. You know, youve got devices like smartphones, youve got devices like laptop and PC. And we all come to a common understanding that this products that this devices have a place on their own. But tablet. Where does it actually sit And the product we have here in front of us right now? Is the Samsung Tab, S7 And Im going to put it into a test to see whether it can actually replace my laptop experience and, at the same time, try to give the same experience when Im using the smartphone. Im just going to go ahead and jump to The unboxing part of this tablet right here. Leave the specification as well.. The colour that we got over here is the Mystic Bronze 256 GB of internal storage., So without any further delay, lets go ahead and see whats inside the box.. The unit that I have over here comes with the keyboard cover, so thats, always nice, you know.. Sometimes you are required to pay a little bit extra for the keyboard cover, but this time around Samsung did include it for this unit.. You got your tablet over here. Inside the box. You got your typical adaptive fast charging brick.. It does not come with the 45 Watt fast charge, however., Mainly because Samsung is selling that one separately.. So if you want that, youre gon na have to buy it. And your typical Type C charger as well. Pretty standard stuff. And S pen is here.

. So were gon na talk about that as well, the S Pen.. How would it actually improve your user experience when it comes to using the tablet.? This is the beast itself: the Samsung S7 tablet. Its really well designed, I feel its like super thin right. And the colour itself as well. Its really really beautiful. Its aluminum. Its shiny., But one thing I want to highlight about this tablet itself is that how thin and light weight it is.? You guys have no idea how satisfied I am with the built of this device right here.. You got your 3 pin magnet over here for the casing, as well. Its just something about it. That makes it feel like youre. On the next level, you know., You feel a lot more professional with this thing. On the right side of the tablet. You get to see a power button., Your volume rocker., Your SIM tray. Type C port over here.. Also, an interesting part about this tablet is that it has stereo speakers. And theres, like 4 speakers on every side, right here., So you got 1 2 on the right side, bottom., And you got another one right here and right here as well.. Ok, just to show you guys how good the audio quality on this device for media consumption Im going to play this song right here, EDM song, so you guys tell me what you guys think about., I just depleted. My energy., As you guys, can hear or see right in this review.

The audio is just amazing.. It actually makes me feel like I was in a club but yeah thats in terms of the audio quality of this device.. The fact that its tuned by AKG, and also it has this Dolby Atmos software as well., So definitely a plus point in terms of media consumption, which is why I always always will reach out to this device to consume media.. So right here you get this different colour, excerpt right., Mainly because its to distinguished where you can put your S Pen, at. Very secured as well.. It wont slip anywhere.. So I like this concept of being able to put your S Pen wherever it is. You know because theres magnet and its pretty secure. Its not moving a lot, so you dont have to be worried about where your S Pen might be rolling to.. So the display youll be getting on the Tab. S7 is a Super AMOLED 2.4 inch display with 2K resolution., And on top of that 120Hz display., It just improves the feeling of using the device itself.. It just makes everything a lot smoother.. I think they did a good job without over killing it because they know not a lot of apps or software that actually allows you to play on the highest refresh rate, just yet. Well, at least in this time right., While were talking about the display right. I also want to talk about the security on this tablet, which is its a built in in display fingerprint scanner.

. We get to see this a lot more often, these days. Ok in terms of the battery on this device, you will be getting a 10090 mAh power. Battery. Im kinda questioning Samsung whats with the 90 at the end., But regardless its a good battery size for a form factor that is quite small. You know. Im actually surprised how thin they can actually get. It in. The fact that its 10000 mAh power battery thats twice the amount youll be getting on your smartphones. Right, so thats always a plus point as well. All the numbers being laid out on a blueprint for you.. What was it like on the user experience, As you guys know, I mentioned earlier on this video. The fact that it has such a slim, thin body super lightweight, means that its easier to carry around compared to your conventional laptop right.. I dont have to worry about carrying a big backpack behind my back, because I can just easily put it in my tote bag and just move around like theres, nothing in my bag., Its literally just another device in my bag.. It actually feels like youre carrying a notebook around with you. When it comes to light work like sending emails. You know dealing with google sheets its fine. When it comes to my heavier side of the work, which is editing my videos, you know, recording the podcast and all that it does has its own limitation due to the fact that Android doesnt support a lot of software.

That allows you to do that., But that is on a productivity level.. Can it replace in terms of media consumption Absolutely., I dont mind carrying this thing just to watch Netflix on to be honest.. The fact that the stereo speakers has has two on each side Ill. Definitely watch it all day.. I would rather watch content or media on this thing compared to my laptop, because laptops is just bulky man, you know., This thing is slim.. You can just bring it everywhere.. You can consume it anywhere without having to worry having a huge laptop in front of you. Of course, when were talk about media consumption is just not limited to you know, watching videos watching Netflix its also about playing games.. So this tablet, right here it is equipped with a CPU type Octa Core processor.. So the gaming performance on this tablet is definitely amazing. With the higher refresh rate as well., You know you can play a lot of games with higher frame rate.. However, Samsung did mention that they are capable of running certain Xbox games on this device right here.. You can connect the Xbox controller to this tablet.. You can actually play certain Xbox games., So plus point that one as well.. So on this tablet. You have a dual lens set up, right., Which, on my experience of using this rear end, camera is pretty satisfying because it feels like youre holding a monitor on your hand, just like moving around like this.

. So as we all know that the S Pen is pretty obvious, the reasons why they include an S Pen is to provide you with that sort of, like flexibility to come up with your own art, taking notes and all that. Its not limited to just typing. On the screen or on the keyboard right. The experience of using it, it actually feels like youre writing things down.. Due to the fact that this display is 120 Hz S, Pen has such low latency. You really feel like youre. Actually, writing things down. You know. Theres! No delay at all. The feedback from the pen to the display itself is just seamless. Its smooth as hell., And on top of that, the S Pen itself. It comes with a lot of multiple features. As well.. You can actually take photos with it.. You can come up with your AR doodle., So what AR doodle is You know before you take a photo or video yourself? You can start sketching things on your face and that thing will actually detect and move around in your face.. You can use it to do your smart, select. Theres. This one feature that I want to highlight as well that I really enjoyed on this S. Pen. So lets say youre browsing through the internet and you stumble upon the foreign language website. Right., This S Pen has the capability to translate those language. That I feel like its the best thing that you can have with an S Pen.

Its always nice to be able to have a live translation going on.. I promise you guys that we will be talking about keyboard as well. Now the keyboard it has this sort of like leather texture to it.. I dont know whether that its actual leather but its very nice., Its very grippy and its very premium and luxurious.. It goes hand in hand with the whole design of the tablet and the S Pen, itself., And the way you attach this case its so satisfying in a way. Check this out.. So you got your 3 pin over there, 3 pin magnet and there. Now. That is some sensual stuff isnt it.. The back cover is a really strong magnet., So you can just attach it to the tablet right there.. You have this little compartment where you can keep your S Pen, just in case youre, not using it right., And you have this flap. That has a hinge inside where you can actually use it to stand your laptop, And it goes all the way down as well.. On top of the S Pen, we also got this keyboard that comes with it., Its a keyboard casing., But I feel, like the keyboard has not been up to par. If I were to be honest. Mainly because the button on it, it sounds nice, but it doesnt give that sort of satisfaction.. The fact that the keyboard is flat on the platform, wherever you place it on its not slightly tilted its just super flat.

, Its sort of like a Microsoft Surface, but then again it just doesnt give the same sensation.. However, the trackpad is nice. Its pretty sensitive., Its pretty responsive.. So I really like the trackpad. And now, with this case and this S Pen, you basically get a tablet that functions nearly to a laptop.. That is a beautiful setup, isnt it.. The conclusion is: who is this, for? Where does it actually sit? Well, its definitely something in between. We dont have to answer which side is right. Its about whether you want all these things that I mentioned. Earlier. Productivity portability, you know. Its just like having a bigger size of a phone that can actually run more stuff on it., So thats. My review on the Samsung Tab. S7 Thats, a review from a non tablet. User. Definitely check out our previous videos right here and also dont forget to click subscribe on this button right here as well. Definitely stay tuned in this channel, because we have so much more product to check, because here at Shopee Review, we check for you. Thats it For me, today.