Normally, i use my 2018 ipad pro 12.9 inch as that role in terms of using it as my main tablet, but for the past 30 days. This tablet here the s8 plus, has been working out really well and thats, because it has a nice or beautiful, really super amoled display its got the snapdragon 8 gen 1 cpu. So its worked out pretty well in terms of performance. It has some decent battery life. Well get into that in the video and it has a beautiful, sleek and modern look. I have the graphite model, but there are other colors you can get it theres. Also, the optional 5g ive been checking it out for the past 30 days, and this is my 30 day review. Hey everybody its andrew – and this is my 30 day review of the samsung galaxy tab s8, plus here for 2022 coming up Music. Now i already did my unboxing and first look review for those that didnt see it ill leave a link in the description below, but the big takeaway is youre now getting the latest snapdragon 8 gen 1. That is the latest from qualcomm youre getting at 12.4. In super amoled display with 120 hertz refresh rate, it is absolutely gorgeous pretty much the same cameras from last year, but there are excellent for a tablet and well get into that and more. But before we do that, i want to let everybody know that in the interest of transparency and full disclosure im not being paid by samsung im, not being sponsored by samsung, all the opinions youre about to hear are my own samsung is not getting copy approval.

That means theyre seeing this video for the first time, just like you now, this unit was purchased with my own money. I did not receive a review unit from samsung. Now you can head on over to the website in terms of samsung to pick one up. It starts at 899, but again you get trade ins and there are a lot of discounts you can get with this depending on the time of year, so again check out that link below if youre interested, now im a big fan of the design. What were looking at here is an all metal design, very sleek and modern. I have the graphite finish on this. It looks really nice and it comes in at 567 grams thats for the wi fi model for the 5g model that comes in at 572 grams or about 1.25 pounds, so its very portable easy to take with you on the go. We like that here on this channel, but one thing to note: it is a fingerprint magnet. You will be wiping it down quite a bit now im using it with last years, keyboard cover and that one has a touchpad and a nice kickstand on it, which is different from this years model, which doesnt have that touchpad. Now that keyboard cover retails for 229. Over at best buy, but right now, amazon has it on sale for 146.74 links will be in the description below, and here it is with the keyboard cover, and that to me is the must have accessory here, because without it it really is just a tablet.

But when you put it in the keyboard cover and use it with dex, it becomes a more of a pc like productive experience, and that is a big win. It also has a place to store the pen as you see here, and that is really great. So you wont be losing the pen anytime soon, but, unlike the ipad pro with its magic keyboard, that does have a backlight on it, meaning you can get work done in a dark room or a dimly lit environment. This one doesnt have a backlight negative in my book and for those wondering this is what the keyboard sounds like when you type on it now, borrowing a page out of apples playbook they did away with the power charger in the box. You do get your usbc cable, as you see here, but again, no power charger, but the good news is, they do include the s pen in the box, unlike the ipad, where you have to buy the apple pencil as a separate purchase, this one is included at No additional cost, and that to me, is a big win now samsung says it reduced the touch response, time of the s pen from 5.6 milliseconds on the tap s7 plus to 2.8 milliseconds on the tab, s8 plus thats pretty good, and the result is a very Pen to paper, like feel, which is what you want to see when you have a tablet here of this stature, a flagship, this doesnt disappoint, so taking note, sketching and artwork has really been great.

With the included s pen, i have no complaints. I actually am a big fan of the s pen, if you havent guessed by now its working out pretty well all right lets talk about the battery life and im going to talk about real world battery usage. Here now this has a 10 090 milliamp hour battery and im, seeing about eight and a half hours on a single charge and thats with my normal workload, using it pretty extensively and at the end of the day i would say the battery life is okay, not Great, not terrible just about middle of the road. Now the start of the show has to be the display, and one of the reasons i chose the s8 plus over the s8 ultra with its 14.6 inch larger display is the fact this is a more portable device. Now this is a 12.4 inch super amoled display with 120 hertz refresh rate and when i say its, absolutely gorgeous its absolutely gorgeous its that good. It has all the hallmarks of a super amoled display the really deep blacks, the super, vibrant colors. The really high contrast everything youd want with a display of this caliber. Everything just seems to pop off the display its that good and having that 120 hertz refresh rate means youre going to get that really smooth scrolling. The very fluid experience throughout the ui and thats a big benefit of having high refresh rate, the downside is itll use more battery life and, as i mentioned earlier, this has middle of the road battery life and i think largely in part to the fact that it Does have this high refresh rate now? This is also a very glossy display, so you will notice some glaring reflections, depending on your lighting conditions, in the room that youre in so be aware of that.

But despite the fact that it is a glossy display, it is a pretty bright display, so that overcomes a lot of the issues you might have with it and its also an hdr 10 plus display watching high dynamic range content on this has been great now, as I mentioned earlier, this is running the latest chip from qualcomm, the snapdragon 8 gen 1, and, as you can see, you can game on it. Every day. Use has been great on it watching movies, netflix, amazon, no delay, no stutter all worked really well and the gaming has been good on it as im playing asphalt. 9. As you see here, there has been no issues with it. Everything worked flawlessly Music now for the past 30 days, ive been using this and not only as a tablet, but also as a laptop replacement of sorts thanks to the dex mode, and i think for the past 30 days, its worked really well, not perfect. Of course. There are things that i think they can improve on thats a topic for another video, but i think for the most part, they pretty much achieved what they set out to do with the tiled windows, with the ability to move the windows and manipulate them. Snap them and do all sorts of things to do productivity work with microsoft, office or google docs, or something like that. You have no problem connecting a mouse connecting an external monitor, as i have here, really makes this a laptop type of replacement.

But of course not exactly a perfect one to one replacement were gon na get into that in a separate video. But having said that, i thought i was much more productive using the keyboard case attached to a monitor attached to a mouse, making the tab s8 plus more productive. Now, as far as the sound is concerned, i thought it was really good and for the past month that ive been using, it really has not disappointed its actually been really good. Its got quad speakers and lets see how it compares to one of my favorites, the 2018 ipad pro now. This is the 12.9 inch version with the magic keyboard and lets see how these compare with one another, because thatll be a good gauge on just how good the tab s8 plus is because i think the ipad pro 12.9 has probably the best in the business. In terms of the audio lets, give them a listen Music, Music, Music. Now this is a 1080p 30 frames per second front facing camera, well test the back cameras very soon. But what do you think about the video quality? What do you think about the audio quality? Let me know in that comment section below so this is the front facing camera, were now outdoors, actually theyre, dual cameras as well. This is a full hd. 30 frames per second, let me know what you think about it in the comments section below and i thought the portrait mode on those front facing cameras worked very well and, as you can see, pretty nice photos but keep in mind.

This was a pretty overcast day here in las vegas, but nonetheless for a tablet. These are some of the better photos youre going to take thats for sure. So this is the rear facing cameras. Theyre, dual cameras: 30 frames per. Second, let me know what you think about the video quality in the comments section below lets. Take a walk to see if theres any image stabilization in 4k, and let me know what you think about it in the comments section below. Okay lets bring it all home 30 days using the samsung galaxy tab s8 plus has been really great. This is really a great android tablet. I dont think theres any doubt about it. Its probably the best android tablet on the market. Is it better than the ipad pro well just depends on which ecosystem youre in because this brings a lot of unique features such as the dex mode, a lot of things that you dont get with the ipad? I love the fact that the pen is included, although you do have to pay extra for the keyboard cover and i would recommend going with last years. Keyboard cover that has a touchpad and a kickstand. This years does not have that, and i think its a big miss, but again not a backlit keyboard this time around, but i think the overall impressions with this with the excellent multimedia functionality that this brings with the excellent speakers. The gorgeous display makes this a definite winner here for 2022, and while it is expensive and not all, android tablets are optimized for tablet use.

This is still the best android tablet out there in the market, and i have no hesitation recommending the galaxy tab. S8 plus here for 2022.. So what do you think about this bad boy? The tab, s8 plus uh really good stuff here, a little bit expensive, starting at 8.99, adding 229 for this keyboard cover, although it is on sale right now check out that link below its over at amazon, for i think, 175 or so really good deal. But you definitely want to get it, especially if youre going to use this index mode to be more productive. You can add a monitor, you can add a mouse to it and, of course this has a keyboard on it and that will make you more productive, especially if youre going gon na go on the road, maybe use an external monitor and so forth. A portable monitor, as i checked out on the channel things like that, so its worked out pretty well so so battery life. I got eight and a half hours on a single charge, not terrible, not great either. That does have that 10. 090 milliamp hour battery. The screen is absolutely gorgeous its bright, its sharp its everything youd want and a super amoled display, but im curious to know what you think. Let me know in the comment section below what do you think about the tab? S8 plus. Do you want me to check out the s8 ultra? That would be pretty interesting in its own right uh.

Let me know if i get enough demand ill get one if not well move on. But again, let me know what you think in that comment section below. So please hit the like button. Please subscribe. Please share this. Video dont forget to leave a comment in that comment section below. Let me know how im doing. Let me know if theres a device or something out there, you think i should review ill. Do my best to try to make that happen, dont forget to check me out on facebook, twitter, instagram and, of course, my website