I know i’ve been gone for a while um i’m still working on my project, but it’s it’s almost done so you guys will be seeing something from it very soon, but um something that i’m really excited about, and that is i’ve decided to go back to drawing With android tablets, um yeah, i i still have my ipad. I will probably still use it if i can get this annoying situation resolved um before i explain uh about the or tell you about the new tablet. Let me explain why i’m switching over again or switching back yeah, switching back to android um, my ipad has been a pain to work with uh. Lately i have the hardest time trying to back up my procreate, uh project files and trying to put them on to the cloud has been really frustrating for some reason: the project files, some of them, but most of them, will not upload for whatever reason i have No idea why i’ve tried everything um it just it just does not work um, so practically what’s happening is my ipad is pretty full. On storage. I tried to make room by moving project files. Some of them are obviously successfully able to get over to the cloud, but then what happens is once i free up some room. Then ios is like oh let’s put in let’s let’s update the the operating system, and then it takes up more room. And so when i try to open procreate, it’s just been force.

Closing like almost all the time and um i’ve lost some artwork. Because of that, and it’s literally just i don’t know it’s weird, so i bought more storage for my ipad, but i still can’t get the project files onto the cloud. It is really really frustrating and so uh. This decision actually kind of forced me to go back to uh the world of android because with android i never had this problem because i could always just plug it into my computer and then the whole thing shows up as a jump drive, and i can literally Just drag and drop all my project files onto the computer so with all that being said, i’m. Sorry such a long introduction um. I looked around to see what was new in the world of android and i decided to go ahead and buy the samsung galaxy tab. S7, so this is the 11 inch tablet. So this is it right here so i’m going to show you guys a little bit of what i’ve been doing with it so far, i literally just got it so i’ve been playing around but um. I probably will not go back to apple after using this tablet and in just a moment i think you’ll see why uh this tablet is amazing, so it’s uh, if you want to know all the specs and stuff for it, i’ll just put a link in the Description so you can go. I don’t really go over all the specs and stuff on this channel with tablets and stuff, like there’s plenty of people that do that.

I just try to focus more on uh the art side of things so uh. But yes, this is amazing: they’ve really improved the s pen and what we’ll go over this um, but yeah it’s, really nice, nice, magnetized um just sticks to the back, uh, so yeah, so anyway, let’s jump into it. Let me show you guys uh why? I think this tablet is going to be uh my tablet for the next few years to come. So if you enjoy the channel, give a big thumbs up subscribe comment, let me know what you guys think and uh yeah let’s let’s take a look at this tablet. All righty guys so here it is the samsung galaxy tab. S7 11 inch tablet, so uh. Let me show you some of the reasons why i switched over to this tablet. So um just so you guys know. The screen on this thing is amazing. This is literally one of the best uh android tablets best displays that i’ve seen ever on any tablet. I mean this thing is gorgeous. I i kind of thought people were kind of just hyping it up when they were talking in the reviews and stuff, but no it’s, it’s it’s, real, so um yeah. This thing is super snappy um, my camera, probably can’t, even keep up with how quick it is. Um, so if it looks like there might be a little lag that’s only because of my camera um yeah, this thing is super super super smooth, um.

Now something else that’s. Really nice too, is the s pen, so the s pen, this one actually believe it or not. This actually is more comfortable for me personally, this is more comfortable than the apple pencil and one of the reasons um is just how it’s designed just it’s light. It feels literally feels like a pencil which is really cool, so it’s got like the uh, the little uh little flat part right here, so you can probably see that so there’s like most of it’s smooth and you got that flat part. You do have a button right there, also too, the pen charges when you attach it to the back so that’s cool um, but yeah. It feels good on the screen. I cannot express to you enough on how good this thing actually feels. So what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na open up something on here is called samsung samsung dex. Now this is one of the biggest reasons that this is actually making me choose to stick with this over my ipad. So if i come over here so it’s right over here, so i click this on now. What this is going to do is it’s practically going to turn my tablet into a practically a desktop computer, so the whole format of everything changes and what you’re able to do in this is kind of mind blowing. So if you notice it kind of already has more of a look of like a desktop so like we have little floating widgets out there.

If i tap and hold um now, here’s what’s really cool too. So we have like a little start bar right over here. So that’s, where we get to all of our apps, you can also exit dex modes right over here, but something else that is really cool and i’m gon na actually open up sketchbook. So you guys will get to see what i was sketching last night. This is kind of like just my first sketch of something that i was just kind of messing around with so um. By the way, sketchbook is uh. The updates in it are quite nice, so this it’s improved a lot since the last time i was using. It also too, i think you guys will like this setup for when i’m live streaming, so you guys will be able to just uh have a direct view down on the tablet as i’m drawing but yeah so it’s super smooth. So here let me go on the layer that is not being used right now and then let me just grab something let’s see let’s change. I want to show you how smooth this is. Like i mean it is so smooth and we’re not like getting any latency or anything like that, so i mean it’s moving so quick here, let’s go over to let’s use a pencil, so we got like a pencil that looks good. Everything just looks so good um. We have all of our brushes in here all this good stuff um.

Let me see, let me find uh use the ink pen real, quick, okay, oops let’s make it a little bit smaller, okay, yeah, like guys that is so smooth. It feels so much better. I’M. I’M i’m, not lying i’m, just i’m. Just being honest, it feels so much better than um the uh, the ipad, with your drawing with the pencil on the screen like it’s, almost incredible how smooth this thing actually is um but yeah. So, by the way, i will finish this drawing too just so. You guys know i plan to work on it a little bit today and it will be on my instagram, uh or uh facebook, page or whatever, but for sure it will be available for you guys to see um when it’s done, i might even make it available For uh download, if you want to use it for a wallpaper or something okay, so here’s the cool thing. Okay, this is where it starts to get really cool. So, of course you can sketch and stuff, but this is why i really choose this tablet over um over the ipad, and so if i come over here look at this, so i literally just minimize this into a smaller window and if i want, i can minimize The thing completely – and it goes down here onto my taskbar so yeah, so i can recall it which is cool, but i can also i can resize it too. So if i want, i can just change it to a custom size.

So if i want to uh let’s show you let’s, let’s say: okay, so let’s say we do we put that there in the corner and then what let’s say: you’re working and you want to bring up some um, some art for inspiration or something so i’ll come Over here to my browser open this up – and i already had art station open earlier, so i can be scrolling through here looking at a cool artwork that people much more talented than myself, um have made um but yeah. So i can have those two things up. So and you can change it to whatever size makes, you feel comfortable um. So if you know, if you wanted to make this a little bit smaller i’m, not necessarily clicking on one uh, the individual’s piece of artwork, just because i don’t want to be rude, uh but yeah so see. I can make that i can make that really small. Like right there in the corner, you can change it to whatever size you want, but yeah. So you can do that. You can have that. You can minimize that one um let’s see so let’s let’s, open, uh, let’s, open let’s, see what should i open? Um where’s youtube there. It is yeah, so i can open youtube and you can see the chappelle show um all types of crazy stuff, so you can have um anything plain in the background. I don’t want to click on any of the videos, but you can have them playing um and then you can do the same thing with this.

You can kind of shrink this one over in the corner, so i can have that open and i can have my web web browser open and i can still be sitting here drawing away like just that alone. Uh is really mind. Blowing so i’m going to close close these out and we’ll just minimize this one. Also too. I just want to show you how fast this thing is. So there is this new app i’m new to this. I this is a 3d modeling app but it’s so smooth. I mean like at this point like we’ve, i feel like we’re just we’re just using like a regular um let’s, see let’s try to make a really creepy looking smiley face and you guys can for sure bet. We’Re gon na do some tutorials with um. With this program, i just have to learn it, but uh let’s see let’s, do move, no, not move. Let’S do let’s see. If we can smoothen this out a little bit, make it not look as creepy. There we go, so we can kind of blend those together. I’M, going to have fun with this guys like and it’s nice too, because it’s mirroring all of that. So you can see we got our weird, i don’t know he looks like he might be like a weird pac, man’s, cousin or something i don’t know, but yeah. So we have that going and um let’s see we can make that smaller too.

So i can have that going and we can have a sketchbook going at the same time so guys i mean at this point. This thing is practically a computer, and i mean like the gaming and stuff on this thing too, is amazing. You can actually get xbox uh game pass for this, so you can bluetooth, xbox control and play xbox games on it, which is awesome uh. I should show you one game on here: real quick, and i just just to show you like how smooth and fast this thing is so here, let’s just go full screen, there’s, actually, a game that i just started playing last night, which i was actually really impressed With um, so here let me go ahead and just pick it up a little bit i’m going to keep the sound down because i uh i do not know if i would get like a copyright strike or anything for having the music. But this is mostly, i just want to show you the graphics, um guys. This is literally the best android tablet. You can get right now. Definitely like there’s. Like i mean i don’t know, this is it okay, so i want to like i don’t know like i want to show you this game also too, just because the art style is really gorgeous, and i mean our channel is mostly uh it’s, mostly artwork anyway. So this kind of fits in uh with this video, i guess, but i just i want to show you how like how pretty this game actually is like it’s kind of amazing, so it kind of reminds you of breath of the wild a little bit um it’s Hard to believe that this is actually running on a tablet like who would have thought i mean i don’t know how was translating but there’s actually motion blur in the background when i’m actually, like changing um, i think i can turn them.

Let’S turn the music up. Just a little bit just so, we can hear a little sound effects. You know this is crazy, like this really reminds me of breath of the wild a lot Music but um yeah. I mean isn’t. This amazing, though, like it’s, this tablet is really awesome, so i mean you can do all types of amazing things with it. Um so let’s see let’s actually minimize this one so see even a game like this so see, i can shrink that down into a smaller window there we go. Do that and then let’s just say: let’s open that 3d program. Again, oh, you know what maybe okay? There we go, i don’t think i clicked it right, the first time so yeah. So look at that, so we can have that going at the same time and be playing the game if we want to like how amazing is that? Also too, look at the detail on this shout out to the people that made this game. Man that is, is insane so yeah. Let me know what you guys think i i promise you. I will have much more on this particular tablet. Um, you know it’s, just i just got it so uh it’s gon na be a little bit before i. You know i get to really dive deep into start, making some really crazy artwork with it also too i’m trying to finish my project so i’m trying not to get too distracted with this, but i’m almost done with it, though, but uh yeah, we’re gon na be Doing some cool stuff with this guys it is really awesome.

I really really love this thing um i just i can’t believe it actually works as well as it does. Um it’s really awesome. So if you like this video go ahead and give it a big thumbs up. Also too uh comment below i love reading your guys comments, let me know if you guys are glad that we’ve returned to android tablets because that’s definitely what is going to be on this channel um moving forward. So let me know what you guys think um. I know some problems. Some of you probably thought i would never go back to android um, but lo and behold, samsung is the one that did it and it’s crazy, because we’re we’re rocking samsung a long time ago, back in the day, so it’s kind of cool we’ve come come, come Full circle, so um shout out to samsung too, for making this amazing pin. This is this thing. Is awesome, okay, that’s the end of this video? Sorry, it was so long, but i love you all. I will see you guys in the next one. Take it easy and stay safe out there.