First let’s talk about the aesthetics it’s available in multiple colors, the one i chose being the mystic black, and i love the fact that it has a matte finish and flat edges it’s, also very light at just under 600 grams. On the top. We have the power and volume buttons and also the sim slot. The bottom house is the smart connector for the keyboard and stand and on the sides we can find the speakers microphone and the usb c charging port as i’m, one that uses cases with every phone. I also got the keyboard cover as a protection and extra functions for the tab. 7 plus. We will check this out later in the video being a tablet. Of course, the centerpiece is the screen, which is a gorgeous 12.2 inch amoled, fully laminated display with 266 pixels per inch density better than the one on the ipad pro actually is the best screen you can get on a tablet today. The laminated display means there’s no gap between the display layer, the touch layer and the cover glass. So it looks incredible and it’s like you’re touching the image itself. It has an adaptive refresh rate of 120 hertz for a fluid ui experience, hdr 10 plus for movies and videos and an excellent s. Pen, functionality using an amoled display means you get a better battery life, speaking of which i did manage to get around 14 hours of screen on time for general use, which is again better than the ipad pro, if you’re using the keyboard.

Of course, the battery will drain faster, but not by much so you will still have a great endurance as a laptop replacement. The tablet comes with a 10 090 milliamp hour battery and an included 15 watt adaptive fast charger, which is a bit disappointing, considering it can support up to 45 watts charging speeds so take that into consideration as an extra cast when ordering one having this gorgeous screen. Would be for nothing if the tablet wasn’t fast enough, but the qualcomm snapdragon 865, plus with 5g plus make the tap 7 plus flight through all the apps you throw at it notice a lot of pluses here and they do add up as this tablet is excellent. At multitasking, you could be browsing flicking through netflix, drawing or even editing documents with a fast switch between tasks, the 8 gigs of ram and the fast ufs 3.0 storage. Help too. I was mentioning at the beginning of this review that the tablet can be used as a laptop replacement. The main two ingredients for this are the keyboard cover and the deck support when starting dex mode. It transforms the tablet ui into a laptop design, ui mimicking the one on a windows laptop with a taskbar at the bottom and alt tab and other familiar windows, key combinations. You can also pair a mouse and work with it in resizing the floating windows minimizing snap apps, to help the screen and so on getting a real laptop experience.

I have to mention that there are some downsides, though, and this is not related to the tablet itself, but more to the software implementation, specifically some apps that would not go full screen. Some would not work in landscape mode or would only display the mobile version. There are workarounds by using the web browser version instead of the app so take that as a tip by including an s pen samsung has finally stepped up their game and have a greater value for money than the ipad pro, which is more expensive and does require You to spend an extra 130 dollars for a second gen apple pencil, the s, pen, pairs and charges at the magnetic strip on the back, and it must be pointed at the camera for a secure hold. I like the fact that it’s protected by the boot cover, but it can also be attached to the top of the device useful when using the tablet imported mode for a quick access. Music. I think drawing is very precise and feels closer than before to drawing on an actual piece of paper, but let me know what you guys think in the comments let’s talk about the book cover keyboard. We will first check the good points. It looks nice. It has a very solid hinge and it stays perfectly attached to the tablet using the magnets. I like the fact that it protects the s pen and it provides easy access to it without removing the case.

Another great feature is that you can use it as a stand, while watching movies now let’s discuss the not so great points. The build quality is not good. The touch touchpad and the keys are flimsy. They are not easy to press. The touchpad can only be pressed on the lower half only and sometimes it’s, just too uncomfortable to use. Overall. This is not a premium keyboard and trackpad. Moving on to the multimedia experience, the tablet has four excellent speakers: two on each side, with a good frequency response and high clear volume, it’s tuned by akg, and it shows the microphone does not excel, but it’s good enough for video conferencing, along with the front facing 8 megapixel camera let’s watch a sample. I have recorded to see how it performs in real life hi guys. This is a test video for you to see how it looks on a video conferencing call. The tab, s7 plus has a dual camera system on the back. A 13 megapixel main cam and a 5 megapixel ultrawide. I like the fact that one of them is ultra wide, but you will not be blown away by the quality on any of them anyway. This is not a deal breaker as the back camera on a tablet is not the main selling point now. Let’S talk about the pricing and the storage options available. The samsung tab, s7, plus with 128 gigabytes of storage, can be had for around 847, the 256 gigabyte for 900 and the 512 gigabyte version for 1030 dollars.

Each version is still much more cheaper than the ipad pro and the better value for money. Not to mention you get the s pen included, i got the 128 gigabyte version because it also has a micro sd slot that can be used when needed, alright guys.