Quite a few of you have asked that i make this video so lets go ahead and jump in all right lets go ahead and talk design, starting off with the me pad five pro its actually a pretty sleek looking tablet right. So pro tablet. It feels pro it looks pro it has, that premium feel and also a little bit of weight to it, but its still very portable, and that look is pretty familiar simply because it mimics that of the ipad air. So the power button that combos with the fingerprint sensor, you get four speaker grilles, but it actually has a total of eight speakers and they are loud and the sound is actually pretty full and pretty crisp at the same time no headphone jack. Unfortunately, you get no micro sd card here there are some pins for the official keyboard for it, and it also supports a stylus now the galaxy tab. Seven pretty much follows that same rectangular shape pretty smooth finish on the back with, like that very polished metallic rim. Around the flat sides same deal as the me pad five pro here right, so you have a combo of a power button with the fingerprint system, so you would use that button to turn it on or off, and you can also use that to unlock the tablet. One thing that it does have the me pipe five pro does not have is the fact that you can push out video signal so on the me pad 5 pro, you cannot push out video signal, but on the galaxy tab s7 you can push out video signal, Meaning pushing out your content to an external monitor and be able to push up your productivity.

You also do have a micro sd card slot on this one, unlike it was the case on the me pad 5 pro. So there is that ability to expand that internal storage, using a micro, sd card, quad, speaker setup on here also tuned by akg. The sound quality is top notch on here and i would say it sounds pretty close to the same level in terms of volume to what is offered on the me pad 5 pro. But on the other hand, the sound just seems a little bit more crisp on here. If you really pay attention now, lets talk. Camera, the wi fi model of the xiaomi main camera is boasting a 13 megapixel main sensor, along with a 5 megapixel depth sensor, and this camera can do up to 4k at 30 frames per second, the front camera the selfie camera on the xiaomi mi pad 5. Pro is an 8 megapixel. Camera quality is okay on that front one. The back one is not bad either. The galaxy tab s7 also does have an 8 megapixel front facing camera that can do 1080 at 30 frames per second on the tablet 7. Just like it is the case with the me pad 5 pro, you will find the 13 and the 5 megapixel sensors on that main camera module. Now, when it comes down to picture quality, in my opinion, the galaxy tab s7 pushes slightly better pictures simply because colors are a little bit more pronounced when compared to what you would find on the me pad five for that dont get me wrong.

The me pad five pro actually does take some pretty awesome pictures, but i personally prefer the ones coming from the tab s7 because, like i mentioned a little bit more saturation and a little bit more color and that gets them to pop more now lets go ahead And talk about specs and performance here, the xiaomi mi pad 5. Pro here is boasting a pretty powerful platform here right. So what we have here is a snapdragon 870 right, which is a pretty powerful chipset right versus the 865 plus that you found on top of 7 but anyway, well get to that in a second, so 870, along with six gigs of ram. So when it comes out to performance, pretty good stuff, you have the opportunity to move on to the next tier and keeping the same amount of ram so going six gigs of ram with 256 gigs of internal storage. All move up the ram size going to eight gigs of ram and 256 gigs of internal storage. Now, as i mentioned, the galaxy tab s7 is boasting a pretty powerful platform as well with that snapdragon 865 plus, which, as you can see, the snapdragon 870 is clocked. A tiny bit higher than this one, which is also coupled with six gigs of ram, but this time around. As soon as you move on to the next tier, you get bumped up to that eight gigs of ram, so eight gigs of ram with 256 gigs of internal storage, which, by the way is also expandable.

I believe i mentioned that anyway, you can expand that internal storage using a micro sd card by the way – if this is your first time visiting, well welcome to the channel. Of course, if you do like the content so far, i certainly appreciate that. Please do me a favor hit both the like and the subscribe button theres a tremendous boost to the channel. Here and again. I truly appreciate that so lets go ahead and talk about performance this time when it comes down to performance, as i mentioned, these two are really killing it. You know performance very snappy either one of these tablets just kind of fly through all types of tasks. You know light medium heavy, whatever the case may be, whatever you throw at it, it really just true. Through them, they both can handle multitasking with no issues. No crashes, no lags no stutter. Really. The me pad five pro is running the miui right me, ui. 12.5.2. I believe, which is pretty fluid. It was pretty well implemented and im saying well implemented because i always feel like it was taken away or it was copied off of you know ipad os because it mimics it just so well right, except its android, but anyway, so it was well implemented. Its pretty fluid, no lags. You know pretty smooth when you go through your apps or when youre just navigating it. So no issues there. As long as you get used to that ui.

On the other hand, the galaxy tab, seven is running samsung. One ui 3.1.1 is the version that im running on my tab. S7. That also, of course, its very well established very fluid. I do find the way its built to be very intuitive with you know, just the shortcuts the way you access you know things. They really made ease of access to be a priority here, and the last thing i want to mention here, of course, is gaming. Gaming is great on here. You can play heavy medium light games all types of games on either one of these tablets without any issues. So if you were to buy either one of them just for gaming, you will be just fine now. The very last part of performance that i want to highlight here is just accessibility in terms of productivity. These two tablets are very, very powerful and in terms of performance, as i mentioned, they are really top level. You know for android tablets, but when it comes down to productivity, the galaxy tab s7 is definitely gon na be superior because of two main things right. The first one would be if youve been watching the channel for a while, then you probably know that this one is coming. The first one is going to be software. Software related – and this is samsung dex and the second part of it is going to actually is going. I cant talk today its going to be hardware related and thats gon na, be just that through that usb port, the usb type c port that the tab seven has which has the ability to push out.

You know content. It can push out video signal, meaning it can. It allows you to be able to take your productivity to another level. Remember there are people who are more productive. Like myself, i am more productive if im working on multiple screens right, if im. If i have one here that handles you know im using for my email, this would be my main screen and next will be for something else, so that ability to push out your content from your main device to an external monitor generally would bump up. You will see a bump in your productivity now the xiaomi mi pad 5 pro, unfortunately does not have the ability to push out video signal not only that it doesnt have a feature that can match what samsung dex offers. No other tablets out. There does right so samsung has managed to really maybe not perfect, theyve improved samsung dex so much over the years that the closest competition is not even xiaomi. You know on the me ui, you do get the opportunity to download this app, the pc app and it kind of acts a little bit like a mini desktop. But you know its still limited in terms of what it can do and performance every now and then is an issue but anyway, so when it comes down to overall productivity, the galaxy tab s7 is going to offer you an experience that is far superior to what You would get from the me pad 5 pro all right, so lets go ahead and talk styluses now, and i want to start off with the xiaomi mi pad 5 pro here now.

It does support an actual, dedicated xiaomi pen, which i actually ordered. It just never got to me, but it works with both the regular and also the me pad five pro it. You have to purchase that you have to buy that one separately would run you roughly. Eight, like 83 dollars plus tax, however much its going to be so 83 dollars plus tax and on the other hand, the galaxy type of 7 is going to come with a samsung s. Pen and this s, pen is known to just be the best in terms of versatility. You know productivity and extra features when it comes down to styluses on these tablets. So i doubt that the you know, even though i havent sure i havent tested it out, but ive been on farms and watched other videos of people who have the actual xiaomi pen you know and based off of what they say. It doesnt come close to what the samsung s pen has to offer on the galaxy tab. Seven im gon na have to test it out just to see where it stands, but the i can tell you that the tab s7. Well, this s, pen, that comes with the catalyst s7 combo with that 120 hertz in that low latency, its just it its it offers a fantastic user experience and since i just mentioned refresh rate, this should be a nice segue into displays. Now the me pat 5 pro is pushing an ips display, so 11 inches ips display with a resolution of 2560 by 1600, and it also just like the galaxy tab.

S7 support does support high refresh rate at 120 hertz. So its going to be interesting to see how well the xiaomi pen plays with this and im going to play it. When i test it out im going to test, you know palm rejection and by the way palm direction is really good on the thai seven and im also going to check out how the latency you know compares to what you get on the galaxy tab. S7 user experience is pretty nice, you know, obviously its pretty smooth with that 120 hertz refresh rate. Additionally, you have dolby vision and also hdr 10 support, although netflix does seem to only play in standard dev on my end here, but overall nice quality fairly sharp and you can play with the colors and adjust them to your liking in the settings. The galaxy tab. 7, like i mentioned not too long ago, is pushing a tft display same thing as a me pad 5 pro 1600 by 2560. For the resolution, the ppi is 274, so they actually have the same the same specs but different type of lcd of screens right. So you have ips with the me pad 5 pro and you have tft with the tab seven now when it comes out to color just looking at them side by side, you wont really notice that much of a difference, because samsung did such a good job at Properly calibrating the tft found on the galaxy tab s7.

But obviously, if you are stickler for the type of screen you know, then you would appreciate the ips fan on the me pad 5 pro more because it is one level higher than the tft display, but either way, as i mentioned, when i have them side by Side im having a hard time telling, which one is you know better than the other, because image quality is very sharp on either. One of these tablets – and also one thing to add here – is the tab. S7 actually does support hdr 10 plus, unlike the me pad 5 pro in terms of battery the me pad 5 pro is boasting an 86 milliamp battery, so its definitely an all day battery. Additionally, it is fast charged at up to 67 watt. That is impressive. 67 watt fast charge capable, whereas the galaxy tab s7, is pushing an 8 000 milliamp battery. So a slightly smaller, you know versus the 8600 that you would find on the me pad 5 pro, but that also is an all day tablet, but this whole thing is going to depend on how you use your tablet right, but either way in either case. I found both of them to last me all day. Now i do want to stop here and give you my take. As always, it will depend on what you want. What youre, looking for on a tablet, the xiaomi mi pad 5 pro, will give you a pro tablet, with some pretty flagship specs at an affordable price.

You will, however, be missing out on a few things on the me pad fire fro starting off with just the productivity level right, so its a very powerful tab that youll be able to be productive, but you wont be able to take that to the next level By extending that, you know the content on the main screen, so the inability to push out your productivity level. The next thing is the inability to expand that internal storage right so 128 or 256 gigs. Whatever you decide to buy thats what youll be dealing with here, the next one here is going to be just the software update right, so there is no guaranteed predetermined amount of self or major updates that youll be getting on this tablet. Also, on the other hand, you have the galaxy tab x7, which also is a pretty powerful tablet. You know you will have the same flagship, specs, a pretty robust mobile tech ecosystem, as i mentioned, but on the other hand, you will also be missing a couple of things here. If you were to pick the galaxy tab s7 like, for example, the price. You know the me pad 5 pro is selling for roughly 400. You know plus, however much its gon na cost to ship it from china to your hometown, so the galaxy type of seven is a little bit more expensive. Obviously – and the next thing here is going to be just a display, ips display – i know i mentioned you – know its tough to be able to tell apart to be able to tell which is better because they both you know, each of them is so well made.

But it doesnt change the fact that on a me pad 5 pro, you have an ips display which is kind of a grade higher. So you want to make sure that you consider all of these things before making your decision when purchasing either one of these tablet. But either way, i certainly hope that this was informative. Of course, if you found this informative, please dont forget to like comment im going to catch. You in the comments section make sure to share the video.