So first samsung tablet a fan edition branding samsung. I think, trying to replicate the success of their phone. The s20 fe resembles the samsung tab. S7 it’s got a 12.4 inch tft display. The refresh rate is not all that great it’s powered by a snapdragon 750 g 5g chipset, not a very high performance, centric user overall tablet, but still gaming and everything else works well priced under 50, 000 rupees Music. After the groundbreaking success of the galaxy s20 fan, edition, samsung is trying to catch lightning in the bottle again using the fe badge. This time, though, with a tablet, the brand to everyone’s surprise recently launched the galaxy tab. S7 fe incorporating the same formula on the s20 fe smartphone. It promises to provide fan, favorite features at an affordable price, but can that formula be replicated for a tablet? Let’S find out aesthetically the tab. S7 fe looks strikingly similar to its older siblings. We see the familiarity in design language since it follows the same blend of blocky frame and rounded curves in its mystic black finish, the tablet looks really premium. Fortunately, the weight distribution on the tablet has been taken care of, since it feels comfortable to hold even for longer durations. The tablet feels sturdy to hold and we’re confident that it can withstand major punishment if you’re, a rough user powering up the tablet, we’re greeted with a massive 12.4 inch, wq vga panel, surrounded by thin bezels. Now this is where we started to notice the sacrifices that samsung has made to achieve this price point, unlike its premium avatars with oled displays, the fe comes with a tft panel.

While that is a bit disappointing, it doesn’t really affect a generic user in real time. For that matter, the display on the s7 fe is in fact better than what we’d expected producing rich and vibrant colors. The panel is evenly illuminated. The image reproduction is also satisfactory and we thoroughly enjoyed watching our favorite content on it. The feedback time is also spot on and we faced no lags while we interacted with the tablet during our testing. Unfortunately, the tablet does not support a refresh rate of 120 hertz which might disappoint potential buyers. Samsung has hit the mark when it comes to the audio setup on this tablet. Supporting an akg certified quad speaker layout, the s7 fe is really loud and it certainly performs better than most of its counterparts, including its older, siblings, running on android 11 out of the box. This fan edition tablet is powered by a qualcomm snapdragon 750g chipset, a decent chipset for a tablet. At this price point, this qualcomm soc delivers a fiery performance on the s7 fe. Given the quick boot up, speeds, minimal, lags and break free support for most of the applications. We were thoroughly surprised with how much we enjoyed using this tablet. As for productivity, this tablet comfortably replaces a laptop for basic tasks that don’t require specific settings, whether it’s email web browsing preparing, spreadsheets or gaming. We could count on it confidently. The cpu works in sync, with a 6 gb ram onboard and sustains app memory for longer durations.

That being said, samsung’s decision to descend down from an 8 series processor, like the one on the s7 and s7 plus, does affect the s7fe’s media productivity. You can still edit pictures and creatives comfortably, but you have to give up on a substantial amount of rendering time the variant with us came with 128 gb of storage, which is sufficient. Fortunately, we have an option for storage expansion, since the tablet supports sd cards with up to 1 tb capacity. Samsung has been generous enough to bundle in its signature s pen with the tab, s7 fe and yes, it successfully elevates the experience. Just like its predecessors, the pen magnetically sticks to the tablet and comes in handy when you are taking notes or designing a graphic. This tablet also supports samsung decks, which can be used efficiently with the keyboard book cover by the brand sold separately with a price tag of 14 999 rupees. This is an expensive accessory, but definitely adds to the convenience and productivity. The keys are soft and the overall build quality of the cover is also quite impressive. The s7 fe is a 5g tablet and can support a physical sim card. Now we’re, not a big fan of calling from a tablet, but it is always better to have a micro sim for added connectivity for the optics. We get an 8mp single lens setup on the back which produces decent images and can be used for more than just scanning documents.

The front camera is a 5 megapixel shooter, which is fine for video calls, but the selfies are not worthy of your social media feed. Carrying a 1090 mah cell under the hood, the battery capacity of this tablet is its strongest usb comfortably lasting for 2 days. The tab s7fe evenly matches up with its premium siblings and with that it’s time for the verdict, samsung’s attempt to start an fe lineup for its tablet. Division is ambitious, however. Here they have just been able to bring in the entertainment prowess of their premium products, but not the performance centric characteristics, while that is not a bad start. We hope that this changes in future iterations, starting at 46, 999 rupees.