack here.

What a bummer anyway! This is probably one of the loudest speakers ive experienced on a tablet, so whether youre on a zoom meeting or listening to a lecture, you wont have any trouble hearing. The base model of this device comes with 128 gigs, and you have to pay a little bit extra for 256 gigs, but keep in mind. There is a micro sd card slot which is expandable up to one terabyte in case you dont want to have to pay that extra price tag. The galaxy tab s8 has two cameras on the back: a 13 megapixel wide angle lens and a 6 megapixel ultra wide lens photos and videos are solid for a tablet. I was surprised to see this ships with 4k at 60fps. The front camera has a 12 megapixel, 120 degree ultra wide lens, which is great for zoom, calls and conferences, its sad that most laptops double or triple the price tag of this machine. Dont even come with the camera system, thats even close to this device, whether you are using this to scan documents or photography. This is actually surprisingly solid in terms of performance and the operating system. This ships, with the snapdragon 8th, gen octa core processor, 8gigs of ram and adreno 730 gpu running on samsungs version of android 12. thats, probably the most important reason to buy this tablet, its definitely one of the most powerful android tablets in the market. Like i mentioned before, entertainment is terrific on this device, but i have to say this might be the best tablet for multitasking ive ever seen and thats.

Partly due to the aspect ratio, you can actually run three different applications at the same time, which is very impressive and theres no lag at all. Samsung launched all their new tablets with a feature called samsung dex that allows you to boot. Your tablet into a pc like mode where you can bounce between different windows of apps and move between screens easily in the past. My biggest reason for recommending students to pick up something like a chromebook or just a typical laptop, is because things like hooking. Your laptop up to an external, monitor or multitasking through different windows was easier on chromebooks and other machines, but clearly thats, not the case anymore. Samsung also partnered up with microsoft, to allow you to run excel word and other microsoft apps in multiple desktop windows, so typing on this tablet is decent. If youre going to be using the touch screen, i dont recommend it. If you want to get the most work done, i highly suggest hooking up a bluetooth keyboard or buying a samsung case that allows you to have a trackpad and a keyboard. What i did was just hook up a wireless keyboard and mouse and found a stand and boom i had a full on pc almost like setup. This feature is really the best part about the tablet and honestly, one of the biggest selling points, in my opinion. In addition to dex is samsungs inclusion of the s pen in the box.

Most students nowadays are taking notes digitally. There are times where i honestly prefer this over an apple pencil. I personally like how soft it feels on the screen and the paper sound. It makes when youre taking notes its really cool, that you can actually hover the s pen over certain things like the calendar, to get some more details without having to tap on the screen id say. The apple pencil is slightly more accurate, but the s pen is definitely more innovative. The only thing i dont like is how it snaps to the tablet in one orientation. So essentially, the tip has to be facing the camera, for it to charge and for full magnetic power overall, given how expensive, adding an apple pen is to the ipad. I definitely think this is such a great deal that its included in the box – and that takes me to the question that you guys have been asking. Is this really worth that 700 retail price tag? I can confidently say the galaxy tab. S8 is one or, if not the best, android tablet in the market right now. Obviously, that 700 price tag is competing with the ipad air and ipad pro. If you absolutely know you want a tablet in this price range, i think you only go with the ipad. If you want to use imessage and other apple exclusive software features, and you go with the tab s8, if you absolutely need a stylus and you just want an awesome – almost pc, like type of experience with samsung dex, this device goes on sale, pretty often and theres A bunch of promotions on the samsung website so ill drop.

The most recent links down in the description. I was able to purchase it for 50 off on amazon, so the total was exactly 700, so it felt like i didnt – even pay for taxes and thats it for this video. If you have any specific questions about this tablet, please leave it down in the comment section ill, be there respond to all of you as soon as this video is over once again, thank you for watching.