Like you know, you get savings on purchases, you also get. You know. Free shipping, sometimes same day, shipping and uh, something that i’m. Just finding out is you also get sometimes a lot of free kindle stuff, so you have free prime video. You get like amazon wardrobe, where you can try out clothes order them and try them out. They send it to your house and if you don’t, like those clothes, you just send it back. If you like them, you, you know, you get to pay for them, but i’m kind of mad at amazon right now, because with their free, like some other free stuff, that uh free eat books that they give on kindle. This is the kindle app on amazon, okay, and let me dim this a little bit, so you guys can see and, as you guys can see, this is what i have to work with. When reading my amazon kindle books, i can tap it number one there’s. Also. No dark mode on this but like where is the part for settings that, where you think this would be settings right here to make the the this thing fit into the page? I could like do this, but then you know um. I tried to use wide mode like so, but then you still have this in the middle it’s kind of distracting right. I could read it this way, but it’s still also it’s still kind of distracting either way.

So where is the part for making this page fit to the screen like if i go back and we go to more and then settings there’s, nothing in the settings to make the uh you know the page fit to the screen, like you could on say your Computer and um, you could download the kindle app for the computer, but when i’m reading i used to like i i like reading in bed and now i could probably like now, i could get my asus vivobook flip 14 and read it on there with the amazon App, but this vivo book is almost or it is three pounds, and so i can hold it like. I could only hold it like this for so long before my hands start to get tired and my forearms start to get tired, which is kind of good and bad it’s been able i’ve been able to work. My forms, as you guys can see yeah, but no, i do not like holding this up for too long to just to read my um ebooks or like going through a webpage and reading it so and i’m, probably late. You know amazon wants you to buy their kindle readers right, but a kindle reader that’s, all it’s good for is for reading ebook ebooks. So instead i got this samsung galaxy tab s7. Well now you might be thinking the s7. Why didn’t you get an s7 plus or something like that right? I thought about it and i checked it out when i went to best buy, but my tab.

Seven is almost the size of this, and when you consider i am getting i’m gon na buy the keyboard cover case for it then it’s gon na be almost another vivobook flip 14.. So this i got it because it’s number one. It was way a heck of a lot cheaper, so the s7. This i have the one with the 128 gig six gigabytes um. I don’t need all that storage like 512 for for my purposes and for what i need i’m, not going to use it as a pc replacement. So i can go with the minimum 128 gigs of storage and 6 gigs of ram the cheapest one goes for like brand new is 566 dollars and then a tab s7. It can go anywhere from like 700 and i believe to all the way up to like 849 and that’s just for the 128 gig version of both um. I was thinking of going contract with t mobile and getting it through t mobile, but there’s, because it’s a 5g version just to add the 5g radio chips and everything the s7 plus or even the s7 they’re like way more. The s7 plus was like a thousand over a thousand dollars, a thousand forty nine and then the down payment. Just to put it, you know, just to put it on. Contract was half the price of the actual tab, seven itself right and then you got ta pay. It over 24 months so that is why i got this and i know i’m pretty late, but i want to give you guys my unboxing experience and then my review of this later on in the future.

So first things first take a look at the box. Nothing much you just have the picture of the galaxy tab. S7 right here on the sides. Is your model number and serial code? So well, you guys don’t need to see that nothing here on this side, nothing! Well! You have a side view of the uh tab. S7 and that’s pretty much it on the sides on the on the bottom is the box contents package contains galaxy tab, s7, 11, inch s, pen, wall, usb charger, quick, start guide, samsung terms and conditions and uh another good reason. Another reason why i finally decided i’m gon na get. This is because the next tab of s8 galaxy tab, s8 you’re really going to have to consider how much storage you want, because the way things are going with samsung um they’re, probably not gon na have expandable storage. I bought um a 256 gigabyte sd card to go with this s7, so i can expand the memory if i need to at least the storage and with the way things are going with samsung trying to be like apple with their it that’s frustrating it’s gon na This will be off topic and i don’t want to get off topic, so it’s it’s really frustrating with what samsung is trying to do right now being the next apple. So we won’t talk about too much into that. But who knows your next tab? S8? You might not get uh the wall usb charger, they probably won’t, include the usb charging like they didn’t include it with their uh, the charging brick on their galaxy s 21s right.

So these are probably the last ones and, like i said, i don’t need that much power. I don’t need that much storage it’s, just given the choice between getting an ebook reader or a full on tablet. I might as well just get a tablet because it could do both. It could be both an e book reader and a you know, multimedia device with enough power to do little things here and there right, like a you, know, a substitute mini laptop. If i order the keyboard case or an alternate keyboard case, or if i plug it in or i you know, i pair it with a bluetooth keyboard, i could plug the s7 onto a external monitor anyways. Here i go again off topic and on a tangent, uh let’s open it up, there’s two pieces of tape here on the bottom that we have to cut okay. So, after cutting up the tape, we are ready to open this Music, all right so right here, right up, the very top is the tablet itself feels very solid right now in the hands, even though it’s covered by this plastic or yeah eco plastic or whatever, covering The tablet let’s just put it aside real, quick and see what else we get here is the s pen, and this is a lot it’s got a good, feel and grip to the s. Pen very grippy, almost rubbery, feel on the s pen and then here’s. Your charging brick it’s only rated, for i think, 15 watts per hour, or something like that.

So you can pause that and read it for yourself and then i don’t know why we have. This is this for the sd card expansion, because i know it looks like a one of those. You know: uh key for a sim card, tray right, a little pin and get your instruction manual or quick reference guide inside this little box and uh. That looks like it’s about it anything else underneath here, oh yeah, you should also have the uh usbc cable right here so that’s it, but i don’t think i’ll need these, since i have plenty, but just because i have a few of these chargers – and you know Usbc cables lying around does not excuse samsung for not including it when other companies are still including it with their devices. Other companies being like you know your oneplus and your huawei and xiaomi, and things and other companies like that. So no samsung does not get a pass for that anyways all right. Okay, you guys ready to unwrap this thing because i’m ready let’s do this. So so i have the mystic black. Actually, that was the only um option it came in for 500 and dollars at This is the mystic black, although it looks more grayish than black, which is pretty nice. It also comes in, i think, blue and also the bronze or what i call the rose gold color feels very solid, so the whole back is a whole slab of i’m going to say, metal, aluminum and then here in the back too, is your flash.

This is probably your five megapixel ultrawide camera and then a 12 megapixel, regular camera or the main camera, and up here in the front, is mostly all screen, except for a few, some small bezels here on the side for you to hold it and then right here Up front is also the uh, the 10 mega 8 megapixel yeah, eight megapixel, um front camera, selfie, camera and uh. If you were to hold the tablet this way on the uh right hand, side is your on switch plus the fingerprint scanner, and then this is your volume knob. I believe your volume toggle switch, i think – and so here is the uh little slot for the uh. Probably add your micro sd card and then here on the bottom is some pogo pins for when you, if you’re gon na buy the uh the case the keyboard case, i don’t know what that is. That’S, probably another connection for the keyboard case. Same thing with this part right here and then here on the sides say this left side or right side is your speaker, girls. You have one on top one on the bottom: your usbc port, usb c port and up top here is probably some microphones and then your other speakers, your bottom speakers and your top speaker right there. So that is that for the unboxing on this galaxy tab s7. Nothing much to it. No frills, no thrills, nothing extras. You know, but the one good thing i like with samsung is that you already get the s pen so that’s good, because i do like to doodle and write and do uh.

You know to do list and stuff on my galaxy note: 10 plus and now i can do it on this galaxy tab s7. I will probably not sure yet because i did see a few online, some skins for the uh, the tab s7 and the s7 plus. Oh, and here in the back, is that strip before you can put the s pen right there to hold the s pen in place as you can see? Okay, so that is that yeah in the future i don’t know i might, i might make a skin for it like. I did with the this uh asus vivobooks with 14, or i might just order a skin for this carbon fiber skin anyways. Also here in the back you might have missed, is your akg branding for the speakers it’s tuned by akg, and then your samsung logo right there or samsung branding and that’s pretty much it. I could tell already. It is kind of a little a little bit of a fingerprint magnet, because i can see fingerprints right here that i already probably put on it. So yeah i’m probably going to end up putting a skin on this. But i have to see first how the case will look and i’m getting the uh different keyboard case, the one it’s not from samsung, but it is a keyboard case nonetheless, and that at least this one um, the big thing with samsung. Is they for a hundred and thirty dollars? I think for the keyboard case on this one, they don’t even have backlighting.

That was one of the big complaints, the one that i ordered actually does have backlighting. So you guys will see how that looks when i get it in so when i get that in, i will show it to you guys here on this channel, so that is pretty much it for this unboxing. If you guys haven’t already, please like and subscribe, follow me on instagram at theworkoutgeek for all my latest happenings and great workout tips till next time. Everybody take care, stay safe, stay healthy and have a wonderful day.